List of Philippine musical instruments

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Philippine Musical Instruments:


    • Bulungudyong – vertical & long flute (B'laan)
    • Palendag – lip-valley flute
    • Tulali – bilat flute with 6 holes
    • Tumpong – bamboo flute
    • Lantoy - nose flute
    • Bansik - bamboo flute with three holes of the Negrito people in Zambales.


    • Bamboo violin – a three-stringed violin of the Aeta people.
    • Butting – a bow with a single hemp 5 string, plucked with a small stick.
    • Faglong – a two-stringed, lute-like instrument of the B'laan. Made in 1997
    • Guitar – introduced by the Spanish in the 17th century, now one of the most popular instruments in lowland (Christian) areas.
    • Budlong - bamboo zither
    • Pas-ing - a two-stringed bamboo with a hole in the middle from Apayao people.
  • Lutes
    • Bandurria – part of rondalya ensemble, it has a shorter neck and 14-strings compared to its Spanish ancestor.
    • Buktot – a four-stringed instrument made from coconut shells originating in the Visayas.
    • Kudyapi – a six-stringed boat lute from Mindanao.
    • Laúd – similar to the bandurria, it is ultimately of Spanish origin. Also part of a rondalya ensemble.
    • Octavina – part of a rondalya ensemble, it is of ultimately Spanish origin.
  • Tuned gongs
    • Agung – large gong suspended from an ornate frame
    • Gandingan – set of four large hanging knobbed gongs
    • Kubing – jaw's harp (Maranao)
    • Kulintang – set of eight tuned gongs placed horizontally in an ornate frame, tuned pentatonic scale|pentatonically.
  • Xylophones
  • Metallophones
    • Kulintang a tiniok – set of eight, tuned knobbed metal plates strung on a wooden frame (Maguindanaon)
    • Saronay – eight tuned knobbed metal plates strung over a wooden frame (Maranao)


    • Agung a tamlang – bamboo (slit drum)
    • Dabakan – goblet drum (Maranao)
    • Gandang – double-headed barrel drum (Maranao)
    • Kagul – scraper
    • Libbit – conical drum (Ifugao)
    • Sulibao – conical drum (Ibaloy)
    • Gambal- drums


    • Babandil- small gong
    • Aruding- Jew's harp (Palawan)