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This is a list of Orthodox churches in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As of January 2010, there are 28 Orthodox churches within the City of Toronto, 9 Mission stations, 4 Chapels, and 1 monastery, for a total of 42 canonical Orthodox sanctuaries.

The first Orthodox community to be established in the City of Toronto was the Greek Orthodox Community of St. George, founded in 1909, presently located on Bond Street in the heart of downtown Toronto.[1][note 1] This was followed by Sts. Cyril and Methody Macedono-Bulgarian Church, founded one year later in 1910, presently located on Dundas and Sackville Streets, and the Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour in 1915, of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA).

Canonical Orthodox Churches[note 2][edit]

Ecumenical Patriarchate[edit]

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St George Greek Orthodox Community Garden District, Toronto

115 Bond St., Toronto, ON, M5B 1Y2
St George's Greek Orthodox Church, Toronto.JPG
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral Roncesvalles, Toronto

136 Sorauren Ave., Toronto, ON, M6R 2E4
1961[11] Annunciation Of The Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Toronto).JPG
St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Thorncliffe Park

30 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto, ON, M4H 1H8
  • 1962 Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church and the attached Polymenakion Cultural Centre built.
  • The Cultural centre provides: head offices for GCT; an office for the priest and the church administrators; classrooms for Sunday school students; and multipurpose workshops for extra-curricular, cultural and religious activities.
  • 1975 Painting of the church was completed by Mr. G. Papastamatiou.
  • Living Orthodoxy. (Adult Religious Education ministry of St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church).
St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.JPG
All Saints Greek Orthodox Community Bayview Village

3125 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON, M2K 1G2
  • 1963 North Toronto Greek Orthodox Parish (operating as All Saints Greek Orthodox Church) is founded, the first in the city of North York.
  • 1966 First service celebrated in its new building in March 1966.
  • First Greek Church in Ontario to conduct its services in both Greek and English.
All Saints Greek Orthodox Community, Toronto.jpg
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community L'Amoreaux

3840 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, ON, M1T 3T4
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, Toronto.JPG
Holy Trinity-Panagia Grigoroussa Greek Orthodox Community Palmerston-Little Italy

54 Clinton St., Toronto, ON, M6G 2Y3
  • 1896-1928 Clinton Street Methodist Church.[note 10]
  • Pre-1972 The church building on Clinton St. belonged to a Greek Old Calendarist jurisdiction. An Athonite Hieromonk, Fr. Paisios, was its priest there when the parish was transferred to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto in 1972.
  • 1972 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Community is founded. The first priest was Fr. Constantine Zachos.[22]
Holy Trinity-Panagia Grigoroussa Greek Orthodox Community.JPG
Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Community Amesbury, Toronto

1 Brookhaven Drive, Toronto, ON, M6M 4N6
  • 2000 Expansion project begun, both internal and external, completed by October 2001.[22]
St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Church Greektown, Toronto

66 Gough Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 3N8
  • 1975 The first service was conducted on June 1, under the spiritual direction of Fr. Dorotheos and Fr. Chris Chronopoulos, priests remembered for encouraging children of Greek migrants to maintain their Greek culture, heritage and identity.[23]
  • 1986 St. Irene became the final church (of 4 churches) to join the Greek Community of Toronto.[23]
  • 2003 Construction began to create a domed roof along with traditional Orthodox architecture, under the tutelage of Fr. Pavlos Koumarianos.[23]
St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Church - Toronto.jpg
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church Wexford, Toronto

1385 Warden Avenue, Toronto, ON, M1R 2S3
  • Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto
  • 1991 Church damaged by a $1.2-million fire on the eve of its 10th anniversary.[24][25][note 11]
  • A group of ten Russian Orthodox icon painters were responsible for the art in the rebuilt church.[26]
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Toronto.jpg
Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Church East Danforth

40 Donlands Ave., Toronto, ON, M4J 3N6
  • 19xx-1925 Donlands Methodist Church.[27]
  • 1925-1984 Donlands United Church.[27]
  • 1985 Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Church is founded, August 20.
Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Community.JPG
St. John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church Thorncliffe Park

86 Overlea Blvd. (1 Patriarch Bartholomew Way), Toronto, ON, M4C 1C6
Lifegiving Font Greek Orthodox Chapel Thorncliffe Park

1 Patriarch Bartholomew Way, Toronto, ON, M4H 1C6
Sts. Anargyroi Hellenic Home Chapel Bracondale Hill

33 Winona Drive, Toronto, ON, M6G 3Z7
  • Chapel - Old Age Home
Sts. Cyril and Methodios Hellenic Home Chapel Dorset Park

