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The following is a list of video games released for the PC Engine video game console in Japan - released as the TurboGrafx-16 in North America (see List of TurboGrafx-16 games). A total of 650 video games were officially released commercially for the console between its launch on October 10, 1987, up until June 3, 1999.

PC Engine games were released in two types of storage formats, HuCards and CD-ROMs, with varying level of compatibility depending on the hardware configurations and options available. Specifically, there are two types of HuCard formats (the standard HuCards that comprised the majority of the PC Engine's library and a handful of titles that are playable only on the PC Engine SuperGrafx) and three types of CD-ROM formats (CD-ROM², Super CD-ROM² and Arcade CD-ROM², each requiring the console to be equipped with a CD drive and the corresponding System Card if needed). There were also dual-compatible games that were designed to run in an older hardware specifications, but are programmed to take advantage of a newer one (such as reduced loading times).

List of games[edit]

Title Date Manufacturer Catalog No. Format Overseas Version
Shanghai October 30, 1987 Hudson Soft HC62004 HuCard
Bikkuriman World October 30, 1987 Hudson Soft HC62002 HuCard
The Kung Fu November 27, 1987 Hudson Soft HC62001 HuCard China Warrior
Kato-chan Ken-chan November 30, 1987 Hudson Soft HC62006 HuCard J.J. & Jeff[notes 1]
Victory Run December 28, 1987 Hudson Soft HC62003 HuCard Victory Run
Jaseiken Necromancer January 22, 1988 Hudson Soft HC62005 HuCard
Yokai Dochuki February 5, 1988 Namcot NC62001 HuCard
R-Type I March 25, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63007 HuCard R-Type[notes 2]
YouYou Jinsei April 22, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63008 HuCard
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium May 20, 1988 Namcot NC63001 HuCard
R-Type II June 3, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63009 HuCard R-Type[notes 2]
Power League June 24, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63011 HuCard World Class Baseball
Sengoku Mahjong July 8, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63010 HuCard
Galaga '88 July 15, 1988 Namcot NC63002 HuCard Galaga '90
Pro Tennis: World Court August 11, 1988 Namcot NC63004 HuCard World Court Tennis
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru August 30, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63012 HuCard Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
Alien Crush September 14, 1988 Naxat Soft NX63001 HuCard Alien Crush
Gaia no Monshou September 23, 1988 NCS NCS63001 HuCard
Mankyō Densetsu September 23, 1988 Victor Musical Industries JC63001 HuCard Legendary Axe
Fantasy Zone October 14, 1988 NEC Avenue H49G-1001 HuCard Fantasy Zone
Sadakichi Sebun: Hideyoshi no Ougon November 18, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63014 HuCard
No-Ri-Ko December 4, 1988 Hudson Soft HCD8001 CD-ROM²
Fighting Street December 4, 1988 Hudson Soft HCD8002 CD-ROM² Fighting Street
Space Harrier December 9, 1988 NEC Avenue H67G-1002 HuCard Space Harrier
Dragon Spirit December 16, 1988 Namcot NC63003 HuCard Dragon Spirit
Appare! Gateball December 22, 1988 Hudson Soft HC63013 HuCard
Bikkuriman Daijikai December 23, 1988 Hudson Soft HCD8003 CD-ROM²
Vigilante January 14, 1989 Irem IC63001 HuCard Vigilante
Son Son II January 27, 1989 NEC Avenue H54G-1003 HuCard
Nectaris February 9, 1989 Hudson Soft HC63016 HuCard Military Madness
Moto Roader February 23, 1989 NCS NCS 89002 HuCard Moto Roader
Honey in the Sky March 1, 1989 Face FA64-0001 HuCard
Winning Shot March 3, 1989 DECO DE64001 HuCard
Dungeon Explorer March 4, 1989 Hudson Soft HC63015 HuCard Dungeon Explorer
Out Live March 17, 1989 Sunsoft SS89001 HuCard
Kaizō Chōjin Shubibinman March 18, 1989 NCS NCS 89004 HuCard
P-47 March 20, 1989 Aicom AC89-001 HuCard
F-1 Pilot March 23, 1989 Pack-In-Video PV1001 HuCard
Shiryō Sensen March 24, 1989 Victor Musical Industries JC63002 HuCard
Ganbare! Golf Boys March 28, 1989 NCS NCS 89003 HuCard
Cobra: Kokuryū-Ō no Densetsu March 31, 1989 Hudson Soft HCD8004 CD-ROM²
Deep Blue: Kaitei Shinwa March 31, 1989 Pack-In-Video PV1002 HuCard Deep Blue
Kyūkyoku Tiger March 31, 1989 Taito TP01001 HuCard
Makai Hakkenden Shada April 1, 1989 DECO DE89002 HuCard
Energy April 19, 1989 NCS NCS 89005 HuCard
Wonder Momo April 21, 1989 Namcot NC64001 HuCard
Susano-ou Densetsu April 27, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89017 HuCard
Power Golf May 25, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89018 HuCard Power Golf
Naxat Open May 30, 1989 Naxat Soft NX89001 HuCard
Pac-Land June 1, 1989 Namcot NC64002 HuCard Pac-Land
Wai Wai Mahjong June 19, 1989 Video System VS-89001 HuCard
Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag June 22, 1989 Human HM89001 HuCard
Valis II June 23, 1989 Telenet Japan TJCD9001 CD-ROM² Valis II
Cyber Cross June 23, 1989 Face FA01-002 HuCard
Jinmu Denshō Yaksa June 28, 1989 Big Club BG01003 HuCard
Tengai Makyō: ZIRIA June 30, 1989 Hudson Soft HCD9005 CD-ROM²
Ninja Warriors June 30, 1989 Taito TP01002 HuCard
Final Lap Twin July 7, 1989 Namcot NC89003 HuCard Final Lap Twin
Gunhed July 7, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89019 HuCard Blazing Lazers
Side Arms July 14, 1989 NEC Avenue H54G-1004 HuCard Side Arms
Takeda Shingen July 28, 1989 Aicom AC89-002 HuCard
Maison Ikkoku August 4, 1989 Micro Cabin MC 66680 HuCard
Power League II August 8, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89020 HuCard
Break In August 10, 1989 Naxat Soft NX89002 HuCard
F-1 Dream August 25, 1989 NEC Avenue H54G-1005 HuCard
Rock-On August 25, 1989 Big Club BG1004 HuCard
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair August 31, 1989 Hudson Soft HCD9006 CD-ROM²
Narazumono Sentō Butai Bloody Wolf September 1, 1989 DECO DE89003 HuCard Bloody Wolf
Ordyne September 8, 1989 Namcot NC89004 HuCard Ordyne
Super Albatross September 14, 1989 Telenet Japan TJCD9002 CD-ROM²
Super Momotaro Dentetsu September 15, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89021 HuCard
Jūōki September 22, 1989 NEC Avenue HACD9001 CD-ROM²
Jūōki September 29, 1989 NEC Avenue H68G-1006 HuCard
Double Dungeons September 29, 1989 NCS NCS 89006 HuCard Double Dungeons
Artist Tool September 29, 1989 NEC Home Electronics PI-AS1 HuCard
Digital Champ October 13, 1989 Naxat Soft NX89003 HuCard
Tatsu no Ko Fighter October 20, 1989 Tonkin House TON89001 HuCard
Kagami no Kuni no Legend October 27, 1989 Victor Musical Industries JCCD9001 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 1 October 27, 1989 NEC Avenue HRCD-9101 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 2 October 27, 1989 NEC Avenue HRCD-9102 CD-ROM²
Doraemon: Meikyū Daisakusen October 31, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89023 HuCard Cratermaze[notes 3]
Tsuru Teruto no Jissen Kabushiki Bi-Game November 10, 1989 Intec IG89001 HuCard
Neutopia November 17, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89022 HuCard Neutopia
Daichikun Crisis November 22, 1989 Salio SL01001 HuCard
Gyuwanburā Jiko Chūshin Ha: Gekitō Sanjūroku Janshi November 24, 1989 Hudson Soft HCD9008 CD-ROM²
Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf November 24, 1989 Victor Musical Industries JC63003 HuCard Jack Nicklaus: Turbo Golf
Mahjong Gakuen - Higashi Kan Shuu Shirou Toujou November 24, 1989 Face FA01-003 HuCard
Bari Bari Densetsu November 29, 1989 Taito TP01003 HuCard
Battle Ace November 30, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89026 HuCard (SuperGrafx)
Mr Heli no Daibouken December 1, 1989 Irem IC01002 HuCard
USA Pro Basketball December 1, 1989 Aicom AC89-003 HuCard Takin' It to the Hoop
Shinobi December 8, 1989 Asmik AS01001 HuCard
Bullfight Ring no Hasha December 8, 1989 Cream CC-01001 HuCard
Side Arms Special December 15, 1989 NEC Avenue HACD9002 CD-ROM²
Kore ga Pro Yakyū '89 December 15, 1989 Intec IG89002 HuCard
PC Genjin December 15, 1989 Hudson Soft HC89024 HuCard Bonk's Adventure
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 3 December 20, 1989 NEC Avenue HRCD-9103 CD-ROM²
Ys I & II December 21, 1989 Hudson Soft HCD9009 CD-ROM² Ys Book I & II
ROM ROM Stadium December 22, 1989 Masaya NSCD9001 CD-ROM²
Benkei Gaiden December 22, 1989 Sunsoft SS89002 HuCard
Heavy Unit December 22, 1989 Taito TP01004 HuCard
Knight Rider Special December 22, 1989 Pack-In-Video PV1003 HuCard
F1 Triple Battle December 23, 1989 Human HM89002 HuCard
Volfied December 27, 1989 Taito TP01005 HuCard
Red Alert December 28, 1989 Telenet Japan TJCD9004 CD-ROM² Last Alert
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 4 January 19, 1990 NEC Avenue HRCD-9104 CD-ROM²
Atomic Robo-Kid Special January 19, 1990 UPL UP01001 HuCard
Taito Chase HQ January 26, 1990 Taito TP02006 HuCard Chase HQ
Chikuden-ya Toubei January 26, 1990 Naxat Soft NX89004 HuCard
Gaiflame January 26, 1990 Masaya NCS 90001 HuCard
Mahjong Shikaku Retsuden: Mahjong Wars February 1, 1990 Nihon Bussan NB01001 HuCard
Super Volleyball February 7, 1990 Video System VS-90002 HuCard Super Volleyball
Nishimura Kyōtaro Mystery: Hokutosei no Onna February 23, 1990 Naxat Soft NXCD9001 CD-ROM²
The NewZealand Story February 23, 1990 Taito TP02007 HuCard
Tora he no Michi February 23, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JC63004 HuCard Tiger Road
Hisou Kihei Kai-Serd[notes 4] February 23, 1990 Masaya NCS 90002 HuCard
Blodia February 23, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90027 HuCard Timeball
Paranoia March 1, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90001 HuCard Psychosis
City Hunter March 2, 1990 Sunsoft SS90001 HuCard
Space Invaders: Fukkatsu no Hi March 2, 1990 Taito TP02008 HuCard
Nazo no Masquerade March 2, 1990 Masaya NCS 90003 HuCard
Cyber Core March 9, 1990 IGS AI-02001 HuCard Cyber Core
Golden Axe March 16, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0005 CD-ROM²
Super Darius March 16, 1990 NEC Avenue HACD0003 CD-ROM²
Genpei Tōma Den March 16, 1990 Namcot NC90001 HuCard
Sōkoban World March 16, 1990 Media Rings MR90001 HuCard Boxyboy
Final Zone II March 23, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0006 CD-ROM²
Armed F March 23, 1990 Pack-In-Video PV2004 HuCard
KiKi KaiKai March 27, 1990 Taito TP02009 HuCard
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? March 30, 1990 Pack-In-Video PVCD-0001 CD-ROM²
Cosmic Fantasy: Bōken Shōnen Yū March 30, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD9003 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 1: Sutekini Standard March 30, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD95001 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 2: Nattoku Idol March 30, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD95002 CD-ROM²
Drop Rock Hora Hora March 30, 1990 DECO DE90005 HuCard Drop Off
Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: PC Bangai Hen March 30, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90002 HuCard
Be Ball March 30, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90028 HuCard Chew Man Fu
King of Casino March 30, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JC63006 HuCard King of Casino
Splatterhouse April 3, 1990 Namcot NC90002 HuCard Splatterhouse
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 3: Yatsubashi Band April 6, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD95003 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 4: Choito Otona!? April 6, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD95004 CD-ROM²
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 5: Karaoke Makunouchi April 6, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD95005 CD-ROM²
Madō King Granzort April 6, 1990 Hudson Soft HC89026 HuCard (SuperGrafx)
Psycho Chaser April 6, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90003 HuCard
Shanghai II April 13, 1990 Hudson Soft HCD0010 CD-ROM²
Power Drift April 13, 1990 Asmik AS02002 HuCard
ROM² Karaoke Vol. 5 April 20, 1990 NEC Avenue HRCD-9105 CD-ROM²
Necros no Yōsai April 20, 1990 ASK Kodansha AK90001 HuCard
Super Daisenryaku April 27, 1990 Micro Cabin MCCD 0001 CD-ROM²
Death Bringer April 27, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0007 CD-ROM²
Aoi Blink April 27, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90030 HuCard
Barunba April 27, 1990 Namcot NC90003 HuCard
Formation Soccer April 27, 1990 Human HM90003 HuCard
Maniac Pro Wrestling May 25, 1990 Hudson Soft HC89025 HuCard
Don Doko Don May 31, 1990 Taito TP02010 HuCard
Sindibad: Chitei No Dai Makyu June 2, 1990 IGS AI-02002 HuCard
Ultra Box Premiere Issue June 15, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD0601 CD-ROM²
Veigues June 15, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JC63005 HuCard Veigues Tactical Gladiator
Download June 22, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1007 HuCard
Hudson CD-ROM² Ongaku Zenshū[notes 5] June 29, 1990 Hudson Soft HCD0011 CD-ROM²
Urusei Yatsura: Stay With You June 29, 1990 Hudson Soft HCD0012 CD-ROM²
Sol Bianca June 29, 1990 Masaya NSCD0002 CD-ROM²
Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90 June 29, 1990 Intec IG90001 HuCard
Xevious: Fardraut Saga June 29, 1990 Namcot NC90004 HuCard
Puzznic June 29, 1990 Taito TP02011 HuCard
Mahjong Gakuen Mild June 29, 1990 Face FA02-004 HuCard
Meikyū no Elfine July 6, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0008 CD-ROM²
Saigo no Nindō: Ninja Spirit July 6, 1990 Irem IC02004 HuCard Ninja Spirit
Super Star Soldier July 6, 1990 Hudson Soft HE-1097 HuCard Super Star Soldier
Rastan Saga 2 July 6, 1990 Taito TP02012 HuCard
Chōzetsurin-jin Berabōman July 13, 1990 Namcot NC90005 HuCard Bravoman
Devil Crash July 20, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90004 HuCard Devil's Crush
Momotarou Densetsu Turbo July 20, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90034 HuCard
Image Fight July 27, 1990 Irem IC02003 HuCard
Lode Runner: Ushina Wareta Meikyū July 27, 1990 Pack-In-Video PV1004 HuCard
Dai Makaimura July 27, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1008 HuCard (SuperGrafx)
World Beach Volley July 27, 1990 IGS AI-02003 HuCard Sonic Spike Volleyball
Jigoku Meguri August 3, 1990 Taito TP02013 HuCard
Valkyrie no Densetsu August 9, 1990 Namcot NC90006 HuCard
Klax August 10, 1990 Tengen TG90001 HuCard Klax
