List of Paleolithic sites in China

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The Stone Age

before Homo (Pliocene)


Lower Paleolithic
Early Stone Age
Control of fire
Stone tools
Middle Paleolithic
Middle Stone Age
Homo neanderthalensis
Homo sapiens
Recent African origin of modern humans
Upper Paleolithic
Late Stone Age
Behavioral modernity, Atlatl,
Origin of the domestic dog


Microliths, Bow, Canoe
Heavy Neolithic
Shepherd Neolithic
Trihedral Neolithic
Pre-Pottery Neolithic


Neolithic Revolution,
Pottery Neolithic

This is a list of Paleolithic sites in China that have been discovered by archaeologists. They are sorted in chronological order from the earliest founding to the latest:

The list[edit]

Dates (BC) English name Chinese name Modern-day location
2,000,000 B.P. Bose Basin Guangxi area of southern China
1,900,000 B.P. He County 和县 District of Anhui Province, People's Republic of China, under the jurisdiction of Ma'anshan
1,800,000 B.P. Xihoudu 西侯渡 Shanxi Province of China
1,700,000 B.P. Yuanmou County 元谋县 Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province, China.
1,360,000 B.P. Xiaochangliang 小長梁 Nihewan Basin in Yangyuan County, Hebei, China
470,000 B.P. — 700,000 B.P. Zhoukoudian 周口店 Beijing, China
13,800 B.P. — 21,000 B.P. Yuchanyan Cave Daoxian County, Hunan, China
17,000 B.P. — 18,000 B.P. Xianren Cave 仙人洞 Dayuan Village, Wannian County, Jiangxi province, China
7,000 B.P. — 8,000 B.P. Damaidi 大麥地 Small village located in Zhongwei County, a subdivision of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in Central China, set amid the Weining Mountains on the north bend of the Yellow River

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