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Pokémon: Advanced Challenge
The front cover of the DVD collection box of English Pokémon: Advanced Challenge season
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 52
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release September 4, 2003 (2003-09-04) – September 2, 2004 (2004-09-02)
Season chronology
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Advanced Battle

This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, the seventh season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum in Hoenn.

The Japanese opening songs are "Advance Adventure" by GARDEN, and "Challenger!!" by Rica Matsumoto. The ending songs are "Polka O Dolka" by Inuko Inuyama and Nolsol Chorus Group, "Smile" by Toshiko Ezaki, and "Full of Summer!!" by Naomi Tamura and Himawari Chorus. The English opening song is "This Dream" by David Rolfe.


The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the English version openings of each episode and may not reflect the actual production season. The English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication on Cartoon Network, or on the WB Television Network. (Other English-speaking nations largely followed either this order or the Japanese order.) Subsequent airings of the English version follow the original Japanese order, except in the case of episodes which are no longer shown in English.

This season aired first-run episodes in Japan from September 4, 2003, to September 2, 2004. In the United States, it aired from September 11, 2004, to September 10, 2005. It originally aired as part of the 2004-05 Kids' WB! Saturday morning line-up.

The series was released on 10 DVD volumes by Viz Media.[1]

This season, there is a new mid-episode eyecatch segment known as "Pokémon Trainer's Choice", which is hosted by Ash himself. This segment challenges the viewers to answer questions about the things they covered during the episode instead of identifying the creatures in "Who's that Pokémon?" from the first six seasons. "Pokémon Trainer's Choice" was abandoned at the beginning of the Battle Frontier season.

Season 7 – Pokémon: Advanced Challenge (2003–2004)[edit]

