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Logo of the PBA Finals used since the 2010–11 PBA season.

The Philippine Basketball Association awards a championship trophy (or cup) to the winning team at the end of each conference (tournament).

To determine a champion for a conference, a double-round elimination (sometimes a classification) round is usually held. After the elimination (or classification) round, the playoffs would be held.

There had been a variety of ways the league conducted its playoffs, such as:

  • Single-elimination tournament
  • The twice-to-beat advantage (The higher-seeded team needs to win only once in order to advance, while the lower-seeded team needs to win twice consecutively. This is basically a modification of the best-of-three series.)
  • Round-robin (or double-round robin)
  • Best-of-three series
  • Best-of-five series
  • Best-of-seven series
For a discussion of the different formats, see Playoff format.

The Finals is usually a best-of-seven series (although there had been notable exceptions). The winning team is said to be the champions of the conference. After each season, there would be no playoffs in order to determine a "season champion."

However, the teams which are both boldfaced and italicized, the Crispa Redmanizers (1976 and 1983), the San Miguel Beermen (1989), the Alaska Milkmen (1996) and the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers (2013–14), hold the distinction of winning all three conferences in one season and have the distinction of winning the "Grand Slam". Winning the Grand Slam is the equivalent of the "season championship," where the team is said to be the undisputed champion in the league.

There are two types of conferences: All-Filipino or import-laden. The All-Filipino conferences are tournaments where the teams are prohibited from hiring a foreigner as an additional player. An import-laden conference is a tournament where teams are allowed to hire a foreigner (the "import") as an additional player.

The league previously holds a "battle for third place" playoff to determine the third place team in a conference. This practice was abandoned beginning the 2010-11 season.

Champions by season[edit]

  Won the Grand Slam
  Won the first two championships in a season
  Special conference; does not count at the trophy tally below.

1975–1983: Prieto years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Third place Winning coach
1975 First Conference Toyota 3–1 Crispa U/Tex Dante Silverio
Second Conference Toyota 3–1 Crispa Noritake Dante Silverio
All-Philippine Crispa 3–2 Toyota U/Tex Baby Dalupan
1976 First Conference Crispa 3–1 Toyota Noritake Baby Dalupan
Second Conference Crispa 3–1 Toyota Royal Baby Dalupan
All-Philippine Crispa 3–2 Toyota U/Tex Baby Dalupan
1977 All-Filipino Crispa 3–1 Mariwasa Toyota Baby Dalupan
Open Crispa 3–2 U/Tex Toyota Baby Dalupan
Invitational Toyota 3–0 Emtex Brazil Crispa Dante Silverio
1978 All-Filipino Toyota 3–1 Filmanbank Tanduay Dante Silverio
Open U/Tex 3–0 Crispa Toyota Tommy Manotoc
Invitational Toyota 3–1 Tanduay Crispa Dante Silverio
1979 All-Filipino Crispa 3–2 Toyota Tanduay Baby Dalupan
Open Royal 3–1 Toyota Great Taste Edgardo Ocampo
Invitational Toyota 3–1 Walk Tall U/Tex Fort Acuña
1980 Open U/Tex 3–2 Toyota Walk Tall Tommy Manotoc
Invitational Nicholas Stoodley (USA) 2–0 Toyota Adidas (France) Jerry Webber
All-Filipino Crispa 3–1 Toyota Tanduay Baby Dalupan
1981 Open Toyota 3–2 Crispa U/Tex Edgardo Ocampo
Reinforced Filipino Crispa 3–1 U/Tex Presto Baby Dalupan
1982 Reinforced Filipino Toyota 4–3 San Miguel Crispa Edgardo Ocampo
Invitational San Miguel 2–1 Crispa South Korea Tommy Manotoc
Open Toyota 3–0 Gilbey's Gin San Miguel Edgardo Ocampo
1983 All-Filipino Crispa 3–0 Gilbey's Gin Great Taste Tommy Manotoc
Reinforced Filipino Crispa 3–2 Great Taste Tanduay Tommy Manotoc
Open Crispa 3–0 Great Taste San Miguel Tommy Manotoc

