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The ceremonial county of Bedfordshire (which includes the areas of the Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton unitary authorities) is divided into 6 Parliamentary constituencies - 3 Borough constituencies and 3 County constituencies.

2010 constituencies[edit]

  † Conservative   ‡ Labour

(part) means that part of a ward is in a constituency.

Name[nb 1] Electorate[1] Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Electoral wards[2][3] Map
Bedford BC 69,311 789   Mohammad Yasin   Richard Fuller Bedford Borough Council: Brickhill, Castle, Cauldwell, De Parys, Goldington, Harpur, Kempston East, Kempston North, Kempston South, Kingsbrook, Newnham, Putnoe, Queen’s Park.
A small constituency, located north of the centre of the county.
Luton North BC 67,329 14,364   Kelvin Hopkins   Caroline Kerswell† Luton Borough Council: Barnfield, Bramingham, Challney, Icknield, Leagrave, Lewsey, Limbury, Northwell, Saints, Sundon Park.
A small constituency south of the centre of the county.
Luton South BC 67,741 13,925   Gavin Shuker   Dean Russell† Luton Borough Council: Biscot, Crawley, Dallow, Farley, High Town, Round Green, South, Stopsley, Wigmore. Central Bedfordshire Council: Caddington, Hyde and Slip End.
A small constituency, located in the southwest of the county.
Mid Bedfordshire CC 78,501 20,983   Nadine Dorries   Rhiannon Meades‡ Bedford Borough Council: Turvey, Wilshamstead, Wootton. Central Bedfordshire Council: Ampthill, Aspley Guise, Clifton and Meppershall, Cranfield, Flitton, Greenfield and Pulloxhill, Flitwick East, Flitwick West, Harlington, Houghton, Haynes, Southill and Old Warden, Marston, Maulden and Clophill, Shefford, Campton and Gravenhurst, Shillington, Stondon and Henlow Camp, Streatley, Silsoe, Toddington, Westoning and Tingrith.
A large constituency, occupying the centre of the county.
North East Bedfordshire CC 83,551 20,862   Alistair Burt   Julian Vaughan ‡ Bedford Borough Council: Bromham, Carlton, Clapham, Eastcotts, Great Barford, Harrold, Oakley, Riseley, Roxton, Sharnbrook. Central Bedfordshire Council: Arlesey, Biggleswade Holme, Biggleswade Ivel, Biggleswade Stratton, Langford and Henlow Village, Northill and Blunham, Potton and Wensley, Sandy Ivel, Sandy Pinnacle, Stotfold.
A large constituency in the north of the county.
South West Bedfordshire CC 79,285 14,168   Andrew Selous   Daniel Scott‡ Central Bedfordshire Council: All Saints, Chiltern, Dunstable Central, Eaton Bray, Grovebury, Heath and Reach, Houghton Hall, Icknield, Kensworth and Totternhoe, Linslade, Manshead, Northfields, Parkside, Planets, Plantation, Southcott, Stanbridge, Tithe Farm, Watling.
A medium constituency in the southwest of the county.

Boundaries 1997-2010[edit]

The same constituency names were in use during this period, with slightly different boundaries.

Name Boundaries 1997 – 2010 Boundaries 2010 – present
  1. Bedford BC
  2. Luton North BC
  3. Luton South BC
  4. Mid Bedfordshire CC
  5. North East Bedfordshire CC
  6. South West Bedfordshire CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Bedfordshire 1997 - 2005
Parliamentary constituencies in Bedfordshire 2010 - present


2005 2010 2015
BedfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2005Results.svg BedfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2010Results.svg BedfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2010Results.svg

Total County Results[edit]

The total number of aggregate votes cast for each political party which fielded candidates in constituencies which comprise Bedfordshire in the 2015 general election was as follows:

Party Votes Votes % Seats
Conservative 140,960 47.16 4
Labour 88,294 29.54 2
UKIP 40,367 13.51 -
Liberal Democrats 16,697 5.59 -
Greens 10,726 3.59 -
Independents 1,413 0.47 -
Monster Raving Loony 294 -
Liberty GB 158 -
Total 298,909 6

Historical representation by party[edit]

Where a cell is marked --> (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) it indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1885 to 1918[edit]

  Conservative   Liberal   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 1886 1892 92 1895 1900 1906 Jan 1910 Dec 1910 11
Bedford Whitbread Pym Barlow Attenborough Kellaway
Biggleswade Magniac Baring Russell Compton Black
Luton Flower Whitbread Ashton Harmsworth

1918 to 1974[edit]

  Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Conservative   Labour   Liberal   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1918 1922 1923 1924 1929 31 1931 1935 1945 1950 1951 1955 1959 60 63 1964 1966 1970
Bedford Kellaway Wells Skeffington-Lodge Soames Parkyn Skeet
Bedfordshire Mid Townley Linfield Warner Gray Lennox-Boyd Hastings
Bedfordshire South Moeran Cole --> Roberts Madel
Luton Harmsworth Hewett Howard O'Connor Burgin --> Warbey Hill Howie Simeons

1974 to present[edit]

  Conservative   Labour

Constituency Feb 1974 Oct 1974 1979 1983 1987 1992 1997 2001 2005 2010 2015 2017
Bedford (1974-83, 1997-present) / North Bedfordshire (1983-97) Skeet Hall Fuller Yasin
Bedfordshire Mid Hastings Lyell Sayeed Dorries
North East Bedfordshire Lyell Burt
Bedfordshire South / South West Bedfordshire (1983) Madel Selous
Luton East / Luton South (1983) Clemitson Bright Moran Shuker
Luton West / Luton North (1983) Sedgemore Carlisle Hopkins


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.