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The ceremonial county of Lancashire, which includes the unitary authorities of Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool, is divided into sixteen Parliamentary constituencies - eight Borough constituencies and eight County constituencies.


  † Conservative   ‡ Labour

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Blackburn BC 70,664 20,368   Kate Hollern   Bob Eastwood†
Blackpool North and Cleveleys BC 63,967 2,023   Paul Maynard   Chris Webb‡
Blackpool South BC 58,450 2,523   Gordon Marsden   Peter Anthony†
Burnley BC 64,709 6,353   Julie Cooper   Paul White†
Chorley CC 76,404 7,512   Lindsay Hoyle   Caroline Moon†
Fylde CC 65,937 11,805   Mark Menzies   Jed Sullivan‡
Hyndburn BC 71,608 5,815   Graham Jones   Kevin Horkin
Lancaster and Fleetwood CC 67,154 6,661   Cat Smith   Eric Ollerenshaw
Morecambe and Lunesdale CC 66,818 1,399   David Morris   Vikki Singleton‡
Pendle BC 64,962 1,279   Andrew Stephenson   Wayne Blackburn‡
Preston BC 57,791 15,793   Mark Hendrick   Kevin Beaty†
Ribble Valley CC 77,968 13,199   Nigel Evans   David Hinder‡
Rossendale and Darwen BC 72,486 3,216   Jake Berry   Alyson Barnes‡
South Ribble CC 75,752 7,421   Seema Kennedy   Julie Gibson‡
West Lancashire CC 73,257 11,689   Rosie Cooper   Sam Currie†
Wyre and Preston North CC 72,319 12,246   Ben Wallace   Michael Heaton-Bentley‡

2010 Boundary changes[edit]

Before the United Kingdom general election, 2010, the Boundary Commission for England recommended that the county be divided into 16 constituencies, with a new constituency of Wyre and Preston North CC and boundaries altered and seats renamed to fit.

Name Boundaries before 2010
  1. Blackburn BC
  2. Blackpool North and Fleetwood BC
  3. Blackpool South BC
  4. Burnley BC
  5. Chorley CC
  6. Fylde CC
  7. Hyndburn BC
  8. Lancaster and Wyre CC
  9. Morecambe and Lunesdale CC
  10. Pendle BC
  11. Preston BC
  12. Ribble Valley CC
  13. Rossendale and Darwen BC
  14. South Ribble CC
  15. West Lancashire CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Lancashire
Name Boundaries since 2010
  1. Blackburn BC
  2. Blackpool North and Cleveleys BC
  3. Blackpool South BC
  4. Burnley BC
  5. Chorley CC
  6. Fylde CC
  7. Hyndburn BC
  8. Lancaster and Fleetwood CC
  9. Morecambe and Lunesdale CC
  10. Pendle BC
  11. Preston BC
  12. Ribble Valley CC
  13. Rossendale and Darwen BC
  14. South Ribble CC
  15. West Lancashire CC
  16. Wyre and Preston North CC
Proposed Revised constituencies in Lancashire


Proposed changes for 2022[edit]

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies the Boundary Commission for England proposed in 2016 the creation of the following constituencies for Lancashire:[1]

Historical representation by party[edit]

A cell marked → (with a different colour background to the preceding cell) indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party name.

1885 to 1918[edit]

Lancashire area[edit]

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal   Liberal-Labour   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 86 1886 86 87 89 90 92 1892 93 95 1895 98 00 1900 00 02 03 04 1906 Jan 10 Dec 10 13 15 17
Accrington Grafton Hodge Leese Baker
Barrow-in-Furness D. Duncan Caine J. Duncan Cayzer C. Duncan
Blackburn Peel Hornby Barclay Norman
Coddington Snowden
Blackpool Stanley Ridley Worsley-Taylor Ashley
Burnley Rylands Slagg Balfour Stanhope Mitchell Maddison Arbuthnot Morrell
Chorley Feilden Lindsay Hibbert
Clitheroe Kay-Shuttleworth Shackleton Smith
Darwen Gascoyne-Cecil Huntington J. Rutherford Hindle Rutherford
Lancaster Marton Williamson Foster Helme
N Lonsdale Ainslie Smith R. Cavendish Haddock
Ormskirk Forwood Stanley
Preston Hanbury Kerr Macpherson Stanley
Tomlinson Cox Tobin Broughton
Rossendale S. Cavendish Maden Mather Harcourt Maden

Manchester area[edit]

