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The following is a list of Opel vehicles, including past and present production models, as well as concept vehicles.

Model history[edit]

Produced vehicles
Model Comments Image

City car[edit]

2000–2007 Agila A Opel Agila A 1.2 Njoy.JPG
since 2013 Adam Opel Adam 1.4 Slam – Frontansicht, 15. Januar 2014, Düsseldorf.jpg
since 2015 Karl Opel KARL (1).jpg


1980–1982 Chevette The Chevette was offered from 1980 to 1982. The vehicle was manufactured by Vauxhall. Vauxhall Chevette 4 door notchback Trumpington.jpg
1982–1993 Corsa A First small car from Opel, which was initially only available as a two-door sedan or three-door hatchback. In 1990, the Opel Corsa got a facelift Opel Corsa A front 20080131.jpg
1993–2000 Corsa B The first Corsa was based on the concept car Opel Junior, which was already introduced in 1983. Opel Corsa front 20080417.jpg
1994–2000 Tigra A The Tigra was a sports coupe based on the Corsa B. Opel Tigra front 20071212.jpg
2000–2006 Corsa C The Corsa C was used as the basis for the Tigra TwinTop B, Meriva A and Combo C. Opel Corsa C 1.2 Elegance front 20100912.jpg
2004–2009 Tigra TwinTop B A roadster, which was based on the Corsa C with retractable steel roof. The car was manufactured by Heuliez in France. OPEL-VAUX-TIGRA-B.jpg
2006-2014 Corsa D The fourth generation of the Corsa uses the same platform as the Fiat Grande Punto. Opel Corsa Satellite (D, Facelift) – Frontansicht, 2. April 2011, Düsseldorf.jpg
since 2014 Corsa E Opel Corsa E 2014.jpg

Small family car[edit]

Olympia Opel Olympia.jpg
Kadett A Opel Kadett A.jpg
Kadett B Opel Kadett B BW 2016-09-03 13-52-40.jpg
Kadett C Opel Kadett C City front 20081127.jpg
Kadett D Opel kadett d 1 v sst.jpg
Kadett E Opel Kadett Kombi front 20080224.jpg
1991–1998 Astra F Opel Astra F front 20081229.jpg
1998–2004 Astra G Opel Astra G Coupé.JPG
2004–2009 Astra H Opel Astra H Caravan 1.9 CDTI front.JPG
2009-2015 Astra J Opel Astra J.JPG
since 2015 Astra K Opel Astra 1.4 EDIT ecoFLEX Innovation (K) – Frontansicht, 10. Oktober 2015, Düsseldorf.jpg
since 2011 Ampera Opel Ampera – Frontansicht, 18. Juni 2012, Düsseldorf.jpg

Large family car[edit]

Olympia A Opel Olympia A 02.jpg
Ascona A Opel Ascona A 1974.jpg
Manta A Manta A GTE.JPG
Ascona B Ascona B rechts.jpg
Manta B 1975 Opel Manta B Heck.jpg
Ascona C Opel ascona c.jpg
Vectra A Opel Vectra front 20071109.jpg
1990–1997 Calibra Opel Calibra front 20071007.jpg
Vectra B Opel vectra b.jpg
Vectra C Vec C2006.jpg
2003–2008 Signum Opel Signum rear 20090919.jpg
since 2008 Insignia Opel Insignia 20090717 front.jpg
since 2013 Cascada Convertible based on the Astra J Opel Cascada 1.6 EDIT Innovation – Frontansicht, 23. März 2014, Düsseldorf.jpg

Full-size car[edit]

1953–1957 Olympia Rekord Opelrekord.jpg
1957–1960 Rekord P1 Opel Rekord P1.jpg
1960–1963 Rekord P2 Opel Rekord P2 Coupe 01.jpg
1963–1965 Rekord A Opel Rekord A front 20091211.jpg
Rekord C Rekord C.jpg
1967–1971 Commodore A Opel Commodore A rear 20080126.jpg
1971–1977 Rekord D Opel Rekord D rear 20090810.jpg
1972–1977 Commodore B Opel Commodore B Coupé.jpg
1977–1982 Rekord E1 Opel Rekord E1 front.jpg
1982–1986 Rekord E2 Opel Rekord E2 front 20081127.jpg
1978–1986 Senator A Opel Senator CD.jpg
1978–1986 Monza OPEL-VAUX-MONZA-A-FACELIFT.jpg
1978–1982 Commodore C Commo voyage.jpg
1986–1993 Omega A Opel Omega front 20071007.jpg
1987–1993 Senator B Opel Senator B front 20080102.jpg
1994–2003 Omega B Opel Omega II 2.2i Facelift front 20100509.jpg

