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This is a list of notable alumni of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity


Name Original chapter Notability References
Bill Bain Sigma Founder, Bain and Company [1]
Charles O. "Chad" Holliday Zeta Chairman, Bank of America; CEO, DuPont
Mark Russinovich Beta Sigma CTO, Microsoft Azure
Jeff Taylor Theta Mu Founder, [2][3]
Brian Kevin Turner Epsilon Omega Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft [2][4]

Government and Politics[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Brian K. Zahra Delta Nu Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court [2]
LeRoy H. Anderson Gamma Kappa U.S. Representative from Montana [2]
Charles O. Andrews Alpha Eta U.S. Senator from Florida [2]
Dick Armey Jamestown College U.S. Representative and Majority Leader from Texas [2]
Albert B. "Happy" Chandler Kappa 44th and 49th Governor of Kentucky, U.S. Senator from Kentucky [2]
J. Bayard Clark Beta U.S. Representative from North Carolina [2]
Earle C. Clements Omega 47th Governor of Kentucky, U.S. Senator from Kentucky [2]
Thad Cochran Gamma Iota U.S. Senator from Mississippi [2][5]
William M. Colmer Alpha Iota U.S. Representative from Mississippi [2]
Charlie Crist Delta Lambda 44th Governor of Florida [2]
Glenn Cunningham Delta Chi U.S. Representative from Nebraska, Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska [6]
Everett Dirksen Delta Sigma U.S. Senator from Illinois [2]
William C. Dixon Beta Tau Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court [2]
Doug Ducey Delta Tau 23rd Governor of Arizona [6]
John W. Fishburne Pi U.S. Representative from Virginia [6]
John Nance Garner Sigma 39th Speaker of the House of Representatives, 32nd Vice President of the United States [6]
Leo Hoegh Gamma Nu 33rd Governor of Iowa [6]
Harry R. Houston Iota Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates [7]
Jon Kyl Gamma Delta U.S. Senator from Arizona [2]
Nicholas Lampson Epsilon Kappa U.S. Representative from Texas [2]
John Augustine Marshall Alpha Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Utah [7]
W. Robert Pearson Sigma Former United States Ambassador to Turkey [2]
Edward A. Pease Delta Xi Former U.S. Congressman from Indiana [2]
Pat Roberts Alpha Omega U.S. Senator from Kansas [2]
Absalom Willis Robertson Omicron U.S. Senator from Virginia [1]
Karl Rove Alpha Tau White House Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush [2]
Pete Sessions Alpha Omicron U.S. Representative from Texas [2]
John Sparkman Gamma Alpha U.S. Senator from Alabama, 1952 Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States [6]
John Sparkman Gamma Alpha U.S. Senator from Alabama, 1952 Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States [6]
Strom Thurmond Eta Alpha 103rd Governor of South Carolina, U.S. Senator from South Carolina [2]
Kenneth H. Tuggle Omega 39th Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky [6]
Claude R. Wickard Beta Phi 12th United States Secretary of Agriculture [6]


Name Original chapter Notability References
Courtney Hodges Psi Commander of the First United States Army, World War II [2]
Richard J. Seitz Alpha Omega Lieutenant General, United States Army [1]
Louis H. Wilson, Jr. Alpha Iota 26th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Medal of Honor recipient [1]
James A. Winnefeld, Jr. Alpha Delta Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [2]


Name Original chapter Notability References
John A. DiBiaggio Beta Tau President of Tufts University, Michigan State University, and the University of Connecticut [1]
Walter Lynwood Fleming Upsilon American historian of the South and Reconstruction [7]
E. Gordon Gee Alpha Tau President of West Virginia University [2]
Kenneth T. Jackson Delta Zeta Jacques Barzun Professor of History and the Social Sciences at Columbia University, Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of New York City [2]
John Lloyd Newcomb Gamma 2nd President of the University of Virginia [2]
Samuel H. Smith Alpha Sigma Former president of Washington State University (1985–2000) [2]

