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List of Pakistanis by net worth

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The following is a list of the richest Pakistanis, sorted by order of their declared or estimated net worth. It includes Pakistani people who are citizens of Pakistan as well as people of Pakistani descent.

Rank Name Net Worth (USD) Age Residence Sources of income and wealth Industries
1 Shahid Khan $4.6 billion[1] 64 Naples, FL Flex-N-Gate, Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham F.C. Auto Parts Manufactures & Sports Team Owner.
2 Mian Muhammad Mansha $2.6 billion[2][3] 64 Lahore Nishat Group, MCB, Adamjee Group, Nishat Chiniot power Textiles, Banking, Energy, Transport
3 Asif Ali Zardari $1.8 billion[4] 57 Nawabshah (hometown) Inheritance, Politics Agricultural income, Industry, Real Estate, Businesses in Middle East, United Kingdom and United States
4 Sir Anwar Pervez, O.B.E. $1.67 billion 77 London Bestway group, United Bank Limited Cement, Banking, Cash & Carry (Wholesale)
5 Nawaz Sharif $1.4 billion[5] 64 Lahore Ittefaq Group, Politics Steel Manufactures,Sugar Mills,Farming
6 Saddaruddin Hashwani $1.1 billion 71 Islamabad Marriott Hotels, Pearl Continental Hotel, Orient Petroleum Hotels & Resorts, Oil & Gas
7 Nasir Schon $1 billion 55 Karachi and Dubai Schon Group Schon Properties Real estate, Fertilizer
8 Abdul R Yaqoob $1 billion Karachi and Dubai ARY Group Media, Real estate, Retail
9 Malik Riaz Hussain $1.1 billion Rawalpindi Bahria Town Real estate
10 Tariq Saigol $0.85 billion Lahore Saigol Group Kohinoor Textile Mills, Pak Elektron Ltd, Saigol Motors, Sajeel Motors Energy, car production, Textiles
11 Dewan Mushtaq $0.80 billion Karachi Dewan Mushtaq Group, Dewan Salman Fibre, Dewan sugar mills, Dewan textile mills, Pakland Cement Automobiles, Textiles, Sugar, Polyester
12 Sultan Ali Lakhani $0.80 billion Karachi Lakson Group Media, Food, Insurance, Solar Energy
13 Rafiq Habib $0.90 billion Karachi House of Habib Habib Bank AG Zurich, Makro Pakistan Banking & Finance, Retail, Construction, Manufacture and Retail of Toyota Cars, Etc.
14 Sheikh Abid Hussain alias Seth Abid $0.78 billion Lahore Green Fort Real estate
15 Mian Muhammad Latif $0.70 billion Faisalabad ChenOne & Chenab Group Textiles & Fashion
16 Abdul Ghafoor $0.66 billion Faisalabad Sitara Chemicals & Yasir Spinning Textiles & Energy


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