  Conservative   Independent Labour   Labour   Liberal   Liberal-Labour   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 86 1886 89 90 1892 1895 97 99 00 1900 01 02 04 05 1906 08 Jan 10 Dec 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 18
Ashton-under-Lyne Addison Whiteley Scott Aitken Stanley
Bolton Bridgeman Harwood Taylor Edge
Shepherd-Cross Gill Tootill
Bury James Kenyon Toulmin
Eccles Egerton Roby Leigh-Clare Pollard
Gorton Peacock Mather Hatch Hodge
Heywood Hoyle Snape Kemp Holden Cawley Illingworth
Ince Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell Woods Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell Walsh
Leigh Wright Scott Brunner Raffan
Manchester E Balfour Horridge Sutton
Manchester N Hutton Schwann
Manchester NE Fergusson Clynes
Manchester NW Houldsworth Churchill Joynson-Hicks Kemp Randles
Manchester S Roscoe Campbell Peel Haworth Glazebrook Stoker
Manchester SW Hamilton Bright Galloway Kelley Colefax Needham
Middleton Salis-Schwabe T. Fielden Hopwood T. Fielden Duckworth E. Fielden Adkins
Oldham Hibbert Lees Hibbert Ascroft Emmott Denniss
Maclean Cheetham Oswald Runciman Churchill Bright Barton
Prestwich Buckley Mowbray F. Cawley O. Cawley Hopkinson
Radcliffe cum Farnworth Leake Mellor Taylor
Rochdale Potter Royds Harvey
Salford North E. Hardcastle Holland Platt-Higgins Byles Tillett
Salford South Mather Howorth Groves Belloc Barlow
Salford West Armitage Knowles Agnew
Stretford Agnew Maclure Cripps Nuttall
Westhoughton F. Hardcastle Stanley Wilson
Wigan Powell Twist Neville

Merseyside area[edit]

  Conservative   Irish Nationalist   Labour   Liberal   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 1886 86 87 88 92 1892 93 1895 95 97 98 99 1900 02 03 05 1906 07 Jan 10 10 Dec 10 11 15 16 17
Bootle Sandys Bonar Law
Liverpool Abercromby Lawrence Seely Chaloner Stanley
Liverpool E Toxteth de Worms Warr Taylor Hall Rankin
Liverpool Everton Whitley Willox Harmood-Banner
Liverpool Exchange Baily Duncan Neville Bigham McArthur Cherry Muspratt Scott
Liverpool Kirkdale Baden-Powell MacIver McArthur Kyffin-Taylor Pennefather
Liverpool Scotland O'Connor
Liverpool Walton Gibson Mattinson Stock Smith
Liverpool W Derby Hamilton Cross Long Higginbottom W. Rutherford
Liverpool W Toxteth Royden Houston
Newton Cross Legh R. Pilkington Seddon Palmer
St Helens Seton-Karr Glover Swift
Southport G. Pilkington Curzon Naylor-Leyland G. Pilkington Marshall-Hall Astbury Dalrymple-White
Warrington Greenall Pierpont Crosfield Smith
Widnes Edwards-Moss Gilliat Walker

1918 to 1950[edit]

Lancashire area[edit]

  Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Conservative   Constitutionalist   Independent   Labour   Liberal   National Labour   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1918 20 21 1922 1923 24 1924 24 28 1929 29 31 1931 1935 36 38 39 40 41 42 43 1945 46
Accrington Gray Buxton Edwards Snowden Procter Scott-Elliot
Barrow-in-Furness Chadwick Somerville Bromley Walker-Smith Monslow
Blackburn Norman J. Duckworth Gill Elliston Edwards
Dean Henn Hamilton Smiles Castle
Blackpool / Bl S (1945) Parkinson Molloy Meyler de Frece Erskine-Bolst Robinson
Burnley Irving A. Henderson Campbell Burke
Chorley Hacking Kenyon
Clitheroe Davies Brass Randall
Darwen Rutherford Sanderson Hindle Sanderson Samuel Russell Prescott
Fylde Ashley Stanley Lancaster
Lancaster Hunter Singleton O'Neill Strickland Tomlinson Ramsbotham Maclean
Lonsdale Lowther Kennedy Maden Lindsay Fraser
Nelson and Colne A. Smith Graham Greenwood Thorp Silverman
Ormskirk Bell Blundell Rosbotham King-Hall Wilson
Preston Stanley Hodge Kennedy Jowitt Moreing Churchill Sunderland Shackleton
Shaw Kirkpatrick Cobb Segal
Rossendale Waddington Halstead Waddington Law Cross Walker
Blackpool North Low

Manchester area[edit]

  Coalition Labour   Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Conservative   Constitutionalist   Independent   Labour   Labour Independent Group   Liberal   National Government   National Liberal (1931-68)