2411 Lawrence Avenue E., Toronto, ON, M1P 4X1
The Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Chapel Don Mills

30 Scarsdale Road, Toronto, ON, M3B 2R7

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC)[edit]

(Diocese: Toronto and the Eastern Eparchy)

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Toronto)[1] Kensington Market

406 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, M5T 2S6

1926[note 12]
1935[note 13]
1948[note 14]

  • 1951 The church was chosen as the see for the ruling Archbishop of Toronto and Eastern Canada, and was elevated to the rank of a Cathedral.
  • 1952 The Iconostasis of the Cathedral was installed, designed by the architect G. Kodak; the icons were painted by three artists — W. Balas, M. Dmytrenko, and I. Kubarsky, assisted by Petro Sydorenko, in the ‘Cossack Baroque’ style, which is traditional and typical of the interiors in many Ukrainian churches.
  • 1988 As part of the celebration of the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine, the cathedral was renamed St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral.
  • Showcased in the annual Doors Open Toronto event, 2004.
St Volodymyr's (Toronto).JPG
St . Andrew Parish Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

1630 Dupont St., Toronto, ON, M6C 3S7
1950[29] St . Andrew Parish, Toronto.JPG
St. Demetrius Sobor Long Branch, Toronto

3338 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, ON, M8W 1M9
1958[29] LongBranchStDemetriusOrthodoxChurch.JPG
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Anne Highland Creek, Toronto

525 Morrish Rd., Scarborough, ON, M1C 1G2

American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese (ACROD)[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Euphrosynia of Polotsk Belarusian-Greek Orthodox Church Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

1008 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, ON, M6H 2X8
  • 1950 The first Liturgy and prayers were held at the first location, on 23 March. Fr. Mikhail Mihai celebrated the Liturgy, a Greek Orthodox priest of Belarusian origin.
  • 1952 In October the Parish was officially recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarch's Exarch for North America.
  • 1953 The Parish, supported by the Belarusian National Association in Canada (BNA) bought a five-room house at 11 Cunningham Avenue. On 28 June the first Liturgy was celebrated there.
  • 1957 First Liturgy in the new church at 1008 Dovercourt Rd (bought in 1956) is celebrated on 4 August 1957, under Very Rev. V. Sahaidakivskyi.
  • 1966 Church was renovated and a church hall was built. Fr. V. Sahaidakivskyi supervised the acquisition of nearly twenty icons from the Iablochynski Belarusian Greek Orthodox Monastery in the western Belastok Region.
  • 1970 Parish celebrated 20th anniversary on 31 May, with Greek Orthodox Bishop Theodosius celebrating with Archimandrite I. Strok, the parish priest and four other Greek Orthodox priests.
  • 1975 Parish celebrated 25th anniversary on 12 October, with Greek Orthodox Bishop Sotirios in attendance with the Very Rev. P. Veliki, parish priest.
  • 2008 Church is transferred from Greek-Orthodox Diocese of Toronto to the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese.
St. John the Compassionate Mission Riverdale, Toronto

155 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 2E9
  • Mission
St. Silouan The Athonite Orthodox Mission Riverdale, Toronto

155 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 2E9
  • Mission

Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Cyril & Methody Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral Regent Park

237 Sackville St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 3G1
  • Founded by Macedonian and Bulgarian immigrants, the church was originally located on Front St. and Eastern Ave.
  • May 24 1911, Consecration of the Church by Russian Abp. Platon (Rozhdestvensky) of New York and Hieromonak Theophilact.
  • May 24, 1948, Laying of the cornerstone of the new Church on Sackville Street.
  • 2010 Cathedral celebrated its Centennial Jubilee.
St Cyril Orthodox.jpg
Holy Trinity Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church East Danforth

201 Monarch Park Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4J 4R9
1972[33][note 15]
  • 1973-1981 Father Vassil Mihailoff was the parish priest of Holy Trinity until his death in 1981.[34]
  • 1976 The church structure at 201 Monarch Park Ave, which was previously the Anglican Church of the Nativity, was purchased from the Anglican Church in Canada.[34]
  • 1988 An Ontario Supreme Court judge ruled that the church had been "wrongfully operated" for more than six years by the Synod of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church in Sofia, when it should properly have been under the jurisdiction of the "Church in Exile."[35]
  • 1996 Large reproductions of frescoes with scenes from Bulgarian religious history were commissioned.[34]
  • 2007-2013 Major renovations of the church hall and facilities were undertaken.[34]
Holy Trinity Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church.JPG

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)[edit]

