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Phyllis, created by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels based on a character from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, was broadcast on CBS from 1975 to 1977.

Season 1 (1975–76)[edit]

Episode # Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Pilot" Jay Sandrich Ed. Weinberger & Stan Daniels September 8, 1975 (1975-09-08)
Phyllis moves to San Francisco to start a new life after Lars's death, but the only person willing to give her a job is the woman Lars originally wanted to marry.
2 "Bess, is You a Woman Now?" Jay Sandrich Ed. Weinberger & Stan Daniels September 15, 1975 (1975-09-15)
Phyllis thinks Bess may have lost her virginity on a skiing trip, but can't bring herself to ask her daughter about whether anything happened. Guest starring Leigh McCloskey as Bess' boyfriend.
3 "Up For Grabs" James Burrows Michael Leeson September 22, 1975 (1975-09-22)
Lars' old friend Jerome (John McMartin) comes to town to discuss business with Phyllis, but has more than just business on his mind.
Note: Barbara Colby's last episode before being murdered.
4 "Leaving Home" James Burrows Earl Pomerantz September 29, 1975 (1975-09-29)
Phyllis decides to move out when Jonathan's cranky old mother, Mother Dexter, comes to the house and takes a dislike to her.
Note: Introduction of Mother Dexter; Liz Torres replaces the late Barbara Colby as Julie.
5 "The First Day" James Burrows Earl Pomerantz October 6, 1975 (1975-10-06)
Phyllis writes a letter to her friend Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore) about her new life as a working woman.
6 "Phyllis Takes Piano Lessons" James Burrows Ed. Weinberger & Stan Daniels October 13, 1975 (1975-10-13)
Phyllis decides to conquer her childhood fear of performing in public and starts taking piano lessons again -- in a class full of small children.
7 "Phyllis's Garage Sale" James Burrows Pamela Chais October 20, 1975 (1975-10-20)
Phyllis has a garage sale to get rid of some of her old belongings from Minneapolis.
8 "The First Date" James Burrows Seth Freeman October 27, 1975 (1975-10-27)
Phyllis goes on her first date since Lars's death, but makes it a double date with Julie. Guest starring Tim O'Connor, Daniel J. Travanti and Loni Anderson.
9 "All Together Now" Joan Darling Gary Markowitz & John W. Regier November 3, 1975 (1975-11-03)
Phyllis tries to get to know Bess better by going with her to a nightclub.
10 "Audrey Leaves Jonathan" Mel Shapiro Michael Leeson November 10, 1975 (1975-11-10)
When Audrey finds out Jonathan once cheated on his first wife, she refuses to sleep in the same room with him.
11 "Phyllis Opens Julie's Heart" Jay Sandrich David Lloyd November 17, 1975 (1975-11-17)
Phyllis and Julie open up to each other after Phyllis sees Julie's boyfriend out with another man. Guest starring Tony Roberts as Jerry.
12 "So Lonely I Could Cry" Joan Darling Mary Kay Place & Valerie Curtin November 24, 1975 (1975-11-24)
Phyllis attends a support group for widows.
13 "Phyllis and the Little People" James Burrows Bob Ellison December 1, 1975 (1975-12-01)
Bess announces her engagement to her boyfriend (Scott Colomby), and Phyllis meets his parents (Billy Barty and Sadie Delfino), who both turn out to be midgets.
14 "There's No Business Like No Business" Jay Sandrich Earl Pomerantz December 8, 1975 (1975-12-08)
Julie's photography studio is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Phyllis tries to land a big account to save the business.
15 "Paging Dr. Lindstrom" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles December 29, 1975 (1975-12-29)
Phyllis holds a seance to try and contact Lars in the afterlife. Guest starring David Wayne.
16 "The $17,623,419.53 Man" James Burrows Earl Pomerantz January 5, 1976 (1976-01-05)
A wealthy middle-aged man (Eugene Roche) asks Phyllis to marry him.
17 "Honor Thy Mother Dexter" Stuart Margolin Michael Leeson January 12, 1976 (1976-01-12)
Phyllis gets Mother Dexter a job at Julie's photography studio.
18 "Phyllis in Love" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles January 19, 1976 (1976-01-19)
Phyllis falls in love with a married man (Clu Gulager).
19 "Crazy Mama" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles January 26, 1976 (1976-01-26)
Bess moves out of the house, and Phyllis goes after her to convince her to come back.
20 "A Man, a Woman and Another Woman" Joan Darling Earl Pomerantz February 2, 1976 (1976-02-02)
Jerome (John McMartin) returns to San Francisco after marrying a much younger woman.
21 "Leo's Suicide" James Burrows Michael Leeson February 9, 1976 (1976-02-09)
A depressed Leo tries to commit suicide by taking an overdose of Audrey's pills, not realizing that they're only placebos.
22 "Sonny Boy" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles February 16, 1976 (1976-02-16)
There's a bad case of sibling rivalry when Jonathan's brother (Dick O'Neill) comes to town.
23 "Widows, Merry and Otherwise" James Burrows Tony Webster February 23, 1976 (1976-02-23)
Phyllis meets Audrey's widowed niece Margaret (Linda Lavin) and is astonished by how much quicker Margaret was in getting over her husband's death.
24 "The Triangle" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles March 1, 1976 (1976-03-01)
Phyllis starts dating Bess's ex-boyfriend.