Luxury vehicle[edit]

1948–1953 Kapitän '48 Opel-kapitaen-38-40.jpg
1953–1955 Kapitän '54 Opel Kapitan R 1955.jpg
1955–1958 Kapitän '55 Opel Kapitän,Bj.1956am20050717.jpg
1958–1959 Kapitän P 2,5 Opel kapitan 1950s 2.jpg
1959–1963 Kapitän P 2,6 Opel Kapitaen P 2,6.jpg
1964–1968 Kapitän/Admiral/Diplomat A
(Opel KAD A)
Opel Kapitän A.jpg
1969–1977 Kapitän/Admiral/Diplomat B
(Opel KAD B)
Opel Diplomat B.jpg

Sports car[edit]

GT Opel GT1900 1.jpg
Intermeccanica Indra Saxony Classic Rallye 2010 - Intermeccanica Indra 1972 (aka).jpg
Speedster Opel Speedster 22 v03.jpg
GT (Roadster) Opel GT front.jpg

Mini MPV[edit]

2003–2010 Meriva A Opel Meriva Facelift 20090812 front.JPG
2008-2015 Agila B Opel Agila 1.2 ecoFLEX Edition (B) – Frontansicht, 7. April 2011, Velbert.jpg

Leisure activity vehicle[edit]

1986–1994 Combo Kadett E (Combo A) Opel Kadett Combo.jpg
1994–2001 Combo B Hier ist der Combo als Kastenwagen zu sehen.
2001–2010 Combo C Opel Combo C Tour 1.7 DTI front 20100808.jpg
since 2011 Combo D Opel Combo 1.6 CDTI Edition (D) – Frontansicht, 18. März 2012, Wuppertal.jpg

Compact MPV[edit]

1999–2005 Zafira A Opel Zafira A Facelift front 20091022.jpg
since 2005 Zafira B Opel Zafira B Facelift front 20090923.jpg
since 2010 Meriva B Opel Meriva B 1.4 ECOTEC Innovation front 20100907.jpg

Large MPV[edit]

1996–1999 Sintra OPEL-VAUX-SINTRA-A.jpg
since 2011 Zafira Tourer C Opel Zafira Tourer (front).jpg

Light commercial vehicle[edit]

1973–1986 Bedford Blitz Bedford blitz v sst.jpg
1997–2001 Opel Arena Opel arena.jpg
1998–2010 Movano A Opel Movano MTF.jpg
since 2001 Vivaro A Opel Vivaro front 20080108.jpg
since 2010 Movano B Opel Movano B front 20100705.jpg

Off-road vehicle[edit]

1991–1998 Frontera A Opel Frontera B vl blue short.jpg
1998–2003 Frontera B Opel Frontera front 20080730.jpg
1992–1999 Monterey Auf dem Isuzu Trooper basiert der Opel Monterey.

Sport utility vehicle[edit]

since 2006 Antara Opel Antara 2.4 4x4 Design Edition (Facelift) – Frontansicht, 29. Oktober 2011, Düsseldorf.jpg
since 2012 Mokka Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ecoFLEX Innovation – Frontansicht, 20. Oktober 2012, Heiligenhaus.jpg

Commercial vehicle[edit]

1932–1954 Blitz Opel-Blitz-LF15.jpg
1951–1960 Blitz Opel blitz pritsche 1 sst.jpg
1960–1965 Blitz Opel Blitz Feuerwehr.jpg
1966–1975 Blitz Opel blitz 3 sst.jpg

Pick-up truck[edit]

1992–2001 Campo Opel Campo TDS 4x4 Sportscab 1992-2001 frontleft 2008-07-27 U.jpg

Historical vehicle[edit]

1899–1901 Patent Motor Car, System Lutzmann OpelLutzmann.jpg
1909 4/8 PS "Doktorwagen" Opel 4 8 PS Doktorwagen 1910.jpg
1911-1920 Opel 5/12 PS "Puppchen" Opel 5-12 PS 1.jpg
1914 12,3-Liter-Rennwagen Opel 12,3L Rennwagen 1914.JPG
1922–1924 "Opel 10/30 (10/35) PS" Opel 10-35 PS 1.jpg
1924–1931 "Laubfrosch" Opel laubfrosch.jpg
1928 RAK2 OpelRAK2.JPG
1929 Opel Regent
1935–1937 P4 OpelP4.jpg
1935–1953 Olympia Opel-Olympia.jpg
1936–1940 Kadett Opel-kadett-1936.jpg
1937–1938 Super 6 Opel-Super6-Cabrio-1938.jpg
1937–1939 Admiral Opel Admiral11.JPG

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