List of Pennsylvania state historical markers in Greene County

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Location of Greene County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in Greene County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Greene County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 11 historical markers located in Greene County.[1]

Historical markers[edit]

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Fort Jackson TransparentPlaceholder.png February 23, 1955 East High Street at Woodland Avenue, Waynesburg (MISSING)
Roadside American Revolution, Forts, Military
Fort Swan TransparentPlaceholder.png n/a PA 88, south of Dry Tavern (MISSING)
Roadside Forts, Military
Garard's Fort May 23, 1958 Garard's Fort Road (SR 2011), Garard's Fort
39°48′45″N 80°00′48″W / 39.812467°N 80.013353°W / 39.812467; -80.013353 (Garard's Fort)
Roadside American Revolution, Forts, Military, Native American
Greene Academy GREENE ACADEMY.jpg May 22, 1953 North Eighty-Eight Road (PA 88) & West Greene Street, Carmichaels
39°53′50″N 79°58′37″W / 39.897333°N 79.977067°W / 39.897333; -79.977067 (Greene Academy)
City Education
Greene County Greene County Courthouse, Waynesburg.jpg May 3, 1982 County Courthouse, High Street, Waynesburg
39°53′47″N 80°11′12″W / 39.89635°N 80.18678°W / 39.89635; -80.18678 (Greene County)
City Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century
Monongahela College Monongahela College site with historical marker.jpg May 8, 1960 Jefferson Road (PA 188) & Pine Street, Jefferson
39°55′50″N 80°03′35″W / 39.930433°N 80.059733°W / 39.930433; -80.059733 (Monongahela College)
Roadside Education, Religion
Old Glassworks Glass factory site at Glassworks.jpg March 28, 1955 SR 2014, Greensboro
39°48′06″N 79°54′51″W / 39.801804°N 79.914111°W / 39.801804; -79.914111 (Old Glassworks)
Roadside Business & Industry, Glass
Rev. John Corbley November 15, 1994 Garard's Fort Road (SR 2011) & John Corbley Road, Garards Fort
39°48′50″N 80°01′20″W / 39.814017°N 80.022250°W / 39.814017; -80.022250 (Rev. John Corbley)
Roadside Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century, Military, Religion, Whiskey Rebellion
Ryerson's Blockhouse TransparentPlaceholder.png October 17, 1960 Wind Ridge Playground, Roy Furman Highway (PA 21), Wind Ridge
39°54′47″N 80°26′06″W / 39.912983°N 80.435117°W / 39.912983; -80.435117 (Ryerson's Blockhouse)
Roadside Native American
Waynesburg College Hanna and Miller Halls, Waynesburg University.jpg January 6, 1949 Monument Park, North Morris Street (US 19) at West College Street, Waynesburg
39°53′57″N 80°11′18″W / 39.89905°N 80.18845°W / 39.89905; -80.18845 (Waynesburg College)
Roadside Education, Religion
Waynesburg College Hanna and Miller Halls, Waynesburg University.jpg January 6, 1949 North Richhill Street between West College & West Wayne Streets, Waynesburg
39°53′55″N 80°11′24″W / 39.898733°N 80.19002°W / 39.898733; -80.19002 (Waynesburg College)
Roadside Education, Religion

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