List of Orthoptera and allied insects of Great Britain

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The following is a list of the species of grasshopper, cricket and allied insects recorded from Britain. The insect orders covered by this list are:

This article lists the native species only. A number of other species have been found in the wild as vagrants or accidental introductions. Many of the Orthopteran common names were synthesised from older sources or coined where necessary by Dr. DR Ragge.[1]

Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets)[edit]

Suborder Ensifera (crickets)[edit]

Family Tettigoniidae (bush-crickets)[edit]

Super-family Grylloidea[edit]

Family Gryllidae

Family Mogoplistidae

Family Trigonidiidae

Family Gryllotalpidae (mole-crickets)[edit]

Suborder Caelifera (grasshoppers & allies)[edit]

Family Tetrigidae (groundhoppers)[edit]

Family Acrididae (grasshoppers)[edit]

Order Blattodea (cockroaches)[edit]

Family Blattellidae[edit]

Order Dermaptera (earwigs)[edit]

Family Spongiphoridae[edit]

Family Forficulidae[edit]


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