Shogi Shodan Icchokusen August 10, 1990 Home Data HD90001 HuCard
Power League III August 10, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90037 HuCard
Mahjong Gokū Special August 10, 1990 Sunsoft SS90002 HuCard
Magical Saurus Tour August 24, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD0002 CD-ROM² Magical Dinosaur Tour
Last Armageddon August 31, 1990 Brain Grey BRCD0001 CD-ROM²
Operation Wolf August 31, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1010 HuCard
Valis III September 7, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0009 CD-ROM² Valis III
Ankoku Densetsu September 7, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JC63007 HuCard Legendary Axe II
Jack Nicklaus' World Golf Tour September 14, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD0003 CD-ROM² Jack Nicklaus: Turbo Golf
Mitsubachi Gakuen September 14, 1990 Hudson Soft HCD0007 CD-ROM²
Honey on the Road September 14, 1990 Face FA02-006 HuCard
F1 Circus September 14, 1990 Nihon Bussan NB90002 HuCard
Sekigahara September 14, 1990 Tonkin House TON90002 HuCard
Legion September 21, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0010 CD-ROM²
Momotarō Katsugeki September 21, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90031 HuCard
Darius Plus September 21, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1009 HuCard (PC-SG)
Ultra Box No. 2 September 28, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD0602 CD-ROM²
Gomola Speed September 28, 1990 UPL UP02002 HuCard
After Burner II September 28, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1011 HuCard
Die Hard September 28, 1990 Pack-In-Video (distribution)
Nihon Bussan
NB90003 HuCard
Double Ring September 28, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90005 HuCard
Final Blaster September 28, 1990 Namcot NC90007 HuCard
The Pro Yakyū October 5, 1990 Intec IGCD0001 CD-ROM²
Jantei Monogatari October 9, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0012 CD-ROM²
Cyber Knight October 12, 1990 Tonkin House TON90003 HuCard
Batman October 12, 1990 Sunsoft SS90003 HuCard
Rabio Lepus Special October 19, 1990 Video System VS-90003 HuCard
Naxat Stadium October 26, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90006 HuCard
Ryūkyū October 26, 1990 Face FA02-005 HuCard
Deko Boko Densetsu November 2, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0013 CD-ROM²
Aero Blasters November 2, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90038 HuCard Aero Blasters
Kattobi! Takuhai-Kun November 9, 1990 Tonkin House TON90004 HuCard
J.B. Harold: Murder Club November 23, 1990 Hudson Soft HCD0013 CD-ROM² J.B Harold: Murder Club
Kickball November 23, 1990 Masaya NCS 90004 HuCard
Avenger December 7, 1990 Telenet Japan TJCD0011 CD-ROM² Avenger
Ranma 1/2 December 7, 1990 Masaya NSCD0004 CD-ROM²
Thunder Blade December 7, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1015 HuCard
Burning Angels December 7, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90008 HuCard
Fushigi no Yume no Alice December 7, 1990 Face FA02-007 HuCard
Bomberman December 7, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90036 HuCard Bomberman
Märchen Maze December 11, 1990 Namcot NC90008 HuCard
Zipang December 14, 1990 Pack-In-Video PV1005 HuCard
Spin Pair December 14, 1990 Media Rings MR90002 HuCard
Daisenpuu December 14, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1014 HuCard
Champion Wrestler December 14, 1990 Taito TP02014 HuCard
Toy Shop Boys December 14, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JC63009 HuCard
Violent Soldier December 14, 1990 IGS AI-02005 HuCard Sinistron
Wallaby!! December 14, 1990 Masaya NCS 90005 HuCard
Vasteel December 20, 1990 Human HMCD0001 CD-ROM² Vasteel
Makai Prince Dorabocchan December 21, 1990 Naxat Soft NX90007 HuCard
Out Run December 21, 1990 NEC Avenue NAPH-1016 HuCard
Cross Wiber: Cyber Combat Police December 21, 1990 Face FA02-008 HuCard
Saint Dragon December 21, 1990 Aicom AC90001 HuCard
Momotarou Densetsu II December 22, 1990 Hudson Soft HC90040 HuCard
Ultra Box No. 3 December 28, 1990 Victor Musical Industries JCCD0602 CD-ROM²
Gulclight TDF-2 January 25, 1991 Pack-In-Video PVCD-0002 CD-ROM²
OverRide January 8, 1991 DECO DE90006 HuCard
Cadash January 18, 1991 Taito TP02015 HuCard Cadash
Jackie Chan January 18, 1991 Hudson Soft HC90032 HuCard Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
S.C.I. January 25, 1991 Taito TP03016 HuCard
Quiz Avenue February 15, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1013 CD-ROM²
Master of Monsters February 15, 1991 Micro Cabin MCCD 0002 CD-ROM²
Parasol Stars February 15, 1991 Taito TP03017 HuCard Parason Stars
Dead Moon February 22, 1991 T.S.S. TS91001 HuCard Dead Moon
SD Senyō Aldynes February 22, 1991 Hudson Soft HC90029 HuCard (SuperGrafx)
Puzzle Boy February 22, 1991 Telenet Japan TJ03001 HuCard
Final Match Tennis March 1, 1991 Human HM91004 HuCard
Zero4 Champ March 8, 1991 Media Rings MR91003 HuCard
Legend of Hero Tonma March 13, 1991 Irem IC03005 HuCard Legend of Hero Tonma
Cyber City Oedo: Kemono no Alignment March 15, 1991 Masaya NSCD 0003 CD-ROM²
Obocchamakun March 15, 1991 Namcot NC91001 HuCard
TITAN March 15, 1991 Naxat Soft NX91001 HuCard
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91 March 21, 1991 Namcot NC91002 HuCard
Ys III: Wanderers from Ys March 22, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD0015 CD-ROM²
La Valeur March 22, 1991 Kogado Studio KSCD1001 CD-ROM²
The Manhole March 22, 1991 Sunsoft SSCD0001 CD-ROM²
Road Spirits March 22, 1991 Pack-In-Video PVCD-1003 CD-ROM²
1943 Kai March 22, 1991 Naxat Soft NX91002 HuCard
Exile March 29, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD-1014 CD-ROM²
Sangokushi: Eiketsu Tenka ni Nozomu March 29, 1991 Naxat Soft NXCD0002 CD-ROM²
Download 2 March 29, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1018 CD-ROM²
Columns March 29, 1991 Telenet Japan TJ03002 HuCard
Silent Debuggers March 29, 1991 DECO DE90004 HuCard Silent Debuggers
TV Sports Football March 29, 1991 Victor Musical Industries JC63008 HuCard TV Sports Football
Moto Roader II March 29, 1991 Masaya NCS91002 HuCard
L-Dis April 5, 1991 Masaya NSCD 0005 CD-ROM²
Quiz Marugoto The World April 5, 1991 Atlus ATCD1001 CD-ROM²
Cosmic Fantasy 2: Bōken Shōnen Van April 5, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1015 CD-ROM² Cosmic Fantasy 2
Populous April 5, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91041 HuCard
Circus Lido April 6, 1991 Uni Post Company Ltd PJ91001 HuCard
High Grenadier April 12, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1016 CD-ROM²
Helfire S April 12, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1017 CD-ROM²
Toshi Tensō Keikaku Eternal City April 12, 1991 Naxat Soft NX91003 HuCard
Pachio-kun: Maboroshi no Densetsu April 19, 1991 Coconuts Japan CJCD1001 CD-ROM²
Adventure Island April 19, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91035 HuCard Dragon's Curse
Kaizou Chōjin Shubibinman 2: Atanaru Teki April 27, 1991 Masaya NCS91001 HuCard Shockman
Ultra Box No. 4 May 24, 1991 Victor Musical Industries JCCD1604 CD-ROM²
Hatris May 24, 1991 Micro Cabin MC 91002 HuCard
Pomping World May 31, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1019 CD-ROM² Buster Bros.
