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The system map of the Philippine National Railways.

Philippine National Railways used to provide passenger services in two directions from the capital, thus serving various towns and cities north and south of Manila. This list contains stations of both Northrail and Southrail, and the various spur lines from both Northrail and Southrail, as well as stations within Metro Manila. The Northrail is also known as the Green Line, while the Southrail is also known as the Orange Line, former terminus or terminal stations are in bold and former or defunct stations are in italic.

North Main Line (Northrail)[edit]

Stations along the North Main Line (Northrail) were abandoned and closed, (San Fernando-Dagupan) in 1983, Dagupan-Tarlac in 1988 and Tarlac-Malolos in 1989 during the term of President Corazon Aquino, the eruption of Mt.Pinatubo further shortened services up to Meycauayan in 1991 until it was closed in 1997.

Main line[edit]

La Union[edit]





Metro Manila[edit]

Metrotren Coaches with triangle rooftops parked at Tutuban station in Manila.

South Main Line (Southrail)[edit]

Main line[edit]

Metro Manila[edit]

Buendia station in Makati City.
Nichols station in Taguig City,



Camarines Sur[edit]


San Pedro-Carmona branch[edit]

Two evidence of railways is in near the Casa del Niño School and the Chrysanthemum Village near the SLEX railroad underpass, this 3.9 km line was opened in November 1972.


Cabuyao-Eton City branch[edit]

An unfinished branch line, only evidence is a railroad overpass in South Luzon Expressway.

Mamatid-Buntog branch[edit]

Calamba-Bauan branch[edit]

Line from Calamba, Laguna to Bauan, Batangas



UP Los Baños-Santa Cruz branch[edit]


Abandoned branches[edit]

Tarlac-San Jose branch[edit]

This line was also planned to be used for the Cagayan Railroad Extension


Nueva Ecija[edit]



Santa Mesa-Antipolo branch[edit]

The 6 km part is called Guadalupe Line


Mandaluyong City[edit]

  • Mandaluyong (San Felipe Neri) - Brgy. Daang Bakal
  • Magalona - Brgy. Daang Bakal [flagstop]
  • A. Bonifacio - Brgy. Addition Hills [flagstop]
  • Welfareville - Brgy. Addition Hills
  • Boni Avenue - Barangay Old Zaniga [flagstop]
  • Zaniga (Saniga) - Brgy. Old Zaniga [flagstop]
  • Hulo (San Pedro Macati) - near San Francisco Street, Barangay Hulo [flagstop]
  • Guadalupe (Pantaleon/Barangka) - Barangay Barangka Ilaya, near EDSA, terminus of the line [now serves as the Mayor Neptali Gonzales Jr. Basketball Gymnnasium]



Balagtas-Cabanatuan branch[edit]

This one of the branch lines that was abandoned after WWII, it was reopened in 1969, once again it was abandoned in 1980.


Nueva Ecija[edit]

Rosario-Montalban branch[edit]

Pasig City[edit]

Marikina City[edit]


Fort Stotsenburg-Dau branch[edit]

Line from Fort Stotsenburg in Angeles to Magalang, Pampanga

Dau-Magalang branch[edit]

Nielson Field branch[edit]

Also known as Pasay Road-Legazpi Village branch.

Legazpi-Tabaco branch[edit]

Aringay-Baguio branch[edit]

An old line from Aringay, La Union to Baguio City, due to many mountains on its route, several tunnels were constructed during the Spanish Period but abandoned during WWII, two evidences of the lines are the Aringay railroad triangle and the Century old tunnel in Brgy. Poblacion.

San Fabian-Camp One branch[edit]

This is a line to Camp One, Rosario, La Union, first railroad project attempting to reach Baguio, abandoned in 1914, evidence is the triangle junction which was part of the railtracks (now converted to roads).

Arayat-Carmen branch[edit]

Tayug branch[edit]


Nueva Ecija[edit]


San Pablo-Malvar branch[edit]

Branch line from San Pablo, Laguna to Malvar, Batangas abandoned after another route built in Los Baños to San Pablo

Paniqui-Camiling branch[edit]

Abandoned tram line


Lingayen-Camiling branch[edit]

Construction for this branch from Lingayen, Pangasinan to Camiling, Tarlac was cancelled during the planning stages.

San Fernando-Rosales branch[edit]

Branch line from San Fernando City, La Union to Rosales, Pangasinan abandoned.

Damortis-Tuba branch[edit]

Branch line abandoned before the bed was completed and before any bridges had been constructed, the only evidence of this line are the two railroad tunnels in Asin Road.

Caba-Galiano branch[edit]

Branch line abandoned before the bed was completed and before any bridges had been constructed

Paco-Naic branch[edit]

When the station is located in Brgy. Ibayong Estacion, the end of the tracks reached Brgy. Latoria where its Brgy. Hall stands above the former turntable.

Cavite branch[edit]

Pandacan-Isla Provisor branch[edit]

Also known Santibañez line.

This line has spurs leading to Isla Provisor, Luzon Brokerage Company, the now-closed Pandacan Oil Depot and the Johnson Picket Rope Company, it ends in what is now the Tabacalera Compound today.

Rongos branch[edit]

A 1.7 km line connecting the former Rongos wharf in the Bicol River.

note: some stations and lines may still not be here