List of Pennsylvania state historical markers in Warren County

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Location of Warren County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the Pennsylvania state historical markers in Warren County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Warren County, Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC). The locations of the historical markers, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates as provided by the PHMC's database, are included below when available. There are 12 historical markers located in Warren County.[1]

Historical markers[edit]

Marker title Image Date dedicated Location Marker type Topics
Buckaloons TransparentPlaceholder.png October 23, 1947 Buckaloons Park, near US 62, east of Irvine
41°50′08″N 79°15′26″W / 41.835550°N 79.257267°W / 41.835550; -79.257267 (Buckaloons)
Roadside Native American
Celoron's Expedition TransparentPlaceholder.png October 23, 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue (Business US 6) at Hickory Street, Warren
41°50′41″N 79°08′57″W / 41.84482°N 79.14923°W / 41.84482; -79.14923 (Celoron's Expedition)
Roadside Exploration, Government & Politics, Government & Politics 18th Century
Conewango Warren Pennsylvania.jpg October 23, 1947 Pennsylvania Avenue (Business US 6), Conewango Creek Bridge (west side), Warren
41°50′37″N 79°08′25″W / 41.8437°N 79.14027°W / 41.8437; -79.14027 (Conewango)
Roadside Early Settlement, Native American
Gen. William Irvine General William Irvine 2.jpg October 23, 1947 National Forge Road near Bosko Street, Irvine
41°50′24″N 79°15′42″W / 41.83987°N 79.26173°W / 41.83987; -79.26173 (Gen. William Irvine)
Roadside Professions & Vocations
Grandin Well, The TransparentPlaceholder.png July 15, 1959 US 62, .4 mile south of Allegheny River Bridge (Buckingham Street) near Tidioute
41°40′37″N 79°25′01″W / 41.67693°N 79.41688°W / 41.67693; -79.41688 (Grandin Well, The)
Roadside Business & Industry, Oil & Gas
Handsome Lake TransparentPlaceholder.png October 2, 1946 PA 59 at Cornplanter (Missing)
Roadside Native American
Indian Paint Hill TransparentPlaceholder.png October 23, 1947 US 62, 3 miles northeast of Tidioute
41°42′30″N 79°20′57″W / 41.7084°N 79.34907°W / 41.7084; -79.34907 (Indian Paint Hill)
Roadside Native American
Robert Houghwout Jackson (1892-1954) Roberthjackson.jpg August 23, 1997 Garland-Spring Creek (PA 426) & Eldred Hill Roads, Spring Creek
41°52′01″N 79°31′04″W / 41.86705°N 79.51777°W / 41.86705; -79.51777 (Robert Houghwout Jackson)
Roadside Government & Politics, Government & Politics 20th Century
Seneca Crossing TransparentPlaceholder.png November 3, 2007 Intersection of Scandia & Wigwam Roads, Glade Township
41°53′17″N 79°03′31″W / 41.888033°N 79.058667°W / 41.888033; -79.058667 (Seneca Crossing)
Roadside American Revolution, Exploration, Native American, Paths & Trails, Transportation
Sugar Run Mounds TransparentPlaceholder.png October 2, 1946 PA 59 at Cornplanter (Missing)
Roadside Native American
Thompson's Island TransparentPlaceholder.png October 23, 1947 US 62, ~4 miles S of Irvine
41°47′03″N 79°16′55″W / 41.784067°N 79.282033°W / 41.784067; -79.282033 (Thompson's Island)
Roadside American Revolution, Military, Native American
Warren County TransparentPlaceholder.png March 12, 1981 County Courthouse, 4th Avenue at Market Street, Warren
41°50′53″N 79°08′49″W / 41.848117°N 79.147°W / 41.848117; -79.147 (Warren County)
City Government & Politics, Government & Politics 19th Century

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