List of Philippine Presidents by province

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Home provinces of the presidents.

This is a complete list of current and former Philippine Presidents by province that consists of the 15 heads of state in the history of the Philippines.

Province President Order #
Auroraa Manuel L. Quezon 2
Batangas José P. Laurel 3
Bohol Carlos P. Garcia 8
Capiz Manuel Roxas 5
Cavite Emilio Aguinaldo 1
Cebu Sergio Osmeña 4
Ilocos Norte Ferdinand E. Marcos 10
Ilocos Sur Elpidio Quirino 6
Manilab Joseph Ejercito Estradac 13
Pampanga Diosdado Macapagal 9
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo 14
Pangasinan Fidel V. Ramos 12
Tarlac Corazon C. Aquino 11
Benigno S. Aquino III 15
Zambales Ramon Magsaysay 7

^a At the time of Manuel L. Quezon's birth, the town of Baler was a part of the military district of El Principe, governed under the province of Nueva Ecija. In 1902, the administration of Baler and other nearby coastal towns was transferred to the province of Tayabas, which was renamed Quezon in honor of the former president in 1946. The town of Baler now is the capital of the province of Aurora (named after Quezon's wife), which was a sub-province of Quezon from 1951 until it was made a separate province in 1973.
^b Metropolitan Manila (though not a province), is highlighted as the birthplace of Joseph Estrada, although at the time of his birth, Metro Manila as a geopolitical entity did not exist yet.
^c The city of Manila (birthplace of Joseph Estrada) was an independent city not under the administration of any province when they were born.