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A total of 157 five-minute Pingu episodes were originally made, from 1986 to 2000, and then again from 2003 to 2006. The episodes were written by Silvio Mazzola and were directed and animated by Otmar Gutmann using clay animation, at Trickfilmstudio in Russikon, Switzerland.[1] A special twenty minute episode "Pingu at the Wedding Party" (also known by its home video title A Very Special Wedding) was also produced, in 1997, which introduced a family of green penguins.

The leading numbers identify the series and episode number (e.g. 5.10 is episode 10 of series 5). Where applicable, it is denoted whether the title shown is an alternative rather than the main. Titles used by the BBC in television broadcasts or on BBC videos are indicated by the comment "BBC" at the end of the entry for a title. Titles used in North America on DVDs are similarly indicated, by "NA". This page lists all the episodes.


Series 1 (May 28, 1986 to December 10, 1990)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 1)

Series 2 (August 20, 1991 to April 19, 1994)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 2)

Series 3 (June 15, 1995 to September 5, 1996)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 3)

Series 4 (January 5, 1998 to April 9, 2000)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 4)

Series 5 (July 31, 2003 to February 5, 2004)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 5)

Series 6 (January 2, 2005 to March 2, 2006)[edit]

Main article: Pingu (series 6)

Special episodes[edit]


No official episode title appears on screen, so the lists were initially created from the titles used on various official DVD releases. The main episode titles for series 1 to 4 were taken from the official Japanese DVD releases and the alternative titles from the official European DVD releases. Episode titles for series 5 and 6 were taken from the European DVD releases. Changes have subsequently been made to these titles to bring them more into line with English usage and practice (e.g. to correct spelling and grammar) and to relate them to the titles used on UK DVDs produced by HIT Entertainment. Alternative titles have also been appropriately added, amended, etc. Title data have also been supplemented with information from other sources, such as the titles used by the BBC for television broadcasts and on video tapes.

In the UK, the BBC appears never to have broadcast any of the normal 5-minute episodes from the latter half of series 3 (3.14 – 3.26) or from series 4 (4.1 – 4.26).[2] However, all the episodes from the latter half of series 3 (3.14 - 3.26) have been featured on BBC produced videos. Of the episodes that have been broadcast, all have been broadcast since 4 September 2006 inclusive.

Since 2007, in addition to standalone episodes the BBC, Nick Jr and APTN in Canada have been showing The Pingu Show ("Pingu welcomes viewers to his secret whale-shaped funhouse for a show packed with brand new sketches, two classic episodes, narrated by Marc Silk and the chance to learn more about the amazing world of penguins in Penguin Facts").[3]


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