1984–1991: Yenko and R. Salud years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Third place Winning coach
1984 First All-Filipino Crispa 4–1 Gilbey's Gin Northern Cement Narciso Bernardo
Second All-Filipino Great Taste 3–0 Beer Hausen Tanduay Baby Dalupan
Invitational Great Taste 3–2 Crispa Beer Hausen Baby Dalupan
1985 Open Great Taste 4–2 Magnolia Northern Cement Baby Dalupan
All-Filipino Great Taste 3–1 Shell Tanduay Baby Dalupan
Reinforced Northern Cement 4–0 Manila Beer Ginebra Ron Jacobs
1986 Reinforced Tanduay 4–2 Great Taste Ginebra Turo Valenzona
All-Filipino Tanduay 3–1 Ginebra Shell Turo Valenzona
Open Ginebra 4–1 Manila Beer Great Taste Robert Jaworski
1987 Open Tanduay 4–1 Great Taste Magnolia Turo Valenzona
All-Filipino Great Taste 3–0 Hills Bros. Magnolia Baby Dalupan
PBA-IBA IBA All-Stars 1–0 Great Taste San Miguel Ted Owens
Reinforced San Miguel 4–1 Hills Bros. Ginebra Norman Black
1988 Open San Miguel 4–3 Purefoods Alaska Norman Black
All-Filipino Añejo 3–1 Purefoods Alaska Robert Jaworski
PBA-IBA Añejo 1–0 Alaska Los Angeles Jaguars Rino Salazar
Reinforced San Miguel 4–1 Shell Añejo Norman Black
1989 Open San Miguel 4–1 Shell Alaska Norman Black
All-Filipino San Miguel 4–2 Purefoods Shell Norman Black
Reinforced San Miguel 4–1 Añejo Alaska Norman Black
1990 First Conference Shell 4–2 Añejo San Miguel Arlene Rodriguez
All-Filipino Presto 4–3 Purefoods Añejo Jimmy Mariano
Third Conference Purefoods 3–2 Alaska Shell Baby Dalupan
1991 First Conference Ginebra 4–3 Shell Sarsi Robert Jaworski
All-Filipino Purefoods 3–2 Sarsi Alaska Ely Capacio
Third Conference Alaska 3–1 Ginebra San Miguel Tim Cone

1992–2002: Marquez and Bernardino years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Third place Winning coach
1992 First Conference Shell 4–1 San Miguel Alaska Rino Salazar
All-Filipino San Miguel 4–3 Purefoods Swift Norman Black
Third Conference Swift 4–0 7-Up Ginebra Yeng Guiao
1993 All-Filipino Coney Island 4–2 San Miguel Swift Chot Reyes
Commissioner's Swift 4–2 Purefoods San Miguel Yeng Guiao
Governors' San Miguel 4–1 Swift Sta. Lucia Norman Black
1994 All-Filipino San Miguel 4–2 Coney Island Alaska Norman Black
Commissioner's Purefoods 4–1 Alaska Swift Chot Reyes
Governors' Alaska 4–2 Swift Pepsi Tim Cone
1995 All-Filipino Sunkist 4–3 Alaska Sta. Lucia Derrick Pumaren
Commissioner's Sunkist 4–2 Alaska Sta. Lucia Derrick Pumaren
Governors' Alaska 4–3 San Miguel Sunkist Tim Cone
1996 All-Filipino Alaska 4–1 Purefoods San Miguel Tim Cone
Commissioner's Alaska 4–3 Shell Sta. Lucia Tim Cone
Governors' Alaska 4–1 Ginebra Shell Tim Cone
1997 All-Filipino Purefoods 4–2 Gordon's Gin Sta. Lucia Eric Altamirano
Commissioner's Gordon's Gin 4–2 Alaska San Miguel Robert Jaworski
Governors' Alaska 4–1 Purefoods San Miguel Tim Cone
1998 All-Filipino Alaska 4–3 San Miguel Pop Cola Tim Cone
Commissioner's Alaska 4–2 San Miguel Pop Cola Tim Cone
Centennial Mobiline 1–0 Shell Pop Cola Eric Altamirano
Governors' Shell 4–3 Mobiline Purefoods Perry Ronquillo
1999 All-Filipino Shell 4–2 Tanduay Barangay Ginebra Perry Ronquillo
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–2 Shell Alaska Jong Uichico
Governors' San Miguel 4–2 Alaska Tanduay Jong Uichico
2000 All-Filipino Alaska 4–1 Purefoods Tanduay Tim Cone
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–1 Sta. Lucia Alaska Jong Uichico
Governors' San Miguel 4–1 Purefoods Red Bull Jong Uichico
2001 All-Filipino San Miguel 4–2 Barangay Ginebra Pop Cola Jong Uichico
Commissioner's Red Bull 4–2 San Miguel Alaska Yeng Guiao
Governors' Sta. Lucia 4–2 San Miguel Shell Norman Black
2002 Governors' Purefoods 4–3 Alaska Coca-Cola Ryan Gregorio
Commissioner's Red Bull 4–3 Talk 'N Text San Miguel Yeng Guiao
All-Filipino Coca-Cola 3–1 Alaska San Miguel Chot Reyes

