List of Philippine musical instruments

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Philippine Musical Instruments:


    • Bulungudyong – vertical & long flute (B'laan)
    • Palendag – lip-valley flute
    • Tulali – bilat flute with 6 holes
    • Tumpong – bamboo flute
    • Lantoy - nose flute
    • Bansik - bamboo flute with three holes of the Negrito people in Zambales.


    • Bamboo violin – a three-stringed violin of the Aeta people.
    • Butting – a bow with a single hemp 5 string, plucked with a small stick.
    • Faglong – a two-stringed, lute-like instrument of the B'laan. Made in 1997
    • Guitar – introduced by the Spanish in the 17th century, now one of the most popular instruments in lowland (Christian) areas. The significant popularity of the guitar eventually became the most popular instrument in the country.
    • Budlong - bamboo zither
    • Pas-ing - a two-stringed bamboo with a hole in the middle from Apayao people.
  • Lutes
    • Bandurria – part of rondalya ensemble, it has a shorter neck and 14-strings compared to its Spanish ancestor.
    • Buktot – a four-stringed instrument made from coconut shells originating in the Visayas.
    • Kudyapi – a six-stringed boat lute from Mindanao.
    • Laúd – similar to the bandurria, it is ultimately of Spanish origin. Also part of a rondalya ensemble.
    • Octavina – part of a rondalya ensemble, it is of ultimately Spanish origin.
  • Tuned gongs
    • Agung – large gong suspended from an ornate frame
    • Gandingan – set of four large hanging knobbed gongs


    • Agung a tamlang – bamboo (slit drum)
    • Dabakan – goblet drum (Maranao)
    • Gandang – double-headed barrel drum (Maranao)
    • Kagul – scraper
    • Libbit – conical drum (Ifugao)
    • Sulibao – conical drum (Ibaloy)
    • Gambal- drums
    • Tambul- drum