Constituency 1918 19 20 21 22 1922 1923 1924 24 25 28 1929 31 1931 33 1935 37 38 39 40 42 44 1945 45 46 48 49
Ashton-under-Lyne Stanley de Frece Homan Bellamy Broadbent Simpson Jowitt Rhodes
Bolton Tootill Russell Cunliffe Brothers Haslam Cadogan J. Jones
Edge Law Hilton Law Entwistle Lewis
Bury Ainsworth Chorlton Fletcher
Eccles Stevens Buckle Bethel Mort Potter Cary Proctor
Farnworth Bagley Greenall Rowson Stones Rowson Tomlinson
Heywood and Radcliffe Illingworth Halls England Jackson Porritt Wootton-Davies Whittaker Greenwood
Ince Walsh Macdonald Brown
Leigh Raffan Twist Tinker Boardman
Manchester Ardwick Hailwood Lowth J. Henderson Fuller J. Henderson
Manchester Blackley Briggs Oliver Briggs Oliver Lees-Jones Diamond
Manchester Clayton Hopkinson Sutton Flanagan Sutton Flanagan Jagger Thorneycroft
Manchester Exchange Randles Stockton Barclay Fielden Eckersley Hewlett Lever
Manchester Gorton Hodge Compton Bailey Compton Benn Oldfield
Manchester Hulme Nall McElwee Nall Lee
Manchester Moss Side Hurst Ackroyd Hurst W. Duckworth Griffiths
Manchester Platting Clynes Chorlton Clynes Delargy
Manchester Rusholme Stoker Thorpe Masterman Merriman Radford Cundiff Hutchinson
Manchester Withington Carter Watts Simon Watts Simon Fleming
Middleton & Prestwich Adkins Stewart-Sandeman Gates
Mossley Hopkinson Gibson Hopkinson Woods
Oldham Barton Grigg Wiggins Lang Crossley Dodd Fairhurst
Denniss Tout Cooper Wilson Kerr Hale
Rochdale Law Burgess Muir Kelly Jesson Kelly Morgan
Royton Sugden Gorman Davies Sutcliffe
Salford North Tillett Finburgh Tillett Morris McAdam
Salford South Barlow Toole Radford Toole Stourton Hardy
Salford West Astbury Haycock Astbury Haycock Astbury Emery Royle
Stretford T. Robinson Renwick Crossley Etherton Austin
Westhoughton Wilson Davies
Wigan Parkinson Foster Williams

Merseyside area[edit]

  Conservative   Irish Nationalist   Labour   Liberal   National Labour

Constituency 1918 19 1922 23 1923 24 1924 29 1929 29 31 1931 33 35 1935 1945 47
Bootle Royden Burnie V. Henderson Kinley Crookshank Errington Kinley
Liverpool E Toxteth Rankin Jacob Mond Buchan-Hepburn
Liverpool Edge Hill W. Rutherford Hayes H. Rutherford Critchley Clitherow Irvine
Liverpool Everton Harmood-Banner Woodcock Caine Hornby Kirby
Liverpool Exchange Scott Reynolds Shute Braddock
Liverpool Fairfield Cohen Brocklebank Moody
Liverpool Kirkdale Pennefather Sandham Rankin Keenan
Liverpool Scotland O'Connor Logan
Liverpool Walton Chilcott Purbrick Haworth
Liverpool Wavertree Raw H. Smith Rathbone Tinne Nall-Cain Cleary Shaw Raikes
Liverpool West Derby F. Smith Hall C. Jones Allen Fyfe
Liverpool West Toxteth Houston Gibbins Wilson Gibbins
Newton Young Essenhigh Young
St Helens Sexton Spencer W. Robinson Shawcross
Southport Dalrymple-White Brunner Dalrymple-White Hudson
Warrington H. Smith Cunningham-Reid Dukes Cunningham-Reid Dukes Goldie Porter
Waterloo Buckley Bullock
Widnes Walker A. Henderson Clayton Cameron R. Robinson Pilkington Shawcross

1950 to 1983[edit]

Lancashire area[edit]

  Conservative   Labour

Constituency 1950 51 1951 53 1955 58 1959 62 1964 1966 68 1970 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 79 1979
Accrington Hynd Davidson
Barrow-in-Furness Monslow Booth
Blackburn East / Blackburn (1955) Castle Straw
Burnley Burke Jones
Preston South Shackleton Green Mahon Green Thorne
Ormskirk Cross Salter Glover Soref Kilroy-Silk
Chorley Kenyon Monks Rodgers Dover
Preston North Amery R. H. Atkins Holt R. H. Atkins R. J. Atkins
Rossendale Greenwood Bray Noble Trippier
Nelson and Colne Silverman Waddington Hoyle Lee
Lancaster Maclean Berkeley Henig Kellett-Bowman
Morecambe and Lonsdale Fraser de Ferranti Hall-Davis Lennox-Boyd
Blackpool North Low Miscampbell
Blackpool South Robinson Blaker
Clitheroe Fort Pearson Walder Waddington
Darwen Prescott Fletcher-Cooke
Fylde North Stanley Clegg
Fylde South Lancaster Gardner
Blackburn West Assheton