Season 2 (1976–77)[edit]

Episode # Episode title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "The New Job" Jay Sandrich Ed. Weinberger & Stan Daniels September 20, 1976 (1976-09-20)
Out of a job again after Julie sells the studio, Phyllis lands a position as an assistant to city supervisor Dan Valenti (Carmine Caridi).
2 "You're Not Getting Better, Just Older" Jay Sandrich David Lloyd September 27, 1976 (1976-09-27)
When no one remembers her birthday, a self-pitying Phyllis calls Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore), who is so worried about Phyllis that she flies to San Francisco to check on her.
3 "Speech 1A" James Burrows Gary David Goldberg October 4, 1976 (1976-10-04)
Phyllis makes her debut as a speechwriter.
4 "Off the Bench" James Burrows Earl Pomerantz October 11, 1976 (1976-10-11)
Phyllis meets an unkempt man (Jack Elam) in the park, and tries to give him a new image so he can win the girl of his dreams.
5 "Boss Or Buddy Or Both Or Neither" Joan Darling Earl Pomerantz October 18, 1976 (1976-10-18)
Phyllis goes on strike to demand more attention from Dan.
6 "Phyllis Cries Wolf" Doug Rogers Glen Charles & Les Charles October 25, 1976 (1976-10-25)
Phyllis is suspicious of the intentions of Bess's new college professor (Terry Kiser).
7 "Out of the Closet" James Burrows Glen Charles & Les Charles November 1, 1976 (1976-11-01)
Phyllis's new boyfriend reveals that he's gay.
8 "The Wrong Box" James Burrows Earl Pomerantz November 8, 1976 (1976-11-08)
Phyllis arranges to have Lars's body shipped to San Francisco, but it's not Lars's body that arrives.
9 "Phyllis and the Jumper" Richard Schaal Bob Ellison November 15, 1976 (1976-11-15)
Phyllis has to help talk a man (Jerry Stiller) down from a ledge.
10 "Mother Dexter Cohabitates" Tony Mordente Glen Charles & Les Charles November 22, 1976 (1976-11-22)
Mother Dexter shocks the family by shacking up with her equally elderly boyfriend Arthur (Burt Mustin).
11 "Mother Dexter's Wedding" Asaad Kelada Glen Charles & Les Charles December 6, 1976 (1976-12-06)
True to her usual form, Phyllis forgets to pick Mother Dexter up for her own wedding.
12 "Bess Airs Her Views" Asaad Kelada Glen Charles & Les Charles December 20, 1976 (1976-12-20)
Bess joins a crusade to reinstate a teacher who was fired for posing in the nude.
13 "The Christmas Party" Harry Mastrogeorge Tom Tenowich December 27, 1976 (1976-12-27)
Dan won't let Phyllis go to a Christmas party being held on the other side of their office.
14 "Phyllis Runs the Office" Doug Rogers David Lloyd January 3, 1977 (1977-01-03)
When Doug is taken to the hospital, Phyllis takes over his duties.
15 "The Threat" Harry Mastrogeorge George Arthur Bloom & Sandy Glass January 10, 1977 (1977-01-10)
Leonard receives a death threat.
16 "Taking a Chance on Chance" Doug Rogers Earl Pomerantz January 16, 1977 (1977-01-16)
Phyllis's newest beau, Buddy (Robert Alda) is a compulsive gambler.
17 "Leonard and the Bribe" Noam Pitlik Bob Ellison January 23, 1977 (1977-01-23)
Leonard is offered a $100,000 bribe.
18 "Broken-Hearted Bess" Noam Pitlik Glen Charles & Les Charles January 30, 1977 (1977-01-30)
After Bess is dumped by her boyfriend, Phyllis tries to brighten her spirits with a trip.
19 "I Am Beautiful" Doug Rogers Arthur S. Rabin February 6, 1977 (1977-02-06)
Phyllis helps a co-worker with a crush on Leonard.
20 "Dan's Ex" Doug Rogers Glen Charles & Les Charles February 13, 1977 (1977-02-13)
Phyllis makes a disastrous attempt to get Dan back together with his ex-wife Joanne (Marcia Rodd).
21 "Audrey's New Life" Doug Rogers Tom Tenowich February 20, 1977 (1977-02-20)
Audrey gets a job in an antique store, and Jonathan thinks her boss has designs on her.
22 "The Elopement" Doug Rogers Laurence Marks February 27, 1977 (1977-02-27)
Bess elopes with Dan's nephew Mark (Craig Wasson).
23 "The Apartment" Noam Pitlik Laurence Marks March 6, 1977 (1977-03-06)
Concerned by the state of Bess and Mark's apartment, Phyllis tries to get them to move into Jonathan's house.
24 "A Baby Makes Six" Noam Pitlik Glen Charles & Les Charles March 13, 1977 (1977-03-13)
Mark is on the verge of leaving Bess when she announces that she's pregnant.