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Party-goers pose in front of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity house during the 1922 Greek Swingout weekend, second of the Fall social weekends at Washington & Jefferson College

Phi Kappa Psi, also called "Phi Psi," is an American collegiate social fraternity founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on February 19, 1852.[1] There are 103 chapters and 4 colonies at accredited four year colleges and universities throughout the United States.[2] More than 112,000 men have been initiated into Phi Kappa Psi since its founding.

The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity is composed of chapters and alumni associations, the former of which is the scope of this list. Each chapter is chartered to an individual host institution. These host institutions must be accredited four year degree granting colleges and universities in a state, province, territory, or federal district of Canada or the United States. To date, chapter charters have only been granted to groups at U.S. institutions.

When Phi Kappa Psi is extending to an institution that does not currently have a chapter, a probationary group called a "colony" is formed. After criteria are met, that colony receives its charter and becomes a chapter.

A chapter becomes inactive when it relinquishes its charter, or the charter is revoked by the fraternity.

Chapter naming convention[edit]

The Phi Psi chapter house at Lafayette College

The chapter naming convention is composed of the top level subnational division of that chapter's host institution, and a Greek letter in alphabetical order from when the charter was originally issued. For example, the first Phi Psi chapter is from Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The first letter in the Greek alphabet is Alpha. The chapter name is Pennsylvania Alpha. The second chapter was installed at the University of Virginia, so it is the Virginia Alpha chapter. The third chapter was installed at Washington & Lee University, in Virginia, so it is the Virginia Beta chapter. The George Washington University chapter is only one ever chartered in the District of Columbia, so it is the District of Columbia Alpha chapter.

If borders change, the chapter name does not. Virginia Delta was chartered at Bethany College in 1859. After the Civil War, Bethany College was in West Virginia, but the chapter remained Virginia Delta.

Chapters are named based on when the charter is granted, not when it is installed. As a result, there have been rare instances when the chapter naming convention may not appear to be consistent with the charter dates. For example, four charters have been granted in Iowa. The second granted was the fourth installed, so Iowa Beta chartered after Iowa Gamma and Iowa Delta.

List of chapters and colonies[edit]

  • Italicization of an entire row indicates an inactive chapter or a colony.
  • The S column indicates the status of a chapter or colony:
  — Active chapter
  — Colony
  — Inactive or suspended chapter
  • The # column indicates in which each chapter originally chartered.
S # Chapter Name Chartered
Host Institution Notes Ref(s)
active 1 Pennsylvania ΑAlpha 1852–1868,
Washington & Jefferson College Grand Chapter (1852–1856). Founded at Jefferson College, which merged with Washington College (home of Pennsylvania Delta) in 1865 to create Washington & Jefferson College. At that time, Pennsylvania Alpha and Pennsylvania Delta merged, and continued under the name of Pennsylvania Alpha [3][4][5]
active 2 Virginia ΑAlpha 1853–1861,
Virginia, University ofUniversity of Virginia Grand Chapter (1856–1861), inactive during the Civil War [6][4][7]
active 3 Virginia ΒBeta 1855.1–1861,