2003–2010: Eala and Barrios years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Third place Winning coach
2003 All-Filipino Talk 'N Text 4–2 Coca-Cola Alaska Joel Banal
Invitational[1] Alaska 2–1 Coca-Cola FedEx Tim Cone
Reinforced Coca-Cola 4–3 San Miguel Talk 'N Text Chot Reyes
(2004) Fiesta Barangay Ginebra 3–1 Red Bull Talk 'N Text Siot Tanquingcen
2004–05 Philippine Barangay Ginebra 4–2 Talk 'N Text San Miguel Siot Tanquingcen
Fiesta San Miguel 4–1 Talk 'N Text Shell Jong Uichico
2005–06 Fiesta Red Bull 4–2 Purefoods Air21 Yeng Guiao
Philippine Purefoods 4–2 Red Bull Alaska Ryan Gregorio
2006–07 Philippine Barangay Ginebra 4–2 San Miguel Talk 'N Text Jong Uichico
Fiesta Alaska 4–3 Talk 'N Text Red Bull Tim Cone
2007–08 Philippine Sta. Lucia 4–3 Purefoods Red Bull Boyet Fernandez
Fiesta Barangay Ginebra 4–3 Air21 Red Bull Jong Uichico
2008–09 Philippine Talk 'N Text 4–3 Alaska Sta. Lucia Chot Reyes
Fiesta San Miguel 4–3 Barangay Ginebra Burger King Siot Tanquingcen
2009–10 Philippine Purefoods 4–0 Alaska San Miguel Ryan Gregorio
Fiesta Alaska 4–2 San Miguel Talk 'N Text Tim Cone

2010–2017: A. Salud and Narvasa years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Winning coach
2010–11 Philippine Talk 'N Text 4–2 San Miguel Chot Reyes
Commissioner's Talk 'N Text 4–2 Barangay Ginebra Chot Reyes
Governors' Petron 4–3 Talk 'N Text Ato Agustin
2011–12 Philippine Talk 'N Text 4–1 Powerade Chot Reyes
Commissioner's B-Meg 4–3 Talk 'N Text Tim Cone
Governors' Rain or Shine 4–3 B-Meg Yeng Guiao
2012–13 Philippine Talk 'N Text 4–0 Rain or Shine Norman Black
Commissioner's Alaska 3–0 Barangay Ginebra Luigi Trillo
Governors' San Mig Coffee 4–3 Petron Tim Cone
2013–14 Philippine San Mig Coffee 4–2 Rain or Shine Tim Cone
Commissioner's San Mig Coffee 3–1 Talk 'N Text Tim Cone
Governors' San Mig Coffee 3–2 Rain or Shine Tim Cone
2014–15 Philippine San Miguel 4–3 Alaska Leo Austria
Commissioner's Talk 'N Text 4–3 Rain or Shine Jong Uichico
Governors' San Miguel 4–0 Alaska Leo Austria
2015–16 Philippine San Miguel 4–3 Alaska Leo Austria
Commissioner's Rain or Shine 4–2 Alaska Yeng Guiao
Governors' Barangay Ginebra 4–2 Meralco Tim Cone
2016–17 Philippine San Miguel 4–1 Barangay Ginebra Leo Austria
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–2 TNT Leo Austria
Governors' Barangay Ginebra 4–3 Meralco Tim Cone

2018–present: Marcial years[edit]

Season Conference Champion Series Runner-Up Winning coach
2017–18 Philippine San Miguel 4–1 Magnolia Leo Austria
Commissioner's Barangay Ginebra 4–2 San Miguel Tim Cone
Governors' Magnolia 4–2 Alaska Chito Victolero
2019 Philippine San Miguel 4–3 Magnolia Leo Austria
Commissioner's San Miguel 4–2 TNT Leo Austria
Governors' Barangay Ginebra 4–1 Meralco Tim Cone

Champions by franchise[edit]

Championships won from conferences shaded in gray above, such as Mobiline's 1998 Centennial Cup and Añejo's 1988 PBA-IBA Championship titles are not included in the table below.