News, Art, and Entertainment[edit]

Name Original chapter Notability References
Jason Alkire Epsilon Eta Fashion Designer Haus Alkire [8]
Dan Bilzerian Alpha Eta Poker Player, Social Media Figure [citation needed]
Erik Courtney Iota Lambda Bravo TV personality Newlyweds: The First Year [citation needed]
Rick Dees Tau Host of The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown [2]
Mason Gamble Iota Pi Actor Dennis the Menace [2]
Ted Koppel Alpha Chi Nightline Anchor ABC [2]
Serge F. Kovaleski Gamma Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times [1]
Tim McGraw Eta Omicron American country singer and actor [2]
Ken Ober Theta Mu Game Show Host [2]
Jim Parsons Epsilon Eta Actor The Big Bang Theory [2]
Greg Pitts Zeta Pi Actor Movie Office Space [citation needed]
Jeremy Piven Delta Omicron Actor Entourage [2]
Seth Rogen Lambda Delta Canadian actor and comedian
Jon Stewart Gamma Host of The Daily Show (1999–2015) [2]
Eric Stonestreet Alpha Omega Actor Modern Family [2]
Brian Tyler Iota Pi Composer Iron Man 3, The Expendables [citation needed]
Scott Van Pelt Delta Psi Anchor ESPN [2]
Matt Winer Alpha Nu Anchor Turner Sports, formerly SportsCenter [2]
Morgan Woodward Beta Mu Actor Dallas, Cool Hand Luke [2]


Name Original chapter Notability References
Kent Bazemore Zeta Iota Professional Basketball Player, Atlanta Hawks [2]
Bobby Bowden Alpha Pi Former Head Football Coach Florida State [2]
Pat Bowlen Beta Omicron Owner, Denver Broncos [2]
Bob Bowman Delta Lambda CEO North Baltimore Aquatic Club [2]
Marvin O. Bridges Rho All-Southern college football player, minor league baseball player, and head coach for University of Florida [9]
Chad Clifton Epsilon Sigma Offensive Tackle, Green Bay Packers [2]
Matt Doherty Beta Zeta Former head men's basketball coach at Southern Methodist University [2]
Guy Dennis Alpha Eta Former professional football player for Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions [2]
Jeff Feagles Gamma Omega NFL Kicker, University of Miami [2]
Jimbo Fisher Delta Lambda Head Football Coach Florida State [2]
Gus Frerotte Gamma Upsilon Quarterback NFL [2]
Jason Fox Gamma Omega NFL Lineman, University of Miami [2]
Horace Grant Eta Alpha Professional Basketball Player [2]
Hubert Green Delta Lambda Professional Golfer [2]
Todd Hays Gamma Upsilon Bobsledder and Olympic Silver Medalist [2]
Jeff Ireland Theta Nu General Manager, Miami Dolphins [2]
EJ Manuel Delta Lambda Quarterback Buffalo Bills [2]
Colin McCarthy Gamma Omega NFL Linebacker, University of Miami [2]
Bill McCartney University of Missouri Former football coach for CU-Boulder, founder of Promise Keepers ministry [2]
Chris Myers Gamma Omega NFL Lineman, University of Miami [2]
Kyle Orton Beta Phi Quarterback NFL [2]
Steve Prefontaine Gamma Pi Track and Field Hall of Fame [2]
Howard Schnellenberger Gamma Omega Football coach (winner of 1983 NCAA National Championship), University of Miami [2]
Frank Sinkwich Alpha Mu Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Georgia [2]
James Southerland Alpha Chi NBA Forward [citation needed]
Kevin Stallings Beta Phi Head Basketball Coach, Vanderbilt University [2]
Gino Torretta Gamma Omega Heisman Trophy Winner, University of Miami [2]
Eric Winston Gamma Omega NFL Lineman, NCAA All-American University of Miami [2]
Michael Oliveira Kappa Gamma Professional Boxer
Andres De Abreu Kappa Gamma Professional Soccer Player, Miami United FC


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