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Paul McCartney discography
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McCartney in Live 8
Studio albums22
Live albums8
Compilation albums3
Video albums12
Music videos55
Soundtrack albums1
Classical albums4
Other albums7

This article presents all the contributions and appearances of Paul McCartney as a solo artist and as a member of Wings.


Duets and collaborations[edit]

As producer, composer, or session musician[edit]

  • Rusty Anderson
    • Undressing Underwater (2005)
      • Paul McCartney contributes bass, backing vocals, and additional electric guitar to "Hurt Myself".
  • Badfinger
    • Magic Christian Music (1969)
      • Contains "Come and Get It", which was written and produced by Paul McCartney. Also, McCartney produced and played piano on "Rock of All Ages," and produced "Carry On Til Tomorrow."
  • The Beach Boys
  • Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
  • Elvis Costello
    • Spike (1989)
      • Contains "Veronica" and "Pads, Paws, and Claws", which were co-written by Paul McCartney. McCartney also played the bass on "Veronica" and "...This Town..."
  • Donovan
    • Mellow Yellow (1967)
      • McCartney played bass guitar (uncredited) on portions of the album.[2]
      • McCartney can also be audibly heard cheering and whooping on Donovan's hit single "Mellow Yellow".
    • Barabajagal (1969)
      • Contains the song, "Atlantis" which is widely believed to feature the background vocals of Paul McCartney (and on which, according to Harry Castleman and Walter Podrazik's book, All Together Now, McCartney not only provided the background vocals but also played the tambourine). McCartney is not listed in the album's credits. Furthermore, the various works of Mark Lewisohn (such as The Complete Beatles Chronicles and The Beatles Day by Day) fail to mention McCartney's participation on this song. In fact, according to the album's liner notes, the song was recorded in Los Angeles in November 1968, a month that, according to Lewisohn, McCartney spent mostly at his farm in Scotland.
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • George Harrison
  • Laurence Juber
    • Straight Time (1982)
      • The song "Maisie" is performed by Wings, with Paul McCartney on bass, Juber on guitar, Steve Holley on drums and Denny Laine on harmonica.
  • Denny Laine
    • Holly Days (1977)
      • Produced by Paul McCartney, who also played most of the backing instruments and sang backing vocals on the album.
    • Japanese Tears (1980)
      • Three songs on the album, "Send Me The Heart", "I Would Only Smile", and "Weep For Love", were performed by Wings, with Paul McCartney on bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion and vocals, and McCartney also co-wrote "Send Me the Heart."
  • Linda McCartney
    • Wide Prairie (1998)
      • An album by McCartney's wife, Linda, which was produced and partially composed by Paul McCartney. McCartney also played many of the instruments on the album, and some of the tracks featured Wings, including two that were originally attributed to Suzy and the Red Stripes.
  • Mike McGear
    • McGear (1974)
      • An album by Paul McCartney's brother Michael, who sang lead vocals with Wings as his backing band. McCartney produced the album, composed or co-composed most of the tracks, sang harmony vocal on "The Man Who Found God on the Moon", and played bass, guitar and keyboards (although uncredited as a musician).
  • Steve Miller Band
    • Brave New World (1970)
      • Paul McCartney (credited as Paul Ramon) played bass, drums, and provides backing vocals to "My Dark Hour".
  • The Scaffold
    • Sold Out (1975)
      • Paul McCartney produced and Wings was the backing band on "Liverpool Lou" (with McCartney on bass); McCartney also produced and co-wrote the non-album B-side "Ten Years After on Strawberry Jam", performed by an uncredited Wings, with McCartney on bass and keyboards.
  • Carly Simon
    • No Secrets (1972)
      • Paul McCartney provided back-up vocals on "Night Owl".
  • Super Furry Animals
  • Ringo Starr
    • Sentimental Journey (1970)
      • Paul McCartney arranged "Stardust".
    • Ringo (1973)
      • Paul McCartney wrote, arranged, played piano and synthesizer, and provided backing vocals on "Six O'Clock" and played kazoo (credited as "mouth sax") on "You're Sixteen".
    • Ringo's Rotogravure (1976)
      • Paul McCartney wrote and provided backing vocals to "Pure Gold".
    • Stop and Smell the Roses (1981)
      • Paul McCartney wrote, played bass and piano, and lent backing vocals to "Private Property" and "Attention".
    • Vertical Man (1998)
      • Paul McCartney played bass, lent backing vocals to "La De Da," "I Was Walking" and "What in the World" and appeared in the music video of "La De Da".
    • Y Not (2010)
      • Paul McCartney played bass on "Peace Dream" and, listening to Starr's already finished tracks for the album, spontaneously improvised and recorded harmony vocals for "Walk With You" which were then included to the final version of the song
  • James Taylor
  • Yusuf Islam
    • Roadsinger (2009)
      • Paul McCartney sings backup on the song "Boots and Sand," written by Yusuf Islam in response to being denied entry into the United States in 2004 for suspected connections to Hamas, which turned out to be completely false. They are joined on the track by Dolly Parton.

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