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This article is a list of the butterworts, the species of the genus Pinguicula. For general information on butterworts, please see the main article on Pinguicula.

The genus Pinguicula contains the 83 species of butterworts, belonging to the bladderwort family (Lentibulariaceae). It has a natural distribution across most of the Northern Hemisphere, though over half of the species are concentrated in Mexico and Central America. Siegfried Jost Casper systematically divided them into three subgenera with 15 sections. Subsequent phylogenetic research showed that many of these groupings are polyphyletic, but they are used below.

Subgenus Isoloba[edit]

Pinguicula gigantea with prey. The insect was too large and was able to escape.

Section Agnata[edit]

Section Cardiophyllum[edit]

Section Discoradix[edit]

Section Heterophyllum[edit]

Section Isoloba[edit]

Subgenus Pinguicula[edit]

Section Crassifolia[edit]

Section Homophyllum[edit]

Section Longitubus[edit]

Section Nana[edit]

Section Orcheosanthus[edit]

Section Orchidioides[edit]

Section Pinguicula[edit]

Subgenus Temnoceras[edit]

Section Ampullipalatum[edit]

Section Micranthus[edit]

Section Temnoceras[edit]

Incertae sedis[edit]

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