List of Orthoptera and allied insects of Great Britain

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The following is a list of the species of grasshopper, cricket and allied insects recorded from Britain. The insect orders covered by this list are:

This article lists the native species only. A number of other species have been found in the wild as vagrants or accidental introductions.

Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets)[edit]

Suborder Ensifera (crickets)[edit]

Family Tettigoniidae (bush-crickets)[edit]

Family Gryllidae (true crickets)[edit]

Family Gryllotalpidae (mole-crickets)[edit]

Suborder Caelifera (grasshoppers & allies)[edit]

Family Tetrigidae (groundhoppers)[edit]

Family Acrididae (grasshoppers)[edit]

Order Blattodea (cockroaches)[edit]

Family Blattellidae[edit]

Order Dermaptera (earwigs)[edit]

Family Spongiphoridae[edit]

Family Forficulidae[edit]