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This is a non-exhaustive list of popular OpenGL-based programs. Many programs that use OpenGL are games.

Games developed in opengl[edit]

Photography and video[edit]

Modeling and CAD[edit]

Visualization and miscellaneous[edit]

  • Algodoo, a freeware 2D physics simulator
  • Avogadro, a 3D molecular viewer and editor
  • BALLView, an interactive 3D visualizations software
  • Celestia, 3D astronomy program
  • Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC2), G-code interpreter for CNC machines
  • Google Earth, Earth mapping software
  • InVesalius, a cross-platform software, visualization medical images and reconstruction
  • Mari (software), 3D texturing and painting software
  • PyMOL, a 3D molecular viewer
  • QuteMol, a 3D molecular renderer
  • Really Slick Screensavers, 3D Screensavers
  • SpaceEngine, Real and procedural 3D planetarium software
  • Stellarium, High quality night sky simulator
  • Universe Sandbox, an interactive space and gravity simulator
  • Vectorworks, a cross-platform Mac/Windows 2D and 3D CAD for architectural & landscape design, offers a Renderworks module based on the Maxon CineRender engine
  • Virtools, a real-time 3D engine
  • Vizard, a platform for building and rendering enterprise and academic virtual reality applications developed by WorldViz
  • VSXu, a cross-platform modular visual programming language engine for OpenGL

See also[edit] a 3D modelling application that includes interface to OpenGL