Cobra II: Densetsu no Otoko June 7, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1014 CD-ROM²
Rayxanber II June 7, 1991 Data West DWCD1001 CD-ROM²
Astralius June 21, 1991 IGS AICD 0001 CD-ROM²
Power Eleven June 21, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91039 HuCard
Splash Lake June 28, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1020 CD-ROM² Splash Lake
Sengoku Kantō Sangokushi June 28, 1991 Intec IGCD1002 CD-ROM²
Final Soldier July 5, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91045 HuCard
Tricky July 6, 1991 IGS AI-03004 HuCard Tricky Kick
Seirei Senshi Spriggan July 12, 1991 Naxat Soft NXCD1004 CD-ROM²
F1 Circus '91 July 12, 1991 Nihon Bussan NB91004 HuCard
Metal Stoker July 12, 1991 Face FA03-009 HuCard
PC Genjin 2 July 19, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91043 HuCard Bonk's Revenge
Racing Spirits July 19, 1991 Irem IC03006 HuCard
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective July 26, 1991 Victor Musical Industries JCCD1004 CD-ROM² Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
Daisenpū Custom July 26, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1019 CD-ROM²
Skweek August 2, 1991 Victor Musical Industries JC63011 HuCard
Burai August 9, 1991 Riverhillsoft RHCD1001 CD-ROM²
Hanataa ka daka!? August 9, 1991 Taito TP03018 HuCard
Power League 4 August 9, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91046 HuCard
1941 Counter Attack August 22, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91048 HuCard (SuperGrafx)
Valis IV August 23, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1017 CD-ROM²
Seiryū Densetsu Monbit August 30, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1018 CD-ROM²
Power Gate August 30, 1991 Pack-In-Video PV-1008 HuCard
Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout August 30, 1991 Human HM91005 HuCard
Hit the Ice September 20, 1991 Taito TP03019 HuCard Hit the Ice
World Jockey September 20, 1991 Namcot NC91003 HuCard
Ultra Box No. 5 September 27, 1991 Victor Musical Industries JCCD1605 CD-ROM²
Dragon EGG! September 27, 1991 Masaya NCS91003 HuCard
Neutopia II September 27, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91047 HuCard Neutopia II
Morita Shogi PC September 27, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPH-1021 HuCard
Mesopotamia October 4, 1991 Atlus AT03001 HuCard Somer Assault
Quiz Avenue II October 11, 1991 NEC Avenue NAPR-1024 CD-ROM²
World Circuit October 18, 1991 Namcot NC91004 HuCard
Dragon Slayer: Eiyū Densetsu October 25, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1020 Super CD-ROM² Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
Populous: The Promised Lands October 25, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1021 Super CD-ROM²
Tenshi no Uta October 25, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1018 Super CD-ROM²
Vanilla Syndrome October 25, 1991 Nihon Bussan NBCD1001 CD-ROM²
Prince of Persia November 8, 1991 Riverhillsoft RHCD-1002 Super CD-ROM² Prince of Persia
Time Cruise II November 8, 1991 Face FA03-010 HuCard Time Cruise
Gradius November 15, 1991 Konami KM91001 HuCard
Magical Chase November 15, 1991 Palsoft PL91001 HuCard Magical Chase
Monster Pro Wrestling November 22, 1991 ASK Kodansha AK91002 HuCard
Raiden November 22, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91049 HuCard Raiden
Lady Phantom November 29, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1019 Super CD-ROM²
Lord of Wars November 29, 1991 SystemSoft SACD1001 CD-ROM²
Coryoon November 29, 1991 Naxat Soft NX91004 HuCard
Shogi Shoshinsha Muyou November 29, 1991 Home Data HD91013 HuCard
Super Metal Crusher November 29, 1991 Pack-In-Video PV1007 HuCard
Fighting Run November 29, 1991 Nihon Bussan NB91005 HuCard
Super Schwarzchild December 6, 1991 Kogado Studio KSCD1002 CD-ROM²
Ranma 1/2: Toraware no Hayanome December 6, 1991 Masaya NSCD 1006 CD-ROM²
Salamander December 6, 1991 Konami KM91002 HuCard
Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian Night December 6, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91051 HuCard
Bubblegum Crash December 6, 1991 Naxat Soft NX91005 HuCard
Super CD-ROM² Taiken Soft Shū December 13, 1991 Hudson Soft HCD1027 Super CD-ROM²
Efera and Jiliora: The Emblem from Darkness December 13, 1991 Brain Grey BRCD1002 CD-ROM²
Taiheiki December 13, 1991 Intec IGCD-1003 CD-ROM²
Hihō Densetsu: Chris no Bōken December 13, 1991 Pack-In-Video PYCD-1014 CD-ROM²
Genji Tsūshin Amedama December 13, 1991 NEC Home Electronics HE91001 HuCard
Spiral Wave December 13, 1991 Media Rings MR91004 HuCard
Niko Niko Pun December 13, 1991 NHK Vook NV91001 HuCard
Ballistix December 13, 1991 Coconuts Japan CJ0001 HuCard Ballistix
R-Type: Complete CD December 20, 1991 Irem ICCD 1001 Super CD-ROM²
Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: CD Soccer Hen December 20, 1991 Naxat Soft NXCD1005 Super CD-ROM²
Naritore: The Sugoroku '92 December 20, 1991 Telenet Japan TJCD1021 CD-ROM²
Super Momotarou Dentetsu II December 20, 1991 Hudson Soft HC91050 HuCard
Zan: Kagerō no Toki December 27, 1991 Taito TPCD1001 CD-ROM²
Dragon Saber December 27, 1991 Namcot NC91005 HuCard
Bouken Danshaku Don Sun=Heart-hen January 4, 1992 I'Max IM92001 HuCard
Chibi Maruko-chan: Quiz de Piihira January 10, 1992 Namcot NC92001 HuCard
Mizubaku Daibouken January 17, 1992 Taito TP03020 HuCard
Might & Magic January 24, 1992 NEC Avenue NAPR-1022 CD-ROM² Might & Magic
Ninja Ryūkenden January 24, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92052 HuCard
Ultra Box No. 6 January 31, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2606 CD-ROM²
NHK Taiga Drama Taiheki January 31, 1992 NHK Vook NV92001 HuCard
Cyber Dodge January 31, 1992 Tonkin House TON92005 HuCard
Browning February 7, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD1020 Super CD-ROM²
Gate of Thunder February 21, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2025 Super CD-ROM² Gate of Thunder
I.Q. Panic February 21, 1992 IGS AICD 1002 CD-ROM²
Parodius Da! February 21, 1992 Konami KM92003 HuCard
Human Sports Festival February 28, 1992 Human HMCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Mirai Shōnen Conan February 28, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2022 Super CD-ROM²
Kaizō Chōjin Shubibinman 3 February 28, 1992 Masaya NSCD2010 CD-ROM²
Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchū Tantei Diban: Shutsudō Hen February 28, 1992 Atlus ATCD1002 CD-ROM²
Gyuwanburā Jiko Chūshin Ha: Mahjong Puzzle Collection February 28, 1992 Taito TPCD1003 CD-ROM²
Detana!! Twinbee February 28, 1992 Konami KM92004 HuCard
Mahjong Haōden: Kaiser's Quest February 28, 1992 UPL UP03003 HuCard
Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kizenka Kyō Ezara Satsujin Jiken March 6, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2006 Super CD-ROM²
Toilet Kids March 6, 1992 Media Rings MR92005 HuCard
Hawk F-123 March 13, 1992 Pack-In-Video PVCD-2007 Super CD-ROM²
Mamono Hunter Yōko: Makai Kara no Tenkōsai March 13, 1992 Masaya NSCD2011 Super CD-ROM²
Rising Sun March 13, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2006 CD-ROM² Lords of the Rising Sun
Gokuraku! Chuuka Daisen March 13, 1992 Taito TP03021 HuCard
Pachio-kun: Jūban Shōbu March 13, 1992 Coconuts Japan CJ92002 HuCard
Valis: The Fantasm Soldier March 19, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2023 Super CD-ROM²
Psychic Storm March 19, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2025 Super CD-ROM²
Minesweeper March 20, 1992 Pack-In-Video PVCD-2005 CD-ROM²
Tengai Makyō II: Manjimaru March 26, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD1022 Super CD-ROM²
Babel March 27, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2024 Super CD-ROM²
Forgotten Worlds March 27, 1992 NEC Avenue NAPR-1025 Super CD-ROM² Forgotten Worlds
Shadow of the Beast March 27, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2008 Super CD-ROM² Shadow of the Beast
Kawa no Nushizuri: Shizenha March 27, 1992 Pack-In-Video PVCD-2006 CD-ROM²
Quiz Marugoto The World: Time Machine ni Onegai! March 27, 1992 Atlus ATCD-2003 CD-ROM²
Davis Cup Tennis April 1, 1992 Micro World MWCD2002 Super CD-ROM² Davis Cup Tennis
Builder Land April 1, 1992 Micro World MWCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Super Raiden April 2, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2023 Super CD-ROM²
Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross 2036 April 3, 1992 Masaya NSCD2007 CD-ROM²
Nekketsu Kōkō Dodgeball Bu: PC Soccer Hen April 3, 1992 Naxat Soft NX92001 HuCard
Genpei Toumaden: Kannoni April 7, 1992 Namcot NC92002 HuCard Samurai Ghost
Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchū Tantei Diban: Kanketsu Hen April 24, 1992 Atlus ATCD-2004 CD-ROM²
Star Parodier April 24, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2024 Super CD-ROM²
Spriggan Mk. II May 1, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2008 Super CD-ROM²
Terraforming May 1, 1992 Right Stuff RSCD-2001 CD-ROM² Syd Mead's Terraforming
Doraemon: Nobita no Dorabian Night May 29, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2030 Super CD-ROM²
Daisenryaku II: Campaign Version May 29, 1992 Micro Cabin MCCD1003 Super CD-ROM²
Adventure Quiz: Capcom World/
Hatena no Daibōken
June 12, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2028 Super CD-ROM²
Top o Nerae! GunBuster Vol. 1 June 25, 1992 Riverhillsoft RHCD-2003 Super CD-ROM²
Genocide June 25, 1992 Brain Gray BRCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
The Tower of Druaga June 25, 1992 Namcot NC92003 HuCard
F1 Circus Special June 26, 1992 Nihon Bussan BRCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Rayxanber III June 26, 1992 Data West DWCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Takahashi Meijin no Shin Bōken Jima June 26, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92055 HuCard New Adventure Island
Color Wars July 10, 1992 Coconuts Japan CJCD2002 CD-ROM²
Soldier Blade July 10, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92056 HuCard Soldier Blade
Sorcerian July 17, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD1005 Super CD-ROM²
Alzadick July 17, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2012 CD-ROM²
Record of Lodoss War July 17, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2029 CD-ROM²
Pop'n Magic July 24, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2027 Super CD-ROM²
Stratego July 24, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JC63012 HuCard
TATSUJIN July 24, 1992 Taito TP04022 HuCard
Bonanza Brothers July 31, 1992 NEC Avenue NAPR-2028 Super CD-ROM²
The Kickboxing July 31, 1992 Micro World MWCD2001 Super CD-ROM² Andre Panza: Kickboxing
Snatcher CD-ROMantic: Pilot Disk August 7, 1992 Konami KMCD2001 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Knight II August 7, 1992 NEC Avenue NAPR-1029 Super CD-ROM²
Power League V August 7, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92057 HuCard
Quiz no Hoshi August 10, 1992 Sunsoft SSCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Baby Jo the Superhero August 28, 1992 Micro World MWCD2004 Super CD-ROM²
Farjius no Jakōtei August 29, 1992 Human Entertainment HMCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
F1 Team Simulation Project F September 4, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2026 Super CD-ROM²
Travel Epuru September 4, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2030 Super CD-ROM²
Zero Wing September 18, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD 1003 CD-ROM²
Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest September 18, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2010 Super CD-ROM² Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest
Exile II September 22, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2028 Super CD-ROM² Exile: Wicked Phenomenon
Shapeshift: Makai Eiyū Den September 25, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2011 Super CD-ROM² Shapeshifter
Honō no Dōkyūji: Dodge Danpei September 25, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92059 HuCard
Wizardry V September 25, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2011 Super CD-ROM² Wizardry V
Cosmic Fantasy 3: Bōken Shōnen Rei September 25, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2029 Super CD-ROM²
Loom September 25, 1992 Victor Musical Industries JCCD2009 Super CD-ROM² Loom
Yawara! October 1, 1992 Sofix SXCD-2001 Super CD-ROM²
Star Mobile October 2, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2013 Super CD-ROM²
Gekisha Boy October 2, 1992 Irem IC04007 HuCard
Ranma 1/2: Datō, Ganso Musabetsu Kakuto Ryū October 9, 1992 Masaya NSCD2009 CD-ROM²
The Pro Yakyū Super October 9, 1992 Intec IGCD2004 Super CD-ROM²
Slime World October 9, 1992 Micro World MWCD2005 Super CD-ROM²
Quiz Nobunaga no Yabō October 10, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2038 CD-ROM²
Power Sports October 10, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92058 HuCard World Sports Competition
Kiaidan 00 October 23, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2031 Super CD-ROM²
Galaxy Fräulein Yuna October 23, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2031 Super CD-ROM²
Snatcher CD-ROMantic October 23, 1992 Konami KMCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend Bout November 13, 1992 Human Entertainment HM92006 HuCard
PC Denjin November 20, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92053 HuCard Air Zonk
Psychic Detective Series Vol. 3: Aýa November 20, 1992 Data West DWCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Shin Sangokushi: Tenka wa Waga ni November 20, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2009 CD-ROM²
God Panic: Shijō Saikyō Gundan November 27, 1992 Teichiku TMCD2001 Super CD-ROM²
Terra Cresta II November 27, 1992 Nihon Bussan NB92006 HuCard
Lemmings November 28, 1992 Sunsoft SSCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Momotaro Densetsu Gaiden Dai Ichi Shu December 4, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92060 HuCard
Super Schwarzschild 2 December 4, 1992 Kogado Studio KSCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Chō Jikū Yōsai Macross: Eien no Love Song December 4, 1992 Masaya NSCD2014 Super CD-ROM²
Tecmo World Cup: Super Soccer December 4, 1992 Media Rings MRCD2001 Super CD-ROM²
Nexzr December 11, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2014 Super CD-ROM²
Downtown Nekketsu Kōshinkyoku December 11, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2015 Super CD-ROM²
Bomberman '93 December 11, 1992 Hudson Soft HC92061 HuCard Bomberman '93
Pastel Lime December 18, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2018 Super CD-ROM²
Burai II December 18, 1992 Riverhillsoft RHCD2004 Super CD-ROM²
Moto Roader MC December 18, 1992 Masaya NSCD2015 Super CD-ROM²
Shanghai III: Dragon's Eye December 18, 1992 ASK Kodansha AKCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Super Real Mahjong Special December 18, 1992 Naxat Soft NXCD2016 Super CD-ROM²
Image Fight II December 18, 1992 Irem ICCD 2002 Super CD-ROM²
Gradius II December 18, 1992 Konami KMCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
F-1 CIRCUS'92 December 18, 1992 Nihon Bussan NB92007 HuCard
Pachio-kun: Warau Uchū December 22, 1992 Coconuts Japan CJCD2003 Super CD-ROM²
Uchū Senkan Yamato December 22, 1992 Human Entertainment HMCD2004 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II December 22, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2033 Super CD-ROM²
Xak I & II December 25, 1992 Telenet Japan TJCD2032 Super CD-ROM²
Cho Aniki December 25, 1992 Masaya NSCD2013 Super CD-ROM²
Inoue Mami: Kono Hoshi ni Tatta Hitori no Kimi December 25, 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2035 Super CD-ROM²
Gain Ground SX December 25, 1992 NEC Avenue NAPR-1032 Super CD-ROM²
Super Mahjong Taikai December 28, 1992 Koei KOCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Mamono Hunter Yōko: Tooki Yobikoe January 8, 1993 Masaya NSCD 2016 Super CD-ROM²
SimEarth January 14, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD 2040 Super CD-ROM²
MetamorJupiter January 14, 1993 NEC Home Electronics HE CD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia January 29, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3036 Super CD-ROM²
Battle Lode Runner February 10, 1993 Hudson Soft HC93054 HuCard
Cosmic Fantasy: Visual Collection February 12, 1993 Telenet Japan TJCD3034 CD-ROM²
Cotton February 12, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3034 Super CD-ROM² Cotton
Tsuppari Oozumou Heisei-han February 19, 1993 Naxat Soft NX92002 HuCard
Valis: Visual Collection February 19, 1993 Telenet Japan TJCD3035 CD-ROM²
Horror Story February 26, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1027 Super CD-ROM²
Police Connection February 26, 1993 Telenet Japan TJCD3036 Super CD-ROM²
Crest of Wolf February 26, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3044 Super CD-ROM² Riot Zone
Gensō Tairiku Auleria February 26, 1993 Taito TPCD 1002 CD-ROM²
Nobunaga no Yabō: Bushō Fūunroku February 27, 1993 Koei KOCD2001 Super CD-ROM²
Zero4 Champ II March 5, 1993 Media Rings MRCD2002 Super CD-ROM²
Double Dragon II: The Revenge March 5, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD2010 Super CD-ROM²
CD Battle: Hikari no Yūshatachi March 19, 1993 King Records KICD 3001 Super CD-ROM²
Jim Power March 19, 1993 Micro World MWCD2006 Super CD-ROM²
Eiyū Saigokushi March 26, 1993 Irem ICCD 3003 Super CD-ROM²
Dungeon Explorer II March 26, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3034 Super CD-ROM² Dungeon Explorer II
Tenshi no Uta II March 26, 1993 Telenet Japan TJCD3033 Super CD-ROM²
Top o Nerae! GunBuster Vol. 2 March 26, 1993 Riverhillsoft RHCD-3005 Super CD-ROM²
Faussete Armour March 26, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD2017 Super CD-ROM²
Moonlight Lady March 26, 1993 NEC Home Electronics HECD3003 Super CD-ROM²
Laplace no Ma March 30, 1993 Human Entertainment HMCD2005 Super CD-ROM²
CAL II March 31, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1034 Super CD-ROM²
PC Genjin 3 April 2, 1993 Hudson Soft HC93063 HuCard Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure
Fiend Hunter April 16, 1993 Right Stuff RSCD-3002 Super CD-ROM²
Winds of Thunder April 23, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3039 Super CD-ROM² Lords of Thunder
Jantei Monogatari 3: Saver Angels April 23, 1993 Atlus ATCD 3005 Super CD-ROM²
TV Sports Ice Hockey April 29, 1993 Victor Musical Industries JC63013 HuCard TV Sports Hockey
TV Sports Basketball April 29, 1993 Victor Musical Industries JC63014 HuCard TV Sports Basketball
J-League Greatest Eleven May 14, 1993 Nihon Bussan NB93008 HuCard
Quiz Caravan Cult Q May 28, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3047 Super CD-ROM²
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. II May 28, 1993 Victor Musical Industriess JCCD3012 CD-ROM² Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 2
A-Densha de Ikō III June 11, 1993 Artdink ADCD3001 Super CD-ROM²
Street Fighter II′ June 12, 1993 NEC Home Electronics HE93002 HuCard
Power Tennis June 25, 1993 Hudson Soft HC93062 HuCard
Rainbow Islands June 30, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1012 CD-ROM²
Tengai Makyō: Fū-un Kabuki Den July 10, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD 3046 Super CD-ROM²
1552: Tenka Tairan July 16, 1993 ASK Kodansha AKCD3001 Super CD-ROM²
Wizardry I & II July 23, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3020 Super CD-ROM²
Nexzr Special July 23, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3021 Super CD-ROM²
Black Hole Assault July 23, 1993 Micronet MNCD3001 Super CD-ROM²
Mystic Formula July 23, 1993 Micro Cabin MCCD 3004 Super CD-ROM²
CD Denjin July 30, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD 3049 Super CD-ROM² Super Air Zonk
Sotsugyō: Graduation July 30, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1036 Super CD-ROM²
Nemurenu Yoru Chiisaina Ohanashi July 30, 1993 NEC Home Electronics HECD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Psychic Detective Vol. 4: Orgel August 6, 1993 Data West DWCD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Championship Rally August 6, 1993 Intec IGCD3006 Super CD-ROM²
Langrisser: Hikari no Matsuei August 6, 1993 Masaya NSCD2017 Super CD-ROM²
Mahjong Clinic Special September 24, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3023 Super CD-ROM²
Metal Angel September 24, 1993 Pack-In-Video PVCD-3008 Super CD-ROM²
Aoki Ōkami to Shiroki Mejika: Genchō Hishi September 30, 1993 Koei KOCD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Digital Comic Patlabor: Chapter of Griffon September 30, 1993 Riverhillsoft RHCD-3006 Super CD-ROM²
Mahjong on the Beach September 30, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1037 Super CD-ROM²
Yū Yū Hakusho: Yami Shōbu!! Ankoku Bujutsu Kai September 30, 1993 Banpresto BACD3001 Super CD-ROM²
Sangokushi III October 2, 1993 Koei KOCD3003 Super CD-ROM²
Power League '93 October 15, 1993 Hudson Soft HC93064 HuCard
Sylphia October 22, 1993 Tonkin House THCD3001 Super CD-ROM²
Startling Odyssey October 22, 1993 Ray Force RFCD-3001 Super CD-ROM²
Akumajō Dracula X: Chi no Rondo October 29, 1993 Konami KMCD3005 Super CD-ROM² Castlevania: Rondo of Blood (Wii Virtual Console release)
Galaxy Deka Gayvan October 29, 1993 Intec IGCD 3005 Super CD-ROM²
Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra October 29, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3050 Super CD-ROM² Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
Magicoal October 29, 1993 NEC Home Electronics HECD 3002 Super CD-ROM²
Sword Master November 19, 1993 Right Stuff RSCD-3003 Super CD-ROM²
Ruin: Kami no Isan November 19, 1993 Victor Entertainment JCCD3013 Super CD-ROM²
Quiz de Gakuensai November 26, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3026 Super CD-ROM²
Taidaima Yūsha Boshūchū November 26, 1993 Human Entertainment HMCD2006 Super CD-ROM²
Faceball November 26, 1993 Riverhillsoft RHCD-3007 Super CD-ROM²
Kisō Louga December 3, 1993 Kogado Studio KSCD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Iga Ninden Gaiō December 10, 1993 Nihon Bussan NBCD3003 Super CD-ROM²
Aurora Quest: Otaku no Seiza in Another World December 10, 1993 Pack-In-Video PVCD-3010 Super CD-ROM²
Himitsu no Hanazono December 10, 1993 Tokuma Shoten Intermedia TICD-3001 Super CD-ROM²
Bomberman '94 December 10, 1993 Hudson Soft HC93065 HuCard
Nobunaga no Yabō: Zenkokuban December 11, 1993 Koei KOCD3005 Super CD-ROM²
Super Real Mahjong PIV December 17, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3027 Super CD-ROM²
Martial Champion December 17, 1993 Konami KMCD3006 Super CD-ROM²
Yami no Ketsuzoku December 17, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3024 Super CD-ROM²
Flash Hiders December 19, 1993 Right Stuff RSCD 3004 Super CD-ROM²
Ys IV: Dawn of Ys December 22, 1993 Hudson Soft HCD3051 Super CD-ROM²
Super Darius II December 23, 1993 NEC Avenue NAPR-1031 Super CD-ROM²
Sexy Idol Mahjong December 24, 1993 Nihon Bussan NBCD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari December 24, 1993 Naxat Soft NXCD3019 Super CD-ROM²
Shin Megami Tensei December 25, 1993 Atlus ATCD 3006 Super CD-ROM²
Bakuchō Yoshimoto Shinkigeki January 3, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4045 Super CD-ROM²
Sol Moonarge January 7, 1994 Irem ICCD3004 Super CD-ROM²
Formation Soccer on J-League January 15, 1994 Human Entertainment HM94007 HuCard
Emerald Dragon January 17, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD3005 Super CD-ROM²
Kakuto Haō Densetsu Algunos January 21, 1994 Intec IGCD-3007 Super CD-ROM²
Star Breaker February 10, 1994 Ray Force RFCD4002 Super CD-ROM²
Legend of Xanadu February 18, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4006 Super CD-ROM²
Mahjong Lemon Angel February 25, 1994 Naxat Soft NXCD3028 Super CD-ROM²
Auto Crusher Palladium February 25, 1994 Pack-In-Video PVCD3009 Super CD-ROM²
Gojira: Bakutō Retsuden February 26, 1994 Toho TCCD4001 Super CD-ROM² Godzilla
Power Golf 2 March 4, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4056 Super CD-ROM²
Wizardry III & IV March 4, 1994 Naxat Soft NXCD4029 Super CD-ROM²
The Atlas March 4, 1994 Artdink ADCD4002 Super CD-ROM²
Garō Densetsu 2 March 12, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4060 Arcade CD-ROM²
Princess Minerva March 25, 1994 Riverhillsoft RHCD-4008 Super CD-ROM²
Cal III March 25, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1039 Super CD-ROM²
Ryūkō no Ken March 26, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4061 Arcade CD-ROM²
Fray CD March 30, 1994 Micro Cabin MCCD4005 Super CD-ROM²
Monster Maker: Yami no Ryūkishi March 30, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1026 Super CD-ROM²
Pachio-kun 3: Pachislot & Pachinko April 15, 1994 Coconuts Japan CJCD-4004 Super CD-ROM²
Bakuden: Unbalanced Zone April 22, 1994 Sony Music Entertainment SRCD4001 Super CD-ROM²
Puyo Puyo CD April 22, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1038 Super CD-ROM²
Kaze Kiri April 28, 1994 Naxat Soft NXCD3025 Super CD-ROM²
Hatsukoi Monogatari April 28, 1994 Tokuma Shoten Intermedia TICD-4002 Super CD-ROM²
Chō Eiyū Densetsu Dynastic Hero May 20, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4032 Super CD-ROM² Dynastic Hero
Tokimeki Memorial May 27, 1994 Konami KMCD4007 Super CD-ROM²
World Heroes 2 June 4, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4063 Arcade CD-ROM²
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shōnen Densetsu: Totsunyūhen June 10, 1994 Telenet Japan TJCD4038 Super CD-ROM²
K.O. Seiki Beast Sanjūshi June 17, 1994 Pack-In-Video PVCD4011 Super CD-ROM²
The Pro Yakyū Super '94 June 17, 1994 Intec IGCD4008 Super CD-ROM²
Tenchi o Kurau June 17, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1030 Super CD-ROM²
Brandish June 17, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4007 Super CD-ROM²
Sazan Eyes: Sanjiyan Henjō July 8, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4010 Super CD-ROM²
Vasteel 2 July 8, 1994 Human Entertainment HMCD4007 Super CD-ROM²
Chiki Chiki Boys July 15, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1033 Super CD-ROM²
Eikan wa Kimi ni July 15, 1994 Artdink ADCD4003 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Knight III July 22, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1035 Super CD-ROM²
Ghost Sweeper Mikami July 29, 1994 Banpresto BACD4003 Super CD-ROM²
Neo Nectaris July 29, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4062 Super CD-ROM²
Super Real Mahjong P II/III Custom August 5, 1994 Naxat Soft NXCD4030 Super CD-ROM²
Seisenshi Denshō August 5, 1994 Nihon Bussan NBCD4005 Super CD-ROM²
Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon August 5, 1994 Banpresto BACD4002 Super CD-ROM²
Popful Mail August 12, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4011 Super CD-ROM²
Alshark August 26, 1994 Victor Entertainment JCCD4014 Super CD-ROM²
Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force September 15, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4009 Arcade CD-ROM²
Sexy Idol Mahjong: Mahjong Fashion Monogatari September 16, 1994 Nihon Bussan NBCD4006 Super CD-ROM²
Tanjō: Debut September 22, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1043 Super CD-ROM²
Advanced V.G. September 22, 1994 TGL GLCD4001 Super CD-ROM²
Strider Hiryū September 22, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1041 Arcade CD-ROM²
Yawara! 2 September 23, 1994 Sofix SXCD4002 Super CD-ROM²
Xak III: The Eternal Recurrence September 30, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4013 Super CD-ROM²
Megami Paradise September 30, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4008 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Half September 30, 1994 Micro Cabin MCCD4006 Super CD-ROM²
Basted October 21, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1042 Super CD-ROM²
Starlight Odyssey II October 21, 1994 Ray Force RFCD-4003 Super CD-ROM²
Blood Gear October 28, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4048 Super CD-ROM²
Sotsugyō Shashin: Miki October 28, 1994 Coconuts Japan CJCD-4005 Super CD-ROM²
Hyper Wars November 5, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4068 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Gokou Densetsu November 11, 1994 Bandai BNCD4001 Super CD-ROM²
Battle Field '94 in Tokyo Dome November 25, 1994 Fujicom FCCD4001 Arcade CD-ROM²
Quiz Avenue 3 November 25, 1994 NEC Avenue NAPR-1040 Super CD-ROM²
Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Collection November 25, 1994 Banpresto BACD4004 Super CD-ROM²
Götzendiener November 25, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4014 Super CD-ROM²
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shōnen Densetsu: Gekitōhen November 25, 1994 Telenet Japan TJCD4040 Super CD-ROM²
Dennō Tenshi: Digital Angel November 28, 1994 Tokuma Shoten Intermedia TICD-4003 Super CD-ROM²
Garō Densetsu Special December 2, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4067 Arcade CD-ROM²
Card Angels December 9, 1994 Fujicom FCCD4002 Super CD-ROM²
Records of Lodoss War II December 16, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4066 Super CD-ROM²
21 Emon: Mezase! Hotel Ō December 16, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HE93003 HuCard
Panic Bomber December 22, 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4069 Super CD-ROM²
Sotsugyō II December 23, 1994 Riverhillsoft RHCD-4009 Super CD-ROM²
Fang of Alnam December 23, 1994 Right Stuff RSCD4006 Super CD-ROM²
J. League Tremendous Soccer '94 December 23, 1994 NEC Home Electronics HECD4017 Super CD-ROM²
Travelers!: Densetsu o Buttobase December 29, 1994 Victor Entertainment JCCD4015 Super CD-ROM²
Princess Maker 1 January 3, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD4015 Super CD-ROM²
Metal Angel 2 January 20, 1995 Pack-In-Video PVCD-4012 Super CD-ROM²
Sexy Idol Mahjong 2: Yakyūken no Uta January 31, 1995 Nihon Bussan NBCD4007 Super CD-ROM²
Fire Pro Joshi: Shōmu Chōjo Taisen: Zenjo vs. JWP February 3, 1995 Human Entertainment HMCD4008 Arcade CD-ROM²
Ai Cho Aniki February 24, 1995 Masaya NSCD5018 Super CD-ROM²
Janshin Densetsu: Quest of Jongmaster February 24, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5016 Arcade CD-ROM²
Kabuki Ittō Ryōdan February 24, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5070 Arcade CD-ROM²
Ane-san February 24, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1045 Super CD-ROM²
Super Real Mahjong P.V Custom March 3, 1995 Naxat Soft NXCD5032 Super CD-ROM²
Solid Force March 17, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5018 Super CD-ROM²
Dragon Knight & Graffiti March 31, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1046 Super CD-ROM²
Formation Soccer '95 della Seria A April 7, 1995 Human Entertainment HMCD5009 Super CD-ROM²
Slot Gambler April 28, 1995 Nihon Bussan NBCD5008 Super CD-ROM²
Wrestle Angels: Double Impact May 19, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD4012 Super CD-ROM²
Tenchi Muyō! Ryōōki May 26, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1048 Super CD-ROM²
Louga II: The Ends of Shangrila May 26, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5021 Super CD-ROM²
Gulliver Boy May 26, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5076 Super CD-ROM²
Princess Maker 2 June 16, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5020 Super CD-ROM²
Nekketsu Legend Baseballer June 16, 1995 Pack-In-Video PVCD5013 Super CD-ROM²
Renny Blaster June 23, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1044 Super CD-ROM²
Galaxy Fräulein Yuna 2 June 30, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5075 Super CD-ROM²
Legend of Xanadu II June 30, 1995 Nihon Falcom NFCD5001 Super CD-ROM²
Space Invaders: The Original Game July 21, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1050 Super CD-ROM²
Asuka 120% Maxima July 28, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1049 Super CD-ROM²
Hyakumonogatari: Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi August 4, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5077 Super CD-ROM²
Private Eyedol August 11, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5019 Super CD-ROM²
Mahjong Sword August 11, 1995 Naxat Soft NXCD4031 Super CD-ROM²
Shin Onryō Senki September 22, 1995 Fujicom FCCD5003 Super CD-ROM²
The TV Show September 29, 1995 Right Stuff RSCD-4005 Super CD-ROM²
Linda³ October 13, 1995 NEC Home Electronics HECD5023 Super CD-ROM²
Shōgi Database Kiyū October 28, 1995 Seta STCD5001 Super CD-ROM²
Dōkyūsei November 23, 1995 NEC Avenue NAPR-1051 Super CD-ROM²
Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire November 24, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5080 Arcade CD-ROM²
Seiya Monogatari December 22, 1995 Hudson Soft HCD5071 Super CD-ROM²
Steam-Heart's March 22, 1996 TGL GLCD6002 Super CD-ROM²
Puyo Puyo CD Tsū March 29, 1996 NEC Interchannel NIPR-1001 Super CD-ROM²
Virgin Dream May 31, 1996 Tokuma Shoten Intermedia TICD-6004 Super CD-ROM²
Go! Go! Birdie Chance June 28, 1996 NEC Home Electronics HECD5022 Super CD-ROM²
DE.JA July 12, 1996 NEC Interchannel NIPR-1002 Super CD-ROM²
Bazar dé Gozarre no Game de Gozāru July 25, 1996 NEC Home Electronics HECD5025 Super CD-ROM²
Madō Monogatari I December 13, 1996 NEC Avenue NAPR-1047 Super CD-ROM²
Hataraku Shōjo: Tekipaki Working Love March 28, 1997 NEC Home Electronics HECD6026 Super CD-ROM²
Dead of the Brain 1 & 2 June 3, 1999 NEC Home Electronics HECD5024 Super CD-ROM²

Other software[edit]


Title Date Manufacturer Catalog No. Format
Darius Alpha 1990 NEC Avenue N/A HuCard (PC-SG)
Space Fantasy Zone 1990 NEC Avenue NAPR-1023 CD-ROM²
Tengai Makyō Ziria 1992 Hudson Soft HCD2037 Super CD-ROM²
Tengai Makyō: Deden no Den 1994 Hudson Soft HCD4064 Super CD-ROM²
Akiyama Jin no Sūgaku Mystery December 10, 1994 NHK NHCD-4001 Super CD-ROM²

Unlicensed and homebrew[edit]

Title Date Manufacturer Format
Atlantean 2014 Aetherbyte Card
AV Poker: World Gambler 1992 Hacker International Card
Body Conquest II ? Hacker International Card
Kyûkyoku Mah-jong: Idol Graphic 1992 Hacker International Card
Kyûkyoku Mah-jong II: Super Idol Graphic 1992 Hacker International Card
Lady Sword 1992 Hacker International Card
Quiz Tôkô Shashin 12/1992 Hacker International Card
PC Pachi-Slot: Idol Gambler 1992 Hacker International Card
Strip Fighter II 1992 Hacker International Card
AV Tanjo February 24, 1995 Hacker International Game Express CD
Bishojyo Jyanshi Idol Pai November 10, 1995 Hacker International Game Express CD
CD Bishojyo Pachinko 4 Sisters January 5, 1995 Hacker International Game Express CD
CD Hanafuda Bishojuo Gambler November 25, 1994 Hacker International Game Express CD
CD Mahjong Bishoujo Tyuushinha July 30, 1993 Hacker International Game Express CD
CD Pachisuro Bishojuo Gambler July 29, 1994 Hacker International Game Express CD
Crazy Hospital: Fushigi No Kuni No Tenshi March 10, 1995 Asia Soft Lab CD
Hi-Leg Fantasy September 16, 1994 Hacker International Game Express CD
J Thunder 1990 Unknown CD


  1. ^ The English localization was graphically modified, changing the races of the two main characters and replacing the player's fart attack with a spray can.
  2. ^ a b The PC Engine conversion of R-Type was split into two HuCards, with R-Type I containing the first four stages of the game, while R-Type II contains the final four. When the game was localized for the TurboGrafx-16 in North America, the two halves were combined into one full release.
  3. ^ The overseas version lacks the Doraemon license.
  4. ^ Stylized as Χ-SERD, spelled with the Greek letter Chi.
  5. ^ Bundled with the first print run of Urusei Yatsura: Stay With You.

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