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This is a list of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) conferences. Conferences are tournaments within a season, as opposed to the North American usage where a conference is a grouping of teams. If a team wins all of the conferences in a season, it is said that they have won a Grand Slam.

Types of conferences[edit]

As of the 2015–16 season, there is a total of 117 conferences/tournaments held by the PBA since 1975. It was further broken down into three categories:

  1. All Filipino conferences - only players with Filipino citizenship are allowed to compete. (38 tournaments as of 2015–16 season)
  2. Import-laden conferences - players with other citizenship/nationality are allowed to compete, with teams usually limited with one non-Filipino on their active lineup. (79 tournaments as of 2015–16 season)
  3. Special tournaments - teams may or may not include imports but championships won don't count to the championship tally.

Active tournaments[edit]

  1. All-Filipino Cup/Philippine Cup - San Miguel Beermen
  2. Commissioner's Cup - San Miguel Beermen
  3. Governors' Cup - Barangay Ginebra San Miguel

Inactive tournaments[edit]

  1. All-Philippine Championship - Crispa Redmanizers (1976)
  2. Reinforced Filipino - Crispa Redmanizers (1983)
  3. Fiesta - Alaska Aces (2010)
  4. Open - San Miguel Beermen (1989)
  5. Reinforced - Coca-Cola Tigers (2003)
  6. First Conference - Shell Rimula X (1992)
  7. Third Conference - Swift Mighty Meaties (1992)
  8. Invitational - Alaska Aces (2003)

Special tournaments[edit]

  1. PBA-IBA- Añejo Rum 65ers (1988)
  2. Centennial - Mobiline Phone Pals (1998)

List of conferences[edit]






* The first and second conference of the 1975 and 1976 seasons were officially named as All-Filipino Conference and Open Conference respectively. The All-Filipino Conference was reclassified in the 2010s as an import-laced tournament since the league gave teams the option to hire foreign players or "imports". Both tournaments were renamed as First and Second Conference based on the 2013 edition of Hardcourt, the official PBA Annual.