OCA - Archdiocese of Canada[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Church Seaton Village

823 Manning Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6G 2W9
  • 1907 Church structure founded, designed by architect Robert Balmer McGiffin.[37]
  • 1907-1966 St. Cyprian's Anglican Church.[37]
  • 1915 Christ the Saviour Russian Orthodox church is founded by the first Russian immigrants in Toronto, with the blessing of the North American Metropolia Abp. Evdokim (Meschersky).[38]
  • 1941 On March 9, 1941, Fr. John Diachina, one of the most remarkable priests in North America, was appointed a rector.[38]
  • 1952 Christ the Saviour Church is raised to the rank of a Cathedral by the new bishop of Toronto and Canada Bp. Nikon De Greve.
  • 1960 Funeral of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia at this parish.[39]
  • 1966 On June 1 the parish of Christ the Saviour acquired the building on Manning Avenue, and on October 30 a solemn blessing sanctification of the temple was held by Metr. Irenaeus and the newly appointed Abp. of Canada Sylvester, con-celebrating with a multitude of clergy.
  • Count George Ignatieff, representative of Canada in the United Nations (1966-1969), and father of Michael Ignatieff, a former Leader of the Liberal party of Canada, was a parishioner of Christ the Saviour Cathedral.[38]
  • 2002-2011 Rector of the temple was Archpriest Oleg Kirillow, who had served for over 10 years in Moscow; Fr Oleg put a lot of effort into renovating the Church and growing the Parish and Church school.[38]
Saint Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Mission Discovery District 2006 * Mission
* Worship: Chapel of St. Basil's Church, 50 St. Joseph St., Toronto, ON, M5S IJ4.
St. Basil's Church at the University of Toronto.JPG
St. Astius Albanian Orthodox Mission Riverdale, Toronto

c/o 11 Braeburn Avenue, Toronto - Etobicoke, ON M9P 2J2
2003 * Mission
* Worship: Danforth Baptist Church (Danforth Ave. & Bowden St.)
Danforth Baptist Church.JPG
St. Tikhon Podvoriye Wexford, Toronto

c/o 18 Parkview Avenue, #1509 Toronto, ON M2N 7H7
2001 Worship: St. Jude Anglican Church,
10 Howarth Avenue, Toronto.
St Jude, Toronto.JPG
St. Seraphim of Sarov Church Newtonbrook

c/o 178 High Park Avenue Toronto, ON M6P 2S4
Worship: 111 Cactus Ave., North York
(btwn. Bathurst & Yonge, S. of Steeles).
St. Sergius of Radonezh Mission Station Eringate-Centennial-West Deane

c/o 178 High Park Avenue Toronto, ON M6P 2S4
2002 * Mission
* Worship: Richview United Church
149 Wellesworth Drive, Etobicoke.
St. Gabriel Mission Station The Annex

c/o 178 High Park Avenue, Toronto, ON M6P 2S4
2002 * Mission
* Worship: Bloor Street United Church,
300 Bloor Street W., Toronto.
Bloor United.JPG

OCA - Bulgarian Diocese[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. George Church Regent Park

17 Regent St, Toronto, ON M5A 3N4

OCA - Romanian Episcopate[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. George Church Keelesdale-Eglinton West

247 Rosethorn Ave, Toronto, ON M6M 3K9
1954 St. George Church, Romanian.JPG
St. John the Evangelist Mission Bedford Park, Toronto

c/o 217 La Rose Ave, Toronto, ON M9P 1B6
1999 * Mission
* Worship: St Timothy's Anglican Church, 100 Old Orchard Grove, Toronto ON, M5M 2E2.
St Timothy Anglican Church, North Toronto.JPG

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)[edit]

(Diocese: The Montreal and Canada Diocese)
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Holy Trinity Cathedral Grange Park

23 Henry Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1W9
1949,[note 16]
1953,[note 17]
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Toronto.JPG
Holy Resurrection Church Oakwood-Vaughan

213 Winona Drive, Toronto, ON M6C 3S3
Holy Resurrection Church.JPG

Patriarchal Representation of the Russian Orthodox Church in Toronto[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Parish of St.Tikhon Clanton Park

275 Wilson Heights Blvd., North York, ON M3H 2V3

Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada[edit]

(Diocese: Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada)
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Cabbagetown, Toronto

203 River Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 3P9
1948 St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church.JPG
St. Luke's Serbian Orthodox Mission P.O. Box 74584, 270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke, ON, M9A 3T0
  • Mission
Saint Archangel Gabriel Parish of the Serbian Orthodox Church Richmond Hill, Ontario

49 North Lake Rd, Richmond Hill, ON, P.O. Box 2918, L4E 1A8
  • The St. Archangel Gabriel Parish in Richmond Hill, the newest parish in the Diocese of Canada, is founded 2010 with the blessing of former Bishop Georgije (Djokic) of Canada. The parish priest is Stavrophor Vasilije Tomic.

Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
All Saints Romanian Orthodox Church Oakridge, Toronto

545 Danforth Road, Scarborough, ON, M1K 1C9
All Saints Romanian Orthodox Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Dumitru / Three Hierarchs Romanian Orthodox Mission Don Valley Village

2800 Don Mills Road, North York (Toronto), On, M2J 3B6
  • Mission
Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery Amesbury, Toronto

12 Blackstone Street, Toronto, ON, M6L 3B7
  • Monastery
  • Currently uses an Anglican/Episcopalian rectory, with plans to establish themselves in the countryside outside of Toronto.

Georgian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Saint Iveron Icon of the Mother of God Georgian Orthodox Church Wexford, Toronto

10 Howarth Avenue, Scarborough, ON, M1R 1E8
2010 Worship: St. Jude Anglican Church

Non-Canonical Churches[note 20][edit]

Old Calendar Jurisdictions[note 21][edit]

Metropolis of the Genuine Greek Orthodox Church (GOC) of America[edit]

(Florinite, 1937-)[49]
(Holy Metropolis of Toronto, under Metropolitan Moses)[note 22]
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Saint Nektarios Greek Orthodox Cathedral Davenport, Toronto

1223 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2Y1
Saint Joseph of Arimathea Orthodox Church Pickering

510 Whitevale Rd, Pickering, Ontario L0H 1M0
Orthodox Church of the Mother of God of Prusa Corktown, Toronto

461 Richmond Street E., Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R1
Orthodox Church of the Mother of God of Prusa.JPG
St. Dunstan Orthodox Mission Swansea

360 Windermere Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6S 3L4
  • Mission
Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene Old East York

230 Glebemount Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4C 3T4
Holy Archangel Michael Orthodox Church Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

212 Delaware Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2T7
1964[note 23]
2005[note 24]
2010[note 25]
2014[note 26]
  • 1890 Church structure built as a 19th-century Anglican church.
  • 2008 Showcased in the annual Doors Open Toronto event.
  • 2014 The Holy Synod in Resistance, of which this parish was a part from 2010-2014 (under the Archdiocese of Etna (California)), united itself to the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece and formally ceased to exist.[51][54]
  • 2014 The parish celebrated its 50th anniversary (1964-2014)
St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church.JPG

True Orthodox Church of Greece ("Makarian (Lamian) Synod")[edit]

(Florinite, 1995-)
(True Orthodox Church of Greece under Archbishop Makarios of Athens and All Greece (2004-present))
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Church[note 27] O'Connor–Parkview

2815 St Clair Ave E., Toronto, ON M4B 1N3
2011-08-28 St Kosmas Aitolos Greek Orthodox Church Toronto (G.O.C. of Greece).jpg

Matthewite True Orthodox Christians in the United States[edit]

(Matthewite)[note 29]
(Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece, under Archbishop Nicholas of Athens and All Greece)
Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Scarborough Junction

618 Birchmount, Scarborough, Ontario. M1K 1P9
  • Matthewite Old Calendar Synod.

Unrecognized Independent Churches[edit]

Macedonian Orthodox[note 30][edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral Thorncliffe Park

76 Overlea Blvd.
1964 St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral, Toronto.png

Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church[edit]

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
St. Cyril of Turov Parish Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction

524 St. Clarens Ave., Toronto, ON, M6H 3W7
St. Cyril of Turov Parish.JPG

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  1. ^ The first immigrant of Greek origin is reportedly Dr. Peter Constantinides[2] who came to Toronto in 1864 to attend the Medical School at the University of Toronto. On May 21st 1909 a meeting was held at the Y.M.C.A. attended by about 200 Greeks living in Toronto. They constituted themselves into a corporate body identified as the "St. George Greek Orthodox Community of Ontario".[3][4]
  2. ^ Members of the Canadian Conference of Orthodox Bishops.
  3. ^ "An important part can be played by the Christian church in helping to bring about a peaceful settlement of the world's problems, according to Most Rev. R. Athenagoras, of New York, head of the Greek Orthodox church in North and South America. Archbishop Athenagoras is in Toronto to officiate at the dedication tomorrow of the new Greek church on Bond St. In spite of various modernistic ideas, religion never changes, the archbishop declared. He was met at Union station by 150 representative Greeks of Toronto and vicinity. A vesper service will be held at the Bond street church tonight and the dedication service will start tomorrow at 10 a.m."[7]
  4. ^ A photograph in The Globe and Mail is described as follows:
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    Μετά πολλῆς ἐν Κυρίῳ ἀγαπής
    καί θερμῶν πατρικῶν εὐχῶν πρός πάντας

