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The county of Oxfordshire is divided into 6 Parliamentary constituencies — 1 Borough constituency and 5 County constituencies.


  † Conservative   ‡ Labour   ¤ Liberal Democrat

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Electoral wards[1][2] Map
Banbury CC 88,420[3] 12,399   Victoria Prentis   Sean Woodcock‡ Cherwell District Council: Adderbury, Ambrosden and Chesterton, Banbury Calthorpe, Banbury Easington, Banbury Grimsbury and Castle, Banbury Hardwick, Banbury Neithrop, Banbury Ruscote, Bicester East, Bicester North, Bicester South, Bicester Town, Bicester West, Bloxham and Bodicote, Caversfield, Cropredy, Deddington, Fringford, Hook Norton, Launton, Sibford, The Astons and Heyfords, Wroxton.
Henley CC 77,946 22,294   John Howell   Oliver Kavanagh‡ Cherwell District Council: Kirtlington, Otmoor. South Oxfordshire District Council: Aston Rowant, Benson, Berinsfield, Chalgrove, Chiltern Woods, Chinnor, Crowmarsh, Forest Hill and Holton, Garsington, Goring, Great Milton, Henley North, Henley South, Sandford, Shiplake, Sonning Common, Thame North, Thame South, Watlington, Wheatley, Woodcote.
Oxford East BC 78,978 23,284   Anneliese Dodds   Suzanne Bartington† Oxford City Council: Barton and Sandhills, Blackbird Leys, Carfax, Churchill, Cowley, Cowley Marsh, Headington, Headington Hill and Northway, Hinksey Park, Holywell, Iffley Fields, Littlemore, Lye Valley, Marston, Northfield Brook, Quarry and Risinghurst, Rose Hill and Iffley, St Clement’s, St Mary’s.
Oxford West and Abingdon CC 76,174 816 Layla Moran¤   Nicola Blackwood Cherwell District Council: Kidlington North, Kidlington South, Yarnton, Gosford and Water Eaton. Oxford City Council: Jericho and Osney, North, St Margaret’s, Summertown, Wolvercote. Vale of White Horse District Council: Abingdon Abbey and Barton, Abingdon Caldecott, Abingdon Dunmore, Abingdon Fitzharris, Abingdon Northcourt, Abingdon Ock Meadow, Abingdon Peachcroft, Appleton and Cumnor, Kennington and South Hinksey, North Hinksey and Wytham, Radley, Sunningwell and Wootton.
Wantage CC 82,951 17,380   Ed Vaizey   Rachel Eden‡ South Oxfordshire District Council: Brightwell, Cholsey and Wallingford South, Didcot All Saints, Didcot Ladygrove, Didcot Northbourne, Didcot Park, Hagbourne, Wallingford North. Vale of White Horse District Council: Blewbury and Upton, Craven, Drayton, Faringdon and The Coxwells, Greendown, Grove, Hanneys, Harwell, Hendreds, Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor, Longworth, Marcham and Shippon, Shrivenham, Stanford, Sutton Courtenay and Appleford, Wantage Charlton, Wantage Segsbury.
Witney CC 79,767 21,241   Robert Courts   Laetisia Carter‡ West Oxfordshire District Council: Alvescot and Filkins, Ascott and Shipton, Bampton and Clanfield, Brize Norton and Shilton, Burford, Carterton North East, Carterton North West, Carterton South, Chadlington and Churchill, Charlbury and Finstock, Chipping Norton, Ducklington, Eynsham and Cassington, Freeland and Hanborough, Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield, Kingham, Rollright and Enstone, Milton-under-Wychwood, North Leigh, Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt, Stonesfield and Tackley, The Bartons, Witney Central, Witney East, Witney North, Witney South, Witney West, Woodstock and Bladon.

Boundary Commission proposals[edit]

The Boundary Commission for England retained Oxfordshire's 6 constituencies, with changes to realign constituency boundaries with the boundaries of current local government wards, and to reduce the electoral disparity between constituencies. These changes were implemented at the United Kingdom general election, 2010.

Name Pre-2010 Boundaires Post-2010 Boundaries
  1. Banbury CC
  2. Henley CC
  3. Oxford East BC
  4. Oxford West and Abingdon CC
  5. Wantage CC
  6. Witney CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Oxfordshire
Proposed Revision


2005 2010 2015 2017
OxfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2005Results2.png OxfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2010Results2.png OxfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2010Results2.png OxfordshireParliamentaryConstituency2017Results.png

Historic list of constituencies in Oxfordshire[edit]

Unless otherwise stated, constituencies returned only one member.

Until 1885[edit]

Note that residents of the Boroughs were allowed to vote for the County MPs, in addition to their Borough MPs, with the exception of Abingdon, which was at this time part of Berkshire.

Used from 1885 to 1918[edit]

In 1885, Abingdon, Banbury and Woodstock expanded from Borough to County Constituencies. Oxfordshire was split between Banbury, Woodstock and the newly created Henley. Wallingford, a rotten borough, was folded into Abingdon and Henley.

Used from 1918 to 1974[edit]

In 1918, Woodstock was absorbed into Banbury and Henley.

Used from 1974 to 1983[edit]

In 1974, Mid Oxfordshire was split off from Banbury and Henley, and Abingdon became part of Oxfordshire.

In 1983, Mid Oxfordshire became Witney, and Oxford and Abingdon were rearranged into Oxford East, and Oxford West and Abingdon.

Historical representation by party[edit]

1885 to 1918[edit]

  Conservative   Liberal   Liberal Unionist

Constituency 1885 1886 91 1892 95 1895 1900 1906 Jan 1910 Dec 1910 17 18
Banbury Samuelson A. Brassey Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes R. Brassey Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes Rhys-Williams
Henley Harcourt Parker Hodge P. Morrell Fleming Hermon-Hodge
Oxford Hall Chesney Annesley Marriott
Woodstock Maclean --> G. Morrell Benson G. Morrell Bennett Hamersley

1918 to 1983[edit]

  Coalition Liberal (1918-22) / National Liberal (1922-23)   Conservative   Labour   Liberal

Constituency 1918 1922 1923 24 1924 1929 1931 32 1935 38 1945 1950 50 1951 1955 1959 1964 1966 1970 Feb 1974 Oct 1974 1979
Banbury Rhys-Williams Edmondson Dodds-Parker Marten
Henley Terrell Henderson Fox Hay Heseltine
Oxford Marriott Gray Bourne Hogg Turner Woodhouse Luard Woodhouse Luard Patten
Oxfordshire Mid Hurd

Since 1983[edit]

  Conservative   Labour   Liberal Democrats

Constituency 1983 1987 1992 1997 99 2001 05 2005 08 2010 2015 16 2017
Banbury Baldry Prentis
Henley Heseltine Johnson Howell
Oxford East Norris Smith Dodds
Oxford West and Abingdon Patten Harris Blackwood Moran
Wantage Jackson Vaizey
Witney Hurd Woodward Cameron Courts

Graphical representation[edit]

6.2% 21.1% 12.8% 49.0% 10.1%
Green Labour Lib Dems Conservative UKIP

Graphical representation[edit]

2.1% 29.3% 18.1% 48.3% 1.3%
Green Labour Lib Dems Conservative UKIP


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.


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