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The county of Essex (which includes the unitary authorities of Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock) is divided into 18 Parliamentary constituencies (sub-classified into six of borough type and twelve of county status affecting the level of expenses permitted and status of returning officer). The county in common with Surrey saw the vast bulk of its population and seats removed on the creation of the County of London in 1887 combined with its wider replacement the county of Greater London in 1965. Reflecting the present definition of the rump county, all of Essex's seats were won by Conservative MPs at the United Kingdom General Election, 2017. Conservatives have won a majority of the Essex seats since the removal of large, heavily populated parts of the county into Greater London in 1965.


  Conservative†   Labour‡   Liberal Democrat¤

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Majority
Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Basildon and Billericay BC 69,149 13,400 29.8%   John Baron   Kayte Block‡
Braintree CC 75,316 18,422 35.2%   James Cleverly   Malcolm Fincken‡
Brentwood and Ongar CC 75,067 24,002 45.4%   Alex Burghart   Gareth Barrett‡
Castle Point BC 69,470 18,872 42.2%   Rebecca Harris   Joe Cooke‡
Chelmsford BC 81,032 13,572 23.9%   Vicky Ford   Chris Vince‡
Clacton CC 68,556 15,828 35.8%   Giles Watling   Natasha Osben‡
Colchester BC 79,996 5,677 10.6%   Will Quince   Tim Young‡
Epping Forest CC 74,737 18,243 36.0%   Eleanor Laing   Liam Preston‡
Harlow CC 67,669 7,031 15.6%   Robert Halfon   Phil Waite‡
Harwich and North Essex CC 71,294 14,356 28.1%   Bernard Jenkin   Rosalind Scott‡
Maldon CC 71,470 29,430 46.7%   John Whittingdale   Peter Edwards‡
Rayleigh and Wickford CC 78,556 23,450 42.4%   Mark Francois   Mark Daniels‡
Rochford and Southend East CC 73,501 5,548 11.7%   James Duddridge   Ashley Dalton‡
Saffron Walden CC 83,072 24,966 41.0%   Kemi Badenoch   Jane Berney‡
South Basildon and East Thurrock CC 73,537 11,490 24.4%   Stephen Metcalfe   Byron Taylor‡
Southend West BC 67,677 10,000 20.6%   David Amess   Julian Ware-Lane‡
Thurrock BC 78,154 345 0.7%   Jackie Doyle-Price   John Kent‡
Witham CC 69,137 18,646 37.9%   Priti Patel   Phil Barlow‡

Following the 2017 General Election, the Conservative Party made a net gain of one seat in Essex by gaining the seat of Clacton from UKIP. This also saw Thurrock become the most marginal seat in the county. 2017 was the first time since 1987 that Essex had returned a full slate of Conservative MPs.

Map of current constituencies[edit]

Constituency name Map
  1. Basildon and Billericay BC
  2. Braintree CC
  3. Brentwood and Ongar CC
  4. Castle Point BC
  5. Chelmsford BC
  6. Clacton CC
  7. Colchester BC
  8. Epping Forest CC
  9. Harlow CC
  10. Harwich and North Essex CC
  11. Maldon CC
  12. Rayleigh and Wickford CC
  13. Rochford and Southend East CC
  14. Saffron Walden CC
  15. South Basildon and East Thurrock CC
  16. Southend West BC
  17. Thurrock BC
  18. Witham CC
Proposed Revised constituencies in Essex

Changes proposed for 2022[edit]

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for England proposed the following constituencies for Essex at the Next UK general election.[1]

Historic changes[edit]


Changes of substance are tabularised in summary of results below since the division of the two-member seat of Essex. One change of name has occurred during the currency of a seat's borders, that is, other than on boundary reviews — Woodford (almost all of which seat is no longer in the county) was renamed in 1964 to become Wanstead and Woodford and at least three such changes since 1965, see tables in the summary of results section below.

Changes in county to Greater London


Historical representation by party[edit]

A cell marked → (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

Key: bulk or all of areas marked † form part of present-day Greater London.

1885 to 1918[edit]

  Conservative   Independent Labour   Independent Labour Party   Labour   Liberal   Liberal-Labour

Constituency 1885 1886 88 92 1892 93 94 95 1895 97 1900 01 1906 08 Jan 1910 Dec 1910 11 12 17
Chelmsford Beadel Usborne Rasch Pretyman
Colchester Trotter Greville Naylor-Leyland Pearson Worthington-Evans
Epping Selwin-Ibbetson Lockwood Colvin
Essex South East Makins Rasch Tufnell Whitehead Kirkwood Guinness
Harwich Round Lever Newton
Maldon Kitching Gray Dodd Strutt T. Bethell Flannery
Saffron Walden Gardner Gold Wodehouse Pease Proby Beck
Romford Westlake Theobald Wigram Sinclair J. Bethell
Walthamstow Buxton Makins Byrne Woods Morgan Simon
West Ham North Cook Fulton Grove Gray Masterman de Forest
West Ham South Leicester Banes Hardie Banes Thorne