Manchester area[edit]

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal   Social Democratic

Constituency 1950 51 1951 52 1955 58 1959 60 61 63 1964 1966 67 68 1970 72 73 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 78 1979 79 81
Manchester Clayton Thorneycroft
Manchester Exchange Griffiths Hatton
Droylsden / Manchester Openshaw (1955) Woods W. Williams Morris
Ashton-under-Lyne Rhodes Sheldon
Eccles Proctor Carter-Jones
Farnworth Tomlinson Thornton Roper
Ince Brown McGuire
Leigh Boardman Cunliffe
Manchester Ardwick L. Lever Kaufman
Manchester Cheetham / Manc Central (74) H. Lever Litherland
Manchester Gorton Oldfield Zilliacus Marks
Salford East Hardy Allaun
Salford West Royle Orme
Westhoughton Davies Price Stott
Wigan R. Williams Fitch
Oldham West L. Hale Campbell Meacher
Rochdale J. Hale Schofield McCann C. Smith
Oldham East Fairhurst Horobin Mapp Lamond
Manchester Blackley Diamond Johnson Rose Eastham
Heywood and Royton Sutcliffe Leavey Barnett
Manchester Wythenshawe Hill Morris
Bolton East Booth Bell E. Taylor Howarth Reed Young
Middleton and Prestwich Gates Barlow Coe Haselhurst Callaghan
Manchester Moss Side Horsbrugh Watts F. Taylor Hatton Morton
Bolton West Lewis Holt Oakes Redmond Taylor
Bury and Radcliffe Fletcher Bidgood Ensor Fidler White
Stretford Storey Davies Churchill
Manchester Withington Cundiff Cary Silvester
Constituency 1950 51 1951 52 1955 58 1959 60 61 63 1964 1966 67 68 1970 72 73 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 78 1979 79 81

Merseyside area[edit]

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal   Social Democratic

Constituency 1950 1951 52 53 54 1955 57 58 1959 61 64 1964 1966 1970 71 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 79 1979 81
Liverpool Exchange Braddock Parry
Bootle Kinley Mahon Roberts
Huyton Wilson
Liverpool Edge Hill Irvine Alton
Liv Scotland / L Sc Exchange (74) Logan Alldritt Marsden Parry
Newton Lee Evans
St Helens Shawcross Spriggs
Warrington Morgan Summerskill T. Williams Hoyle
Widnes MacColl Oakes
Liverpool Kirkdale Keenan Pannell Dunn
Liverpool Toxteth Bevins Crawshaw
Liverpool Walton Thompson Heffer
Liverpool West Derby Fyfe Woollam Ogden
Liverpool Garston Raikes Bingham Fortescue Loyden Thornton
Crosby Bullock Page S. Williams
Liverpool Wavertree Tilney Steen
Southport Hudson Fleetwood-Hesketh Percival

1983 to present[edit]

  Conservative   Independent   Labour   Liberal Democrats

Constituency 1983 1987 91 1992 1997 00 2001 2005 2010 13 14 15 2015 2017
Blackburn Straw Hollern
Burnley Pike Ussher Birtwistle Cooper
Preston Thorne Wise Hendrick
Hyndburn Hargreaves Pope Jones
Blackpool South Blaker Hawkins Marsden
Chorley Dover Hoyle
West Lancashire Hind Pickthall Cooper
Pendle Lee Prentice Stephenson
Rossendale and Darwen Trippier Anderson Berry
Blackpool North / & Fleetwood (1997) / & Cleveleys (2010) Miscampbell Elletson Humble Maynard
Morecambe and Lunesdale Lennox-Boyd Smith Morris
South Ribble Atkins Borrow Fullbrook Kennedy
Lancaster / & Wyre (1997) / Lancaster and Fleetwood (2010) Kellett-Bowman Dawson Wallace Ollerenshaw Smith
Fylde Gardner Jack Menzies
Ribble Valley Waddington Carr Evans
Wyre / Wyre and Preston North (2010) Clegg Mans Wallace

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  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


  1. ^ Revised Proposals North West[dead link] Boundary Commission for England