Franchise Championships Runners-up Third places Total trophies Last championship
San Miguel / Petron / Magnolia / Gold Eagle / Royal 27 15 15 57 2019 Commissioner's Cup
Alaska / Hills Bros. 14 17 12 43 2013 Commissioner's
Magnolia / Star / Purefoods / San Mig Coffee / B-Meg / Coney Island 14 16 1 31 2018 Governors'
Crispa / Walk Tall 13 7 4 24 1984 First All-Filipino
Barangay Ginebra / Ginebra / Gordon's Gin / Tondeña / Añejo / Gilbey's Gin / St. George 12 14 7 33 2019 Governors'
Toyota 9 9 3 21 1982 Open
TNT / Talk 'N Text / Mobiline / 7-Up / Pepsi 7 11 5 23 2015 Commissioner's
Great Taste / Presto 6 4 4 14 1990 All-Filipino
Shell 4 5 6 15 1999 All-Filipino
Diet Sarsi / Swift / Sunkist / Pop Cola 4 3 7 14 1995 Commissioner's
Tanduay 3 2 8 13 1987 Open
Red Bull 3 2 4 9 2005-06 Fiesta
Rain or Shine / Welcoat 2 4 0 6 2016 Commissioner's
Coca-Cola / Powerade 2 3 1 6 2003 Reinforced
U/Tex 2 2 5 9 1980 Open
Sta. Lucia 2 1 6 9 2007-08 Philippine
Northern Cement* 1 0 2 3 1985 Reinforced
Nicholas Stoodley (United States)* 1 0 0 1 1980 Invitational
Beer Hausen / Manila Beer 0 3 1 4
Meralco 0 3 0 3
Barako Bull / FedEx / Air21 / Burger King 0 1 2 3
Noritake / Mariwasa 0 1 2 3
Filmanbank 0 1 0 1
Adidas (France)* 0 0 1 1
Emtex (Brazil)* 0 0 1 1
South Korea* 0 0 1 1

Italics denotes defunct franchise

* Guest team

Championships by coach[edit]

Listed below are the coaches who won at least two PBA championships. Championships won from conferences shaded in gray above, such as Eric Altamirano's 1998 Centennial Cup and Rino Salazar's 1988 PBA-IBA Championship titles are not included in the table below. Both coaches otherwise would have won two titles each if those were included, instead of just one.

^ Denotes coach who is still active
* Elected to the PBA Hall of Fame
*^ Active coach who has been elected to the PBA Hall of Fame
Coach Championships Champion teams handled Last championship
Tim Cone^ 22 Alaska, B-Meg/San Mig Coffee, Barangay Ginebra 2019 Governors' (Barangay Ginebra)
Baby Dalupan* 15 Crispa, Great Taste, Purefoods 1990 Third Conference (Purefoods)
Norman Black*^ 11 Magnolia/San Miguel, Sta. Lucia, Talk 'N Text 2012–13 Philippine (Talk 'N Text)
Jong Uichico 9 San Miguel, Barangay Ginebra, Talk 'N Text 2015 Commissioner's (Talk 'N Text)
Chot Reyes 8 Purefoods/Coney Island, Coca Cola, Talk 'N Text 2011–12 Philippine (Talk 'N Text)
Leo Austria^ San Miguel 2019 Commissioner's Cup (San Miguel)
Yeng Guiao^ 7 Swift, Red Bull, Rain or Shine 2016 Commissioner's (Rain or Shine)
Tommy Manotoc* 6 U/Tex, San Miguel, Crispa 1983 Open (Crispa)
Dante Silverio* 5 Toyota 1978 Invitational (Toyota)
Ed Ocampo* 4 Royal Tru Orange, Toyota 1982 Open (Toyota)
Robert Jaworski* Añejo/Ginebra/Gordon's Gin 1997 Commissioner's (Gordon's Gin)
Turo Valenzona 3 Tanduay 1987 Open (Tanduay)
Siot Tanquingcen Barangay Ginebra, San Miguel 2009 Fiesta (San Miguel)
Ryan Gregorio Purefoods 2009–10 Philippine (Purefoods)
Derrick Pumaren 2 Sunkist 1995 Commissioner's (Sunkist)
Perry Ronquillo Shell 1999 All-Filipino (Shell)

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