EP# English title
Japanese title
Air date
J# E# Japan United States
317 314 "What You Seed is What You Get" (Kimori's New Technique!! Watermelon Field's Seed Machine Gun!)
"Kimori no Shinwaza!! Suika Hatake no Tane Mashingan!" (キモリの新技!!スイカ畑のタネマシンガン!) 
September 4, 2003 September 11, 2004
At a watermelon field, Ash decides to teach Treecko the "Bullet Seed" technique. 
318 315 "Love at First Flight" (Barubeat and Illumise! Dance of Love!)
"Barubīto to Irumīze! Ai no Dansu!" (バルビートとイルミーゼ!愛のダンス!) 
September 11, 2003 October 16, 2004
A Volbeat trainer named Romeo goes to May for tips on trying to confess his love for an Illumise trainer named Juliet. 
319 316 "Let Bagons Be Bagons" (Fly Tatsubay! Towards the Future!!)
"Tobe, Tatsubei! Ashita ni Mukatte!!" (飛べ、タツベイ!明日にむかって!!) 
September 18, 2003 September 18, 2004
Ash and company encounter Michelle and her Bagon, which wishes to fly. In the end, her Bagon evolves into Shelgon! 
320 317 "The Princess and the Togepi" (Kasumi Appears! Togepi and the Mirage Kingdom!)
"Kasumi Tōjō! Togepī to Maboroshi no Ōkoku!" (カスミ登場!トゲピーとまぼろしの王国!) 
September 25, 2003 September 25, 2004
Misty arrives in Hoenn, but her reunion with Ash and Brock is cut short when an evil Colonel kidnaps Togepi with the help of Team Rocket. 
321 318 "A Togepi Mirage!" (Beyond the Mirage! Togepi's Paradise!)
"Shinkirō no Kanata ni! Togepī no Rakuen!" (蜃気楼の彼方に!トゲピーの楽園!) 
October 2, 2003 October 2, 2004
Continuing from the previous episode, Colonel Hanson, Team Rocket and the gang are amazed when they see Togepi's amazing power in defending them. After escaping, Togepi takes the gang to a dimension populated by unhappy Togepi, which has caused the land to grow weak. However, when Misty's Togepi is captured by Hanson in order for him to rule the Mirage Kingdom, it leads to a confrontation, during which Togepi undergoes the ultimate transformation... 
322 319 "Candid Camerupt!" (Kachinuki Family! 4 vs. 4!!)
"Kachinuki Famirī! Yon Tai Yon!!" (かちぬきファミリー!4VS4!!) 
October 9, 2003 October 9, 2004
Ash and friends battle the Winstrate Family. 
323 320 "I Feel Skitty!" (Eneko and Aromatherapy!)
"Eneko to Aromaterapī!" (エネコとアロマテラピー!) 
October 16, 2003 October 23, 2004
May catches an energetic Skitty, who Meowth falls in love with. 
324 321 "ZigZag Zangoose!" (Zangoose vs. Habunake! Rivals Showdown!!)
"Zangūsu Tai Habunēku! Raibaru Taiketsu!!" (ザングースVSハブネーク!ライバル対決!!) 
October 23, 2003 October 23, 2004
Nicolai returns with a new Zangoose. However, Jessie's Seviper appears, and with Zangoose and Seviper being natural enemies, the two Pokémon begin to fight vigorously. 
325 322 "Maxxed Out!" (Masato and Masato! Protect Ametama!)
"Masato to Masato! Ametama o Mamore!" (マサトとマサト!アメタマを守れ!) 
October 30, 2003 October 30, 2004
The gang finds a boy who looks and sounds almost exactly like Max, and they both even have the same name! Can both Maxes protect a Surskit from Team Rocket? 
326 323 "Pros and Con Artists" (Pokémon Contest – Hajitsuge Tournament!!)
"Pokemon Kontesuto, Hajitsuge Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト・ハジツゲ大会!!) 
November 6, 2003 October 30, 2004
The gang meets a girl named Grace with a Medicham who is going to enter the contest. Meanwhile, Team Rocket conducts a scam while May experiences mixed feelings about being in the contest. 
327 324 "Come What May!" (VS Charem! Contest Battle!!)
"VS Chāremu! Kontesuto Batoru!!" (VSチャーレム!コンテストバトル!!) 
November 13, 2003 November 6, 2004
May participates in the Fallarbor Town Contest. Will she win and earn her first contest ribbon? 
328 325 "Cheer Pressure" (Prasle and Minun! Road of Cheering!?)
"Purasuru to Mainan! Ōen no Michi!?" (プラスルとマイナン!応援の道!?) 
November 20, 2003 November 6, 2004
Ash and friends re-encounter Kazuchi. The four friends find a cheerleading squad. 
329 326 "Game Winning Assist" (Eneco and Cat's Paw! Meadow of Donmel!)
"Eneko to Neko no te! Donmeru no Bokujō!" (エネコとねこのて!ドンメルの牧場!) 
November 27, 2003 November 13, 2004
After getting chased out of a cave by Slugma, Ash and friends end up at a Numel farm. 
330 327 "Fight for the Meteorite" (Team Aqua vs. Team Magma Again! Battle of Mt. Chimney!!)