Washington and Lee University First fraternity at Washington & Lee, inactive during the Civil War. At chapter's request, a new fraternity, founded at Washington & Lee in 1865, changed its name because of similarities from Phi Kappa Chi to Kappa Alpha Order [3][8][9][10]
Inactive 4 Pennsylvania ΒBeta 1855.2 Allegheny College First fraternity at Allegheny. The Pennsylvania Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi is the oldest continuously-chartered chapter of any college fraternity in U.S. history. [3][11]
Inactive 5 Pennsylvania ΓGamma 1855.3–1988,
Bucknell University First fraternity at Bucknell, this chapter existed as an alumni chapter from 1873 until 1880 as a response to the university's anti-fraternity legislation [3][12][13]
Inactive 6 Pennsylvania ΔDelta 1855.4–1865 Washington College Grand Chapter (1861–1866), merged into Pennsylvania Alpha when their host institutions merged [3][4][5]
Inactive 7 Virginia ΓGamma 1855.5–1861,
Hampden–Sydney College Inactive during the Civil War, reestablished soon after. Charter was withdrawn by the fraternity in 1900 due to declining enrollment and a saturated fraternity system [3][14]
colony 8 Pennsylvania ΕEpsilon 1855-2012.6 Gettysburg College First fraternity at Gettysburg, which is the site of Miller Hall, 1882, the first chapter house built in the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and the oldest building in the inter-fraternity world on its original site that is still in use by undergraduates. Grand Chapter (1884–1886) [3][15][16][4]
Inactive 9 South Carolina ΑAlpha 1857.1–1861,
South Carolina, University ofUniversity of South Carolina Went inactive at the beginning of the Civil War, re-chartered in 1867 and remained active until the university's decision to desegregate in 1872 led to the withdrawal of almost the entire student body. Re-chartered in 1884 and remained active until state politics crippled the university to the point that the student body dramatically decreased in size and the chapter closed in 1892. The 1972 rechartering remained in force until the chapter was no longer viable due to low membership [3][17][18]
active 10 Mississippi ΑAlpha 1857.2–1861,
Mississippi, University ofUniversity of Mississippi University and chapter closed during American Civil War. Re-chartered in 1881, but anti-fraternity legislation closed all fraternities on campus in 1912. Re-chartered in 1930 [3][19][20]
Inactive 11 Virginia ΔDelta 1859.1–1882 Bethany College First fraternity at school, which is now in West Virginia. Served as Grand Chapter (1866–1869.) In 1880 because of a faculty refusal to punish a student guilty of a vicious assault on a member of the chapter the members voted to all leave the college [3][21][4][22]
Inactive 12 Tennessee ΑAlpha 1859.2–1860 LaGrange Synodical College In 1861 every member of the chapter enlisted in the Confederate Army. In 1863 the college was burned to the ground by the Union Army and never recovered [3][23]
Inactive 13 Pennsylvania ΖZeta 1859.3–2007 Dickinson College Grand Chapter (1869–1875) [3][4]
active 14 Pennsylvania ΗEta 1860.1 Franklin & Marshall College Phi Beta Tau, founded in 1858 in opposition to the perceived arrogance of the two existing fraternities, became a Phi Psi chapter two years later [3][24]
Inactive 15 Tennessee ΒBeta 1860.2–1861,
Cumberland University Ceased operating during the Civil War, returned as a viable chapter until the chapter membership became concentrated in the law department, and all but one member withdrew or graduated in 1877 [3][25][26]
Inactive 16 Mississippi ΒBeta 1860.3–1861 Mississippi College First fraternity at college, the chapter had been in existence only a few weeks when the Civil War broke out and every member enlisted. Several were killed and the chapter never recovered [27][3][28]