1918 to 1945[edit]

  British Socialist (1919-20) / Communist (1920-22)   Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Coalition National Democratic & Labour   Common Wealth   Conservative   Constitutionalist   Independent   Labour   Liberal   National Liberal (1931-68)   National Socialist

Constituency 1918 18 19 20 21 1922 1923 1924 24 26 27 28 1929 31 1931 34 1935 37 40 42 45
Chelmsford Pretyman Robinson Curtis-Bennett Howard-Bury Henderson Macnamara Millington
Colchester Worthington-Evans Lewis
Epping Colvin Lyle Churchill
Essex South East Hilder Hoffman Looker Oldfield Raikes
Harwich Newton Hillary Rice Pybus Holmes
Maldon Flannery Ruggles-B Crittall Ruggles-Brise Driberg
Saffron Walden Beck Mitchell Butler
Southend R. Guinness G. Guinness H. Channon
Romford Martin Rhys Muggeridge Hutchison Parker
Walthamstow East Johnson Greenwood Wallace Beauchamp
Walthamstow West Jesson McEntee Crawfurd McEntee
Leyton East Malone Alexander Church Alexander Brockway Mills
Leyton West Wrightson Newbould Cassels Sorensen Sugden Sorensen
Silvertown Jones Hollins
Stratford Lyle Groves
East Ham North Bethell Crook Lawrence Crook Lawrence Mayhew
East Ham South Edwards Barnes Campbell-Jn Barnes
Ilford Griggs Wise Hamilton Hutchinson
Plaistow Thorne
Upton Wild Margesson Gardner Holt Gardner Chotzner Gardner

1945 to 1974[edit]

  Common Wealth   Conservative   Labour Independent Group (1949-50)   Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1945 46 49 1950 1951 54 1955 56 57 59 1959 61 1964 1966 67 68 69 1970
Leyton East Bechervaise
Silvertown Comyns
Stratford Nicholls
Chelmsford Millington Ashton St John-Stevas
Colchester Smith Alport Buck
East Ham North Daines Prentice
East Ham South Barnes Oram
Epping Manning Davies Finlay Newens Tebbit
Essex South East Gunter Braine
Harwich Holmes Ridsdale
Ilford North Ridealgh Hutchinson Iremonger
Leyton West / Leyton (1950)† Sorensen
Maldon Driberg Harrison
Romford Macpherson Lockwood Ledger Leonard
Saffron Walden Butler
Southend / Southend W (1950) H. Channon P. Channon
Walthamstow E Wallace Harvey Robinson McNair-Wilson
Walthamstow W McEntee Attlee Redhead Silvester Deakins
West Ham S Elwyn Jones
West Ham N Lewis
Woodford / Woodford & Wanstead (1964)† Churchill Jenkin
Ilford South Ranger Cooper Shaw Thorne
Barking Hastings Driberg
Dagenham Parker
Hornchurch Bing Lagden Lee Williams Squire
Thurrock Solley Delargy
Southend East McAdden
Billericay Braine Body Gardner Moonman McCrindle
Chigwell Biggs-Davison

1974 to present[edit]

  Conservative   Independent   Labour   Liberal Democrats   UKIP

Constituency Feb 74 Oct 74 76 77 1979 80 1983 1987 88 1992 1997 2001 2005 08 08 2010 14 2015 17 2017
Essex South East / Castle Point (1983) Braine Spink Butler Spink Harris
Colchester (1974-83, 1997-) / Colchester North (1983-97) Buck Jenkin Russell Quince
Epping Forest Biggs-Davison Norris Laing
Harlow Newens Hayes Rammell Halfon
Harwich / Clacton (2010) Ridsdale Sproat Henderson Carswell Watling
Maldon (74-83, 2010-) / S Colchester & M (83-97) / M & E Chelmsford (97) Wakeham Whittingdale
Southend East / Rochford & Southend East (1997) McAdden Taylor Duddridge
Saffron Walden Kirk Haselhurst Badenoch
Southend West Channon Amess
Thurrock Delargy McDonald Janman MacKinlay Doyle-Price
Chelmsford (1974-97, 2010-) / West Chelmsford (1997-2010) St John-Stevas Burns Ford
Billericay / Basildon & Billericay (2010) Proctor Gorman Baron
Basildon / South Basildon & East Thurrock (2010) Moonman Proctor Amess Smith Metcalfe
Braintree Newton Hurst Newmark Cleverly
Brentwood and Ongar McCrindle Pickles Burghart
Rochford / Rayleigh (1997) / Rayleigh & Wickford (2010) Clark Francois
North Essex / Harwich & North Essex (2010) Jenkin
Witham Patel

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  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


  1. ^ "Final Recommendations Volume 1" (PDF). Boundary Commission for England. Retrieved 22 September 2018.