  8. ^ The exquisite Byzantine Icons in the Altar were painted by the master icon painter Father Theodore Koufos, while the Baroque wooden iconostasis, Altar Table, Cantor’s Stand and Bishop’s Throne were hand-carved by Master Wood Sculptor Stylianos Kavroulakis of Crete. The Cathedral holds over 850 seated worshippers, and has parking facilities for 50 cars.
  9. ^ Patriarch Bartholomew visited Toronto May 30–31, 1998 as part of his first-ever visit to Canada.[21]
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    • The Youth Centre "Megas Alexandros"
    • The offices for the Church
    • Offices for the Greek Community Social Services
    • Offices for Olympic Flame Soccer club
    • A multi-purpose room
    • The Church, with a seating capacity of 450, and room to accommodate an additional 400 people on major feast days.
  12. ^ At a meeting, held at the Ukrainian Peoples’ Home on October 31, 1926, the decision was made to lay the foundation for the parish.[28]
  13. ^ In 1935, the congregation bought the site at 400 Bathurst St. on which to erect a church. But for their immediate needs, the Congregation acquired a large building at 404 Bathurst.[28]
  14. ^ The new church was officially opened and named St. Vladimir’s Church.[28]
  15. ^ "In 1972 the Sveta Troica (Holy Trinity) Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church was established in Toronto, mostly for political reasons. Many members belonged to the Bulgarian National Front (BNF) and the Macedonian Patriotic Organization (MPO) and firmly believe that Slavic Macedonians are part of the Bulgarian nationality. The parish was initially within the Bulgarian diocese of the Orthodox Church in America, during the late 1970s within the Russian Church Abroad, and since 1982 under the Holy Synod in Bulgaria. It has about 150 members and is strongly committed to promoting Bulgarian identity and language."[33]
  16. ^ On November 2, 1949 Archbishop Joasaph of Edmonton, representing the synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox church outside of Russia, appointed Father Mathew Andrushenko as rector of the new parish. Reminiscent of the early days of Christianity, the small community gathered in a rented loft above a laundry on Parliament Street near Queen. Here they brought beautiful icons and began holding services. The very first took place on December 15, 1949 with Father Mathew. Eleven people were present at that service.[36]
  17. ^ A small church was built by the hands of the first parishioners on Richmond Street just west of Berkeley, in Cabbagetown. It was begun in the autumn of 1952 and was consecrated on September 6, 1953 by Archbishop Vitaly.[36]
  18. ^ The Beth Jacob Synagogue was the first synagogue to be built by a Jewish architect in the city.[43] One of the founders of the synagogue was Samuel Tepperman (d. March 1, 1960).[44]
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  20. ^ Not members of the Canadian Conference of Orthodox Bishops.
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  22. ^ See also:
  23. ^ Built in 1890, as a 19th century Anglican church, it has been the Serbian community's downtown-Toronto local church since the 1960s.[52]
  24. ^ This was a recent architectural project (2002-2005), to partially demolish, totally renovate, and add to, an existing 500 sm, circa 1890, church, in order to create a 1,700 sm/18,000 sf, universally-accessible, barrier-free, 4-storey, single-aisled, basilica and community centre. Stylistically, the building synthesizes Serbian late-Byzantine architectural-styles and icon styles. It has many copper domes, cupolas, and trim; and great lighting & wood panels.[53]
  25. ^ As a result of an internal conflict ca.late 2009/early 2010, this parish was transferred out of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Canada , and placed under the Archdiocese of Etna (California) . The first Liturgy under the new jurisdiction was on Sunday April 11, 2010.
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  29. ^ The first Primate of Athens selected by the Matthewites was Agathangelos of Athens in 1958, who reposed in 1967. His successor was Archbishop Andreas of Athens who was elected to the primacy in 1972, retiring in 2003 (+2005). In 2003 Archbishop Nicholas of Athens was elected, considered by many to have a progressive vision for the Matthewite church.
  30. ^ In 1967 the Church in Macedonia unilaterally declared its autocephaly from the Serbian Orthodox Church, a move which is not recognised by any of the churches of the Eastern Orthodox Communion, and since then, the Macedonian Orthodox Church is not in communion with any Orthodox Church.


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