List of Passiflora species

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This is a list of species in the botanical genus Passiflora. There are in excess of 550 species mostly occurring in the Neotropics, but with a few species in the Nearctic and some others in Asia and Australasia. The list is incomplete.

Winged-stem passion flower (Passiflora alata)
Two flowered passion flower (Passiflora biflora)
Lemon-yellow passion flower, Passiflora citrina
Passionfruit (Passiflora edulis)
Wild water lemon Passiflora foetida
Water lemon (Passiflora laurifolia)
Sweet granadilla (Passiflora ligularis)


Horticultural hybrids[edit]


† - principal culinary species fide Ulmer and MacDougall[1]
‡ - other species with edible fruits fide Ulmer and MacDougall[1]
¶ - Old World species fide Krosnick[2]

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