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This is a list of automobiles sold under the Plymouth brand name of the Chrysler Corporation.

Passenger cars[edit]

1966 Plymouth Barracuda
1987 Plymouth Reliant
1996-2000 Plymouth Breeze


Plymouth PT-50 pickup truck
  • PV-Sedan Delivery
  • PT-50
  • PT-57
  • PT-81
  • PT-105
  • PT-125
  • P-14-S

Concept cars[edit]

1952 Plymouth Explorer
1973 Plymouth (Rapid Transit System) Duster 340
1988 Plymouth Slingshot
Plymouth Prowler
Model Year Type Specifications Features
Plymouth XX-500[1] 1950 Sedan
Plymouth Belmont c.1953 2-seater Convertible 3.9L 150 hp V8
Plymouth Explorer 1954 Coupé
Plymouth Plainsman 1957 Station wagon
Plymouth Cabana 1958 Station wagon Unique glass roof for the rear portion of the car.
Plymouth XNR 1960 2-seater convertible 2.8L 250 hp Straight-six engine[2]
Plymouth Asimmetrica 1961 3.7L 145 hp Straight-six engine[3]
Plymouth Valiant St. Regis 1962 Coupé
Plymouth V.I.P. 1965 4-seater convertible Unique roof bar from the top of the windshield to the rear deck.
Plymouth Barracuda Formula SX 1966 Coupé
Plymouth Duster I Road Runner 1969 340 hp V8
426 hp V8
All features of the Road Runner plus flaps on top and sides and adjustable spoilers on the side of the rear fender, all to reduce lift.
Plymouth Rapid Transit System 'Cuda (440) 1970 Convertible
Plymouth Rapid Transit System Road Runner Coupé Three-colored tail lights: red for "braking", yellow for "coasting" and green for "on the gas".
Plymouth Rapid Transit System Duster 340 5.6L c.300 hp V8[4]
Plymouth Concept Voyager II 1986 Minivan
Plymouth Slingshot 1988 2-seater coupé 2.2L 225 hp turbocharged Straight-four engine Canopy that swings upwards to open the car
Adjustable four-wheel independent suspension
Keyless credit card-like entry
Combined headlight and rear-view mirror pods
Exposed engine and suspension
Plymouth Speedster 1989 2-seater convertible No opening doors, to make getting in more fun
Plymouth Voyager 3 Minivan The front of the car could be driven by itself or driven when attached to a "miniature tractor-trailer"
Glass roof
Plymouth X2S Coupé
2.0L (turbocharged) 167 hp V6
Plymouth Breeze c.1990 Sedan 2.0L 132 hp 4 cylinder engine
2.4L 150 hp Straight-four engine
Plymouth Prowler 1993 Convertible 3.5L 214 hp V6
Plymouth Expresso 1994 Compact car
Plymouth Backpack 1995 2-seater Space for a laptop on a small table
Built-in bike rack on the back
Plymouth Pronto 1997 Convertible The front of the car resembled that of the Prowler
Roll-back fabric top
Plymouth Pronto Spyder 1998 2.4L 225 hp Straight-four engine
Plymouth Howler 1999 3.5L c.250 hp V6
4.7L c.250 hp V8
Plymouth Voyager XG[5] Minivan 2.5L 115 hp turbocharged diesel engine Powered retractable sunroof


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