"Maguma-dan Tai Akua-dan, Futatabi! Entotsu Yama no Tatakai!!" (マグマ団VSアクア団、再び!えんとつ山の戦い!!) 
December 4, 2003 November 13, 2004
Team Aqua and Team Magma fight over a stolen meteorite at Mt. Chimney, trapping the gang in a cable car with Team Rocket, with Ash attempting to recover the space rock from the criminal organizations after escaping the cable car through a deadly stunt. 
331 328 "Poetry Commotion!" (The New Gym Leader – Asuna! The Hole-Filled Battlefield!)
"Shinjin Jimu Rīdā, Asuna! Anadarake no Batoru Fīrudo!" (新人ジムリーダー・アスナ!穴だらけのバトルフィールド!) 
December 11, 2003 November 20, 2004
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Lavaridge Gym. There, they meet Flannery, who was recently given control of the gym by her grandfather. However, the grounds are a mess, and will need fixing before any official battle can begin. 
332 329 "Going, Going, Yawn!" (Heat Badge! Win the Blazing Battle!!)
"Hīto Bajji! Moeru Batoru de Getto da ze!!" (ヒートバッジ!燃えるバトルでゲットだぜ!!) 
December 18, 2003 November 20, 2004
Ash faces off against Flannery. Will he win? 
333 330 "Going for a Spinda" (Full of Patcheel! Beyound the Mountains in Search of Happiness!)
"Patchīru Ga Ippai! Shiawase Sagashite Yama no Kanata ni!" (パッチールがいっぱい!幸せさがして山の彼方に!) 
December 25, 2003 November 27, 2004
Ash and friends must find a lucky Spinda. 
334 331 "All Torkoal, No Play" (Breakthrough Valley of Steel! Cotoise vs. Haganeil!!)
"Hagane no Tani o Toppa se yo! Kōtasu Tai Haganēru!!" (ハガネの谷を突破せよ!コータスVSハガネール!!) 
January 8, 2004 November 27, 2004
Ash and co. enter the Valley of Steel where they see a Torkoal being bullied by Steel Pokémon, which are led by a Steelix. Thus, Ash rescues the Torkoal, adding a new member to his team. 
335 332 "Manectric Charge" (Kinetsu Gym Returns! Vs. Livolt!!)
"Kinsetsu Jimu Futatabi! Tai Raiboruto!!" (キンセツジムふたたび!VSライボルト!!) 
January 15, 2004 December 4, 2004
Wattson's Electrike evolves into Manectric. 
336 333 "Delcatty Got Your Tongue" (Eneko and Enekororo! The Legendary Pokémon Coordinator Appears!!)
"Eneko to Enekororo! Densetsu no Kōdeinētā Tōjō!!" (エネコとエネコロロ!伝説のコーディネーター登場!!) 
January 22, 2004 December 4, 2004
May's Skitty learns Blizzard. 
337 334 "Disaster of Disguise" (The Masked Coordinator – Phantom Appears!!)
"Kamen no Kōdeinētā, Fantomu Tōjō!!" (仮面のコーディネーター・ファントム登場!!) 
January 29, 2004 December 11, 2004
May hears from Drew that his Roselia was badly injured by a masked trainer's Dusclops. Eventually, Ash, Brock, May and Max find this trainer themselves, but soon discover it is a kid named Timmy. Apparently his mother loathes Pokémon, and he masquerades as the Phantom Coordinator in order to get in training. They decide to help him find a way to compete in the next Pokémon Contest. 
338 335 "Disguise Da Limit" (Shidake Town! Pokémon Contest!!)
"Shidake Taun! Pokemon Kontesuto!!" (シダケタウン!ポケモンコンテスト!!) 
February 5, 2004 December 11, 2004
Continuing from the previous episode, May and Timmy compete in the Verdanturf Pokémon Contest. Now with his mother's approval, Timmy pits his Dusclop against May's Skitty. 
339 336 "Take the Lombre Home" (Solrock and Hasubrero! Legend of the Sacred Forest!)
"Sorurokku to Hasuburero! Seinaru Mori no Densetsu!" (ソルロックとハスブレロ!聖なる森の伝説!) 
February 12, 2004 January 29, 2005
Brock's Lotad evolves into Lombre, who is sought as a savior by a small village suffering from a drought. 
340 337 "True Blue Swablu" (Sky of Tyltto! Heart of Haruka!!)
"Chirutto no Sora! Haruka no Kokoro!!" (チルットの空!ハルカの心!!) 
February 19, 2004 February 5, 2005
Lightning crashes... thunder booms... it's indeed a dark and stormy night! A group of Swablu and Altaria are hiding in the big woods, and too frightened to sleep, and a big flash hits the tree, which fell down to the ground with a crash, and all of them escaped, excluding a small Swablu. While walking through a trail, they find a flightless Swablu, and teach it how to fly. 
341 338 "Gulpin it Down!" (The Great Gokulin Repelling Strategy!!)
"Gokurin Gekitai Daisakusen!!" (ゴクリン撃退大作戦!!) 
February 26, 2004 February 12, 2005

Due to a freak accident, a Gulpin and Ash's Treecko grow to the size of Godzilla. In the end, the massive Gulpin gