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This is a list of the main characters depicted in the Paperinik's New Adventures (PKNA) comic book.

Main characters[edit]


Main article: Paperinik

First Appearance: PKNA #0.

The superhero, and main character of PKNA. He is often called PK for short, and is the secret identity of Donald Duck. Throughout the series he faces many enemies and dangerous events, travelling in time and space. He befriends Uno, the artificial intelligence that runs the Ducklair Tower, and Lyla Lay, a journalist of 00 Channel, who actually is a droid coming from the 23rd century. These two become main allies of Pk.
Donald already had a superhero identity known only as Paperinik, under which he fought the common criminals of Duckburg. The new threats he had to face, such as the Evronian aliens, prompted a total change in his lifestyle and fighting equipment, and he adopted "Pk" as his new nom de guerre, though the previous one also remains common in dialogue.


First Appearance: PKNA #0.

An A.I., created by Everett Ducklair. He resides in Ducklair Tower, in downtown Duckburg, on the 151st (secret) floor. He is "the tower itself", controlling all the floors, the underground levels and the sophisticated machinery that Everett built inside of it. He meets Paperinik for the first time when he is exploring the 151st floor, and becomes his first ally and, most importantly, his friend. When he wants to express appreciation for a human he always says something like "Not bad... for being a biological." His dream is to walk in the city he always explored through his innumerable sensors. "Uno" means "One" in Italian.

Lyla Lay[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #0.

A journalist for Duckburg-local Channel 00, working for the "00 News" evening newscast. Not only she is a journalist, but she actually isn't human: she's a Class 5Y droid from the 23rd century, sent by the Time Police to preserve history in the 20th century. She's the second person, after Uno, to discover the identity of Donald Duck under the mask of Pk, thanks to her advanced sensors. During the series, she's always aware of Uno's presence in Ducklair Tower, but only in PKNA #48 she sees his real aspect for the first time.

  • She was designed, along with droids of her same class, by famous engineer Leonard Vertighel.
  • She's tall and rather slim, being portrayed in a rather sexy way for a Disney comic, especially when drawn by Claudio Sciarrone.


Main article: Evroniani

The Evronians are aliens, travelling in space aboard a giant planet-turned-spaceship named Evron. The species originated with the first Evron emperor a long time ago, and is organized similar to that of bee-hives, with each Evroniano having a predetermined caste and role since birth.


First Appearance: PKNA #0/2.

He is a time-traveling master thief from the 23rd century. He works for the criminal cartel Organizzazione ("The Organization") and was initially one of the main villains. During the series he sometimes decides to help Pk, as seen in PKNA#2, preventing the destruction of Duckburg in the 20th century, but only to further his own interests. Later in the series we find out that his main motivation is to care about his son Trip and his future. In Italian his name means "Raider" or "Forayer".


First Appearance: PKNA #0/3.

A mutant female alien from planet Xerba. Before her mutation, she was one of the most brilliant young scientists on her planet, and her name was Xado. She believed in a peaceful pact between Xerba and the Evron Empire, but, while she was off-world, busy with completing her final and greatest experiment, the Evronian fleet attacked Xerba and had its entire population killed or enslaved as "coolflames". Witnessing the devastation of her planet, Dr. Xado was left with nothing but desire for revenge. Due to the apparent success of her experiment, she is now a thermonuclear being, requiring not food, but only the byproducts of an internal atomic process to survive, with a virtually inextinguishable power: a power she swore to use for fighting the Evronians until the destruction of their whole race. Her powers also threaten to become her doom, because overexerting herself in extreme anger could cause her to completely lose control and explode in a nuclear blast with the power of a small nova. Later in the series she will say "Power is its own contrary. Power is control and discernment.". Her name means "Creditor" in Xerbian language. Donald Duck once said to her that he always had to deal with creditors (this is an humorous reference to his "classical" Donald Duck persona, perennially marred by debts.)

Xadhoom met her end by lighting her body into a new star for her people. She is one of the very few characters to have spoken an uncensored expletive in Disney comics in recent years[citation needed].

Angus Fangus[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #0. Another Channel 00 journalist, working for the "00 News" evening newscast. He is a kiwi and comes from New Zealand. He meets Pk for the first time at a soap opera - Patemi - party, during a fight with Evroniani. He doesn't believe that aliens are trying to take over Earth; instead, he believes that Pk is a criminal, and that all mayhem happening in Duckburg and around the world in which the masked duck is somehow involved is his doing (in a humorous reference to J. Jonah Jameson). Pk becomes his first enemy and the objects of many of his false scoops, but later the two also become reluctant allies. His mother is Rangi Fangus, a strong woman, the leader of Māori Villages.

Everett Ducklair[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #0.

A billionaire and highly talented inventor, creator of Uno, Due, Ducklair Tower and many futuristic machines. When he realizes that he is somehow unwittingly producing more and more dangerous weapons, he leaves Duckburg for the monastery of Dhasam-Bul, to give rest to his soul and mind. When something dangerous, related to Due, happens in Duckburg, he comes back to help Paperinik and Uno.

Other characters[edit]

Camera 9[edit]

Camera is a cameraman working for Channel 00. Nobody has seen his real face, which is always covered by his camera. (Cameraman wears them on their heads). His true identity is Stefan Vladuck, a famous photo reporter, which was tired of his previous dangerous and lonely life. He is originary of Bulgaria.

Mike M. Morrighan[edit]

A journalist of 00news, Angus Fangus's rival.

Eugene Photomas[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA#22.

A famous lawyer, also noted for an extraordinary habit to forget the name of his clients. However, during debatement, he's unstoppable and never forgets laws and judicial cases.

Leonard Vertighel[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #22. Leonard Vertighel is an engineer, one of the most brilliant mind of his own time. He is one of the main professional partners of Odin Eidolon. He's so highly regarded that he can address a judicial court in public without showing any formal respect. Apparently he is one of the most successful 23rd century persons, but this appearance hides a deeply disturbed psyche.

Odin Eidolon[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #5.

Odin Eidolon is introduced in PKNA #5 as a mysterious éminence grise that helps Paperinik during this story arc taking place in the future, that is the 23rd century. As is revealed only to the reader at the end of PKNA #5 (throughout which misleading clues to the Norse god of the same name are given), Odin means "One" in Russian (as in the meaning of the Italian word uno) and that mysterious Odin Eidolon is, in fact, a robot that Uno has transferred his mind into. While not explained in PKNA #5 or anywhere else in the series, eidolon is Greek for "image", "likeness", "representation", "simulacrum".

Odin Eidolon is the 23rd century droid incarnation of Uno. In 2186, Uno's old creator, Everett Ducklair, returns to the Ducklair Tower to solve the problems experienced by Uno in making his own artificial body. Uno, in fact, is becoming very tired of his unsuccessful attempts to transfer his complex software into a robotic body. That body has the necessary hardware to contain his whole enormous software plus the possibility of expansion, but even with Everett's help, he can't transfer. A dramatic and emotional fight with his twin Due occurs, which happens both in the present and in the future. His evil twin gives up his plan to destroy Uno when Due realizes it would spell his own destruction in the future, and an erasing software manages to cancel Due. But before this happens, Uno saves the remaining parts of his twin and tries for one last time to transfer. This time the operation is successful, because now Uno understands how to be complete: Every human being is made up of equally good and evil parts, and so is Uno after he has combined himself with Due into a complete whole.

In an alternate time-line (as seen in issue 34), Uno is discovered by Grifone and brought to the Organizzazione, which converts him into the android Odin Eidolon. Odin reveals the existence of his twin, Due, which has also converted to an analogue android, Deugemo.


Trip is Razziatore's son.

Abraham L. Wisecube[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #6. Abraham Lincoln Wisecube is an afroamerican general, leading the Special Armament Section of Army. He resides in Dept. 51. Eventually in the series he becomes a candidate for U.S. Vice-President.

Clint E. Westcock[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #6. Clint E. Westcock is a colonel, vice-captain of the Special Armament Section of Army. Despite being a brutish and strict officer, he is also revealed to be a loving family man.

  • His name and his rough personality are clearly references to the characters played by actor Clint Eastwood.


PBI (Paperopoli Bureau of Investigation) is the secret service in fictional world of PKNA. It's inspired by U.S. FBI. Its head quartier is located in Quacktico, another reference to real life famous FBI training facility located in Quantico.

Mary Ann Flagstarr[edit]

Mary Ann Flagstarr is a PBI agent, working at Department of Environment, as security chief of Morgan Fairfax.

Ziggy Flagstarr[edit]

Ziggy is Mary Ann's younger brother and a former PBI agent. Currently he's working as delivery man at Channel 00.

Colonel Neopard[edit]

Colonel Neopard is an anthropomorphic leopard mercenary, travelling along universe and other dimensions, aboard of his ship, Dame Elentari, making war for his clients with his droids army.

Rangi Fangus[edit]

First Appearance: PKNA #7. Rangi Fangus is Angus Fangus's mother. She lives in New Zealand, and she's the leader of the local Māori village, in a desperate trial against Fenimore Cook, who wants to destroy her village and her people. She is a very authoritative woman, feared also by her son, who thinks is better to not oppose at her decisions.


First Appearance: PKNA #11 (and a cameo in PKNA Speciale '97). Urk is a warrior from a parallel dimension. He was transported on Earth by Razziatore, during one of his time travels.

At first believed an enemy, he becomes an ally of Paperinik, helping him in a dangerous space mission and eventually return to his own dimension. In his world, where he is one of his people bravest warrior, Cristoforo Colombo never discovers America and Urk's people are in war against by European people of Viking.


Oberon De Spair[edit]

  • First Appearance: PKNA #21.

A terrorist, working for Belgravia Republic.


  • First Appearance: PKNA #2.

Uno's twin A.I.. "Due" means "Two" in Italian. His aspect is red, due to the overload caused by the stress of his files. Like his twin, Due was created by Everett Ducklair and resides in Ducklair Tower. The purpose of his existence is to replace Uno if any malfunction happened. During his period of long inactivity his anger against Uno starts to grow, leading him to awake, trying to destroy his twin. He was defeated several times along the series but he always manages somehow to survive. Later in the series he eventually understands that Uno's destruction would lead to his own destruction. When he was finally defeated, Uno saves him from completely erasing, thus creating a new droid, union of Uno and a little part of Due, Odin Eidolon. In an alternate timeline (as seen in issue 34), Due is discovered by Organizzazione through informations led by Odin Eidolon. As for his twin, Due is converted by Organizzazione's technician to an android, named Deugemo. Then he and Odin defeat the Organizzazione's leaders and inherit the power.

Fenimore Cook[edit]

  • First Appearance: PKNA #7.

A New Zealand businessman. He acts in the shadow to cover criminal actions against Māori villages led by Rangi Fangus.


  • First Appearance: PKNA #5.

She's a droid from the 23rd century. She's one of the leader of the droid's conspiracy against mankind. She manages to destroy Time Zero, the base of Time Police, to erase the historical archives of mankind, thus easily modifying past History, creating a future where droids are treated as equals by humans.

Morgan Fairfax[edit]

  • First Appearance: PKNA #4.

A scientist working for the D.O.E. (Department of Environment), he tries to flood the West Coast in PKNA #4 "Terremoto" ("Earthquake") but is stopped from PK and Uno. He will later ally himself with De Spair and work for Belgravia.


  • First Appearance: PKNA #14.

The major time theft criminal society in the 23rd century. Razziatore and Kronin worked for it. It is led by three people, two men and one woman. Its name, "The Organization" in English, is ironically used to signify its uniqueness, since it is explained Organizzazione is such that it needs no proper name to distinguish itself. Its technology level is so advanced that its members can even travel in the future, a thing that Time Police can't do.


The Griffon is a time thief working for Organizzazione. He is actually the adult version of Trip (Razziatore's son), who was brainwashed by the Organizzazione.


A time thief, working for Organizzazione. He was the Organizzazione's top agent (the original "Raider"), until the number two (Razziatore) betrayed him.


  • First Appearance: PKNA #14.

A droid working for Organizzazione. He's huge, pretty stupid and wears an awful tie, which was incredibly useful in one of the adventure of Pk. his overall appearance is a parody of the Schwarzenegger character of The Terminator, complete with sun-glasses and red hair


  • First Appearance: PKNA #14.

A scientist working for Organizzazione.

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