Inactive 17 Ohio ΑAlpha 1861 - 2016 Ohio Wesleyan University Grand Chapter (1875–1878), instrumental in the establishment of the New York Alpha chapter at Cornell University; closed by the University in Spring, 2016 after a new pledge of the chapter was found dead in the Delaware run, a creek close to campus, earlier in the year. [3][4][29]
active 18 Illinois ΑAlpha 1864–1870,
Northwestern University Only chapter established during the Civil War. Oldest active fraternity at Northwestern. [3][30]
active 19 Indiana ΑAlpha 1865.1 DePauw University Instrumental in the establishment of the chapters at Indiana University, University of Missouri and Wabash College [3][31]
Inactive 20 Kentucky ΑAlpha 1865.2–1866 Transylvania University Faculty opposition forced the chapter to disband, it is the smallest and shortest lived in Phi Kappa Psi's history [3][32][33]
Inactive 21 Illinois ΒBeta 1865.3–1869,
Chicago, University ofUniversity of Chicago Illinois Beta was chartered at a University of Chicago that opened in 1857, but closed in 1886. A new University of Chicago was created in 1890, and Illinois Beta was revived when Phi Kappa Psi chartered there in 1894 [34][3]
active 22 Ohio ΒBeta 1866–1988,
Wittenberg University Oldest fraternity on campus [35][36]
active 23 Iowa ΑAlpha 1867–1876,
Iowa, University ofUniversity of Iowa Grand Chapter award recipient (2002, 2008) [3]
Inactive 24 District of Columbia ΑAlpha 1868.1–1899,
George Washington University Grand Chapter (1881–1884), in 1899 the entire active membership enlisted in the Spanish–American War and the charter was recalled. Chapter suspended in 2016 [3][4][37][38]
Inactive 25 Iowa ΓGamma 1868.2–1871 Cornell College First fraternity at the school, disbanded at the request Cornell College's President due to anti-fraternity sentiment [3][39][40]
active 26 New York ΑAlpha 1869.1–1877,
Cornell University Chartered in the same year that Cornell began teaching by three Phi Psis who transferred from the Ohio Wesleyan chapter. New York Alpha went inactive in 1877 when Psi Upsilon recruited existing members into their chapter, a practice that is now prohibited by all members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, of which both fraternities belong. The chapter re-chartered in 1886 from the efforts of six Phi Psis, one from this chapter, two from the Syracuse University chapter, and three from the Hobart College chapter. [3][41]
active 27 Pennsylvania ΘTheta 1869.2 Lafayette College Grand Chapter (1878–1881) [3][4]
inactive 28 Indiana ΒBeta 1869-2014.3 Indiana University Delta Psi Theta was a local fraternity that chose to go national, considered three fraternities, and selected Phi Kappa Psi in 1869 [42][43]
colony 29 Missouri ΑAlpha 1869.4–1876,
Missouri, University ofUniversity of Missouri First fraternity established on this campus, it occupies a house that is a former plantation [42][44][45]
Inactive 30 Tennessee ΓGamma 1870.1–1875 Nashville, University ofUniversity of Nashville Chapter closed as result of an outbreak of Asiatic Cholera that caused the institution to close [42][46]
active 31 Indiana ΓGamma 1870.2–1901,
Wabash College Chartered at the initiative of the DePauw University chapter, Indiana Gamma closed in 1901 after enrollment in the college dropped dramatically. A local fraternity, Gamma Phi, was formed in 1947 by Phi Psis with the intention of becoming a Phi Kappa Psi chapter, and succeeded in 1948 [42][47][48]
Inactive 32 Ohio ΓGamma 1871.1–1892 Wooster, College ofCollege of Wooster First fraternity at the school, a conflict between the student body and the faculty caused a substantial amount of the student body to withdraw, which made the chapter nonviable [42][49][50]
Inactive 33 Illinois ΓGamma 1871.2–1884 Monmouth College After four years the college ordered its fraternities to disband, but for ten years thereafter the chapter continued sub rosa until pressure from the faculty resulted in the chapter agreeing to disband [42][51]
Inactive 34 Virginia ΕEpsilon 1871.3–1879 Randolph–Macon College Founded largely through the efforts of a Phi Kappa Psi alumnus, who was a member of the faculty; after he died, the chapter quickly faded away [42][52]
Inactive 35 New York ΓGamma 1872–1876,
Columbia University [42]
Inactive 36 Wisconsin ΑAlpha 1875–1894,
Wisconsin–Madison, University ofUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison Phi Kappa Psi was the third fraternity to establish a chapter at Madison. [42][53]
active 37 Kansas ΑAlpha 1876.1 Kansas, University ofUniversity of Kansas Grand Chapter Award recipient (2004) [42][54]
active 38 Michigan ΑAlpha 1876.2–1972,
Michigan, University ofUniversity of Michigan [42]
Inactive 39 Wisconsin ΒBeta 1876.3–1877 Racine College College no longer exists. There was a faculty of 5 and a student body of 50 [42]
active 40 Pennsylvania ΙIota 1877–1973,
Pennsylvania, University ofUniversity of Pennsylvania [42]
active 41 Maryland ΑAlpha 1879–1969,
Johns Hopkins University [42]
active 42 Ohio ΔDelta 1880 Ohio State University [42]
Inactive 43 California ΑAlpha 1881.1–1892 Pacific, University of theUniversity of the Pacific First chapter in the fraternity to own and occupy a house in which the members lived. Members transferred to the new Stanford University and became the founders of California Beta. [42]
Inactive 44 New York ΔDelta 1881.2–1892 Hobart College The chapter was always small, and with fewer than 100 students in attendance at the college, fraternity prospects were scarce [42]
active 45 Wisconsin ΓGamma 1881.3–1970,
Beloit College [42]
Inactive 46 Iowa ΔDelta 1882–1889 Simpson College College declined and students scattered [42]
Inactive 47 Minnesota ΑAlpha 1883–1888 Carleton College Most of the members became the founders of Minnesota Beta [42]
active 48 New York ΒBeta 1884–1995,
Syracuse University [42]
Inactive 49 New York ΕEpsilon 1887–1982 Colgate University Formerly named Madison University. In the 1980s the university launched an effort to accommodate women on the formerly all-male campus. The university offered an interest-free loan to the chapter to be used for house repaired in exchange for accepting coed members. The house corporation donated the chapter house to Colgate [42]
active 50 Minnesota ΒBeta 1888 Minnesota, University ofUniversity of Minnesota [42]
Inactive 51 Pennsylvania ΚKappa 1889–1963 Swarthmore College Chapter returned charter in 1963 and became a local fraternity today known as "Phi Psi" [42]
Inactive 52 West Virginia ΑAlpha 1890–2013 West Virginia University Suspended in 2013 [42][55]
active 53 California ΒBeta 1891.1 Stanford University Grand Chapter Award recipient (2001, 2005, 2007, 2010) [42][54]
Inactive 54 New York ΖZeta 1891.2–1912 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn [42]
Inactive 55 Nebraska ΑAlpha 1895.1-2016 Nebraska–Lincoln, University ofUniversity of Nebraska–Lincoln Suspended in 2016 [42][56]
Inactive 56 Massachusetts ΑAlpha 1895.2–1948 Amherst College The chapter charter was revoked by the fraternity Executive Council after the chapter broke its promise to the EC in a matter involving membership selection [42]
Inactive 57 New Hampshire ΑAlpha 1896–1967 Dartmouth College [42]
active 58 California ΓGamma 1899–1972,
California, Berkeley, University ofUniversity of California, Berkeley [42][57]
active 59 Indiana ΔDelta 1901.1 Purdue University [42]
60 Tennessee ΔDelta 1901–2009,
Vanderbilt University [42][58][59]
inactive 61 Rhode Island ΑAlpha 1902–1978,
Brown University Chapter turned in its charter in 1978 when it decided that it did not want to be part of the national fraternity. It changed its name to "Phi Psi." The local fraternity soon changed its mind, was accepted back as a colony, and re-chartered in 1984 [42]
active 62 Texas ΑAlpha 1904.1 Texas at Austin, University ofUniversity of Texas at Austin Chartered from the last chapter of the regional fraternity Phi Phi Phi (Tri-Phi), which was founded in 1897 [42]
active 63 Illinois ΔDelta 1904.2 Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, University ofUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign [42]
active 64 Ohio ΕEpsilon 1906 Case Western Reserve University [42]
active 65 Pennsylvania ΛLambda 1912 Pennsylvania State University [42]
active 66 Iowa ΒBeta 1913–1999,
Iowa State University [42]
active 67 Colorado ΑAlpha 1914.1–1994,
Colorado at Boulder, University ofUniversity of Colorado at Boulder [42][60]
active 68 Washington ΑAlpha 1914.2 Washington, University ofUniversity of Washington [42]
active 69 Oklahoma ΑAlpha 1920–1996,
Oklahoma, University ofUniversity of Oklahoma [42]
active 70 Oregon ΑAlpha 1928–1999,
Oregon, University ofUniversity of Oregon Chapter house can be seen in the 1978 movie Animal House. It was used for exterior shots of Omega House [42][61][62]
active 71 California ΔDelta 1927.1 Southern California, University ofUniversity of Southern California [42]
Inactive 72 Pennsylvania ΜMu 1927.2–1934 Carnegie Mellon University [42]
Colony 73 California ΕEpsilon 1931–2011, 2015-Present California, Los Angeles, University ofUniversity of California, Los Angeles UCLA's Phi Kappa Psi chapter was suspended for at least four years and declared "null and void" by the national chapter due to unspecified inappropriate actions. [42][63]
Inactive 74 North Carolina ΑAlpha 1934–2001 Duke University [64][65]
Inactive 75 Arizona ΑAlpha 1947–1962,
Arizona, University ofUniversity of Arizona Former Phi Kappa Psi Executive Director Ralph "Dud" Daniel was a founding father in 1947. Charter revoked on January 20, 2012 primarily because of "repeated instances of hazing over a period of time," which remain unproven. [64][66]
active 76 Oregon ΒBeta 1948 Oregon State University [64]
active 77 Ohio ΖZeta 1950.1–1997,
Bowling Green State University [64]
active 78 Ohio ΗEta 1950.2 Toledo, University ofUniversity of Toledo The chartering of Ohio Eta initiated the most members at one time in Phi Kappa Psi history, as 150 men were initiated into the fraternity [64]
active 79 New York ΗEta 1950.3–1970,
Buffalo, University atUniversity at Buffalo The chapter was discontinued after the University dissolved all of Greek Life and came to life again after the University re-instituted Greek Life in 1984 [64]
active 80 Indiana ΕEpsilon 1953.1 Valparaiso University Chartered on February 21, 1953 from the local fraternity Phi Delta Psi, which was founded in 1914. When it became Phi Kappa Psi, it was the first local fraternity at Valparaiso University to go national. Grand Chapter Award recipient (2003) [64][67][54]
active 81 Texas ΒBeta 1953.2 Texas Tech University Chartered from the Centaur Club, which was founded in 1929. One of the original eight national fraternities at the college [64]
active 82 Michigan ΒBeta 1954 Michigan State University [64]
Inactive 83 Connecticut ΑAlpha 1956–1970 Trinity College [64]
Inactive 84 Missouri ΒBeta 1960–1976 Westminster College [64]
active 85 Florida ΑAlpha 1962.1–1969,
Florida State University [64]
Inactive 86 Arizona ΒBeta 1962–2007.2 Arizona State University Suspended 2006. Chapter started by two colonizers from Washington Alpha [64]
active 87 Alabama ΑAlpha 1964.1 Alabama, University ofUniversity of Alabama [64]
Inactive 88 California ΖZeta 1964.2–1972,
California, Santa Barbara, University ofUniversity of California, Santa Barbara [64]
Inactive 89 New Jersey ΑAlpha 1965.1–1993 Rider University The chapter ended as a result of hazing and racial insensitivity by a chapter Fraternity Educators, and the chapter's cover-up. The charter was suspended by emergency order of the national fraternity president and Executive Director [64][68]
active 90 Nebraska ΒBeta 1965.2 Creighton University [64]
active 91 Rhode Island ΒBeta 1966.1–1988,
Rhode Island, University ofUniversity of Rhode Island Rechartered in 2016 [64][69]
active 92 Ohio ΘTheta 1966.2 Ashland University Grand Chapter Award recipient (2000) [64][54]
active 93 California ΗEta 1966.3 California Polytechnic State University [64]
active 94 Louisiana ΑAlpha 1966.4 Louisiana State University [64]
Inactive 95 Florida ΒBeta 1967.1–1971,
Florida, University ofUniversity of Florida [64]
Inactive 96 Oklahoma ΒBeta 1967.2–1991 Oklahoma State University [64]
active 97 Tennessee ΕEpsilon 1967.3 Tennessee, University ofUniversity of Tennessee [64]
Colony 98 California ΘTheta 1967.4–1995 California State University, Northridge Cal Theta was CSUN's third fraternity, founded in 1958 as a local fraternity, Kappa Delta Psi, which then affiliated with Phi Kappa Psi in 1967. The damage done to the CSUN campus by the 1994 Northridge earthquake had a dramatic effect on lessening the size of subsequent freshmen classes, and as result, some of the university's fraternities and sororities including Phi Kappa Psi were forced to close [64]
active 99 New Jersey ΒBeta 1967.5–1994,
Monmouth University [64][57]
active 100 Texas ΓGamma 1969.1–1993,
Texas State University [64]
active 101 Louisiana ΒBeta 1969.2–1991,
Louisiana at Lafayette, University ofUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette The Louisiana Beta chapter returned to campus as a Colony in 2013. [64]
active 102 Minnesota ΓGamma 1969.3 Minnesota State University, Mankato [64]
Inactive 103 New Mexico ΑAlpha 1969.4–2006 Eastern New Mexico University [64]
active 104 Pennsylvania ΝNu 1970.1 Indiana University of Pennsylvania [64]
active 105 Ohio Iota 1970.2–1997 Akron, University ofUniversity of Akron [64]
Inactive 106 Tennessee ΖZeta 1970.3–1985 Memphis, University ofUniversity of Memphis [64]
active 107 Indiana ΖZeta 1971.1 Butler University [64]
colony 108 Ohio ΚKappa 1971.2–1978 Kent State University The chapter was organized by the fraternity staff and came concurrent with a wave of student protest on the campus culminating with the Kent State shootings [64]
active 109 Ohio ΛLambda 1972 Miami University Grand Chapter Award recipient (1992, 1994, 1998) [64][54]
active 110 Alabama ΒBeta 1974–1988,
Auburn University [64]
Inactive 111 Montana ΑAlpha 1975–1983 Montana, University ofUniversity of Montana [64]
colony 112 Virginia ΖZeta 1976–2010.12016 Virginia Tech Phi Kappa Psi has announced that "Despite being closed since 2010, the Fraternity is returning to Virginia Tech University". [70] [64]
active 113 Georgia ΑAlpha 1976.2 Georgia, University ofUniversity of Georgia [64]
active 114 California ΙIota 1979.1–1995,
California, Davis, University ofUniversity of California, Davis [64]
Inactive 115 Arkansas ΑAlpha 1979.2–1991 University of Arkansas The chapter was never able to acquire a chapter house through the university. When they lost the property they were using as a chapter house, membership declined to the point that the charter was pulled. [64]
active 116 Pennsylvania ΞXi 1984 Edinboro University of Pennsylvania [64]
active 117 Illinois ΕEpsilon 1985.1 Illinois State University [64]
active 118 Delaware ΑAlpha 1985.2–1990, 2014 Delaware, University ofUniversity of Delaware [64]
Inactive 119 Pennsylvania ΟOmicron 1985.3–1992 Lehigh University [64]
active 120 Indiana ΗEta 1987.1 Indiana State University [64]
active 121 New Jersey ΓGamma 1987.2–1995,
Rutgers–New Brunswick [64][61][59]
Inactive 122 Pennsylvania ΠPi 1987.3–1993 Temple University [64]
active 123 Kentucky ΒBeta 1988.1 Kentucky, University ofUniversity of Kentucky [64]
Inactive 124 Texas ΔDelta 1988.2–1997 Southern Methodist University [64]
Inactive 125 Maryland ΒBeta 1988.3–1996 Maryland, Baltimore County, University ofUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County [64]
active 126 New Jersey ΔDelta 1990 New Jersey, The College ofThe College of New Jersey [64]
active 127 California ΚKappa 1991.1 California, Irvine, University ofUniversity of California, Irvine Suspended in October 2016 pending an ongoing investigation into hazing. Had been under investigation since August when pictures showing alleged hazing were brought to the attention of UC Irvine. [71] [72]
active 128 Massachusetts ΒBeta 1991.2 Brandeis University [72]
active 129 North Carolina ΒBeta 1991.3 East Carolina University [72]
active 130 New York ΘTheta 1992.1 Rochester Institute of Technology Grand Chapter Award recipient (2006, 2013) [72][54]
active 131 Pennsylvania ΡRho 1992.2 York College of Pennsylvania [72]
active 132 Louisiana ΓGamma 1993.1 Loyola University New Orleans [72]
active 133 Illinois ΖZeta 1993.2 DePaul University [72]
active 134 California ΛLambda 1996.1 San Diego State University On 6 May 2008, four members of Phi Kappa Psi at San Diego State University were among 96 individuals, including 75 students, arrested as the result of an undercover investigation into drug trafficking on the University's campus after multiple overdose deaths around the campus. The chapter was suspended for 18 months before being fully reinstated on May 1, 2010 [72][73][74]
active 135 Pennsylvania ΣSigma 1996.2 Sciences, University of theUniversity of the Sciences [72]
active 136 Illinois ΗEta 1999 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville [72]
active 137 New Jersey ΕEpsilon 2000.1 Rowan University Grand Chapter Award recipient (2012) [72]
active 138 Georgia ΒBeta 2000.2 Georgia Institute of Technology [72]
active 139 Pennsylvania ΥUpsilon 2002.1 Drexel University [72]
Inactive 140 Pennsylvania ΤTau 2002.2–2003 Penn State Altoona [72]
active 141 Texas ΕEpsilon 2002.3 Stephen F. Austin State University [72]
active 142 Minnesota ΔDelta 2002.4 Minnesota Duluth, University ofUniversity of Minnesota Duluth [72]
active 143 Illinois ΘTheta 2003 Illinois at Chicago, University ofUniversity of Illinois at Chicago [72]
active 144 Pennsylvania ΩΦPhi 2004.1 Lycoming College [72]
active 145 New York ΙIota 2004.2 Binghamton University [72]
active 146 New York ΚKappa 2004.3 Oneonta, State University of New York atState University of New York at Oneonta First chapter to charter at a Grand Arch Council (San Diego 2004) [72][75]
active 147 Ohio ΜMu 2005 Dayton, University ofUniversity of Dayton Grand Chapter Award recipient (2009, 2011) [72][54]
active 148 Illinois ΙIota 2007.1 Northern Illinois University [72]
active 149 Maryland ΓGamma 2007.2 Maryland, College Park, University ofUniversity of Maryland, College Park [72]
active 150 Texas ΖZeta 2008.1 Houston Baptist University [72]
active 151 Ohio ΝNu 2008.2 Ohio University [72]
active 152 California ΜMu 2008.3 Occidental College [72]
active 153 Indiana ΘTheta 2008.4 Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis [72]
active 154 California ΝNu 2009 California, Riverside, University ofUniversity of California, Riverside [76]
active 155 Ohio ΞXi 2010.1 Capital University [57]
active 156 California ΞXi 2010.2 California State University, Long Beach [57]
active 157 Ohio ΟOmicron 2011.1 Muskingum University [59]
active 158 Virginia ΗEta 2012.1 Virginia Commonwealth University
active 999 159 ΩIndiana Iota 2012 Ball State University [77][78]
active 999 160 ΩAlabama Gamma 2015 University of Alabama Huntsville [79][80]

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