List of Pennsylvania state historical markers in Jefferson County

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Location of Jefferson County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in Jefferson County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 11 historical markers located in Jefferson County.[1]

Historical markers[edit]

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Charles J. Margiotti (1891–1956) TransparentPlaceholder.png September 15, 2007 Calvary Cemetery, 444 S Main St. (PA 436), Punxsutawney
40°56′11″N 78°59′28″W / 40.93639°N 78.99108°W / 40.93639; -78.99108 (CHARLES J. MARGIOTTI)
Roadside Ethnic & Immigration, Government & Politics 20th Century, Professions & Vocations
Cooksburg Streamside.jpg September 17, 1954 PA 36 near Clarion River Bridge, Corsica (MISSING) Roadside Cities & Towns, Environment
Elijah Heath (1796–1875) TransparentPlaceholder.png August 31, 2005 64 South Pickering Street, Brookville
41°09′35″N 79°04′47″W / 41.15965°N 79.0798°W / 41.15965; -79.0798 (Elijah Heath)
City African American, Underground Railroad
First Pennsylvania Troopers Killed in the Line of Duty TransparentPlaceholder.png May 2, 2016 Main Street (SR 310), just South of Ash Street (T-456), McCalmont Township
41°00′24″N 78°57′27″W / 41.006768°N 78.957516°W / 41.006768; -78.957516 (First Pennsylvania Troopers Killed in the Line of Duty)
Roadside Law Enforcement, Crime
Great Shamokin Path TransparentPlaceholder.png October 16, 1950 Buffalo-Pittsburgh Highway (US 119), 4 miles (6.4 km) northeast of Punxsutawney
40°57′49″N 78°54′40″W / 40.96348°N 78.91115°W / 40.96348; -78.91115 (Great Shamokin Path)
Roadside French & Indian War, Native American, Paths & Trails, Religion, Transportation
Groundhog Day Groundhogday2005.jpg September 11, 2004 At Gobbler's Knob, Woodland Avenue, 1.2 miles (1.9 km) from Route 36, Punxsutawney
40°55′53″N 78°57′28″W / 40.931282°N 78.95768°W / 40.931282; -78.95768 (Groundhog Day)
Roadside Ethnic & Immigration, Folklore, Religion
Iroquois "Main Road" TransparentPlaceholder.png October 6, 1950 PA 949, 3.8 miles (6.1 km) N of Corsica (MISSING) Roadside Native American, Paths & Trails, Roads, Transportation
Jefferson County TransparentPlaceholder.png May 25, 1982 County Courthouse, Main Street (PA 28) near Pickering, Brookville
41°09′38″N 79°04′49″W / 41.16063°N 79.08019°W / 41.16063; -79.08019 (Jefferson County)
City Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century
Lewis Earle Sandt (1888–1913) TransparentPlaceholder.png June 15, 2009 42 South Pickering Street, Brookville City Exploration, Navigation, Transportation
Olean Road TransparentPlaceholder.png October 16, 1950 Main Street (US 322), near Olean Road (PA 949), Corsica
41°10′51″N 79°12′13″W / 41.1809°N 79.2035°W / 41.1809; -79.2035 (Olean Road)
Roadside Native American, Roads, Transportation
Ross Leffler School of Conservation Ross Leffler School of Conservation former entrance.jpg August 28, 2014 Game School Road & Empire Ridge Road, near Brockway
41°16′48″N 78°52′08″W / 41.280083°N 78.868750°W / 41.280083; -78.868750 (Ross Leffler School of Conservation)
Roadside Education, Environment, Government & Politics 20th Century, Professions & Vocations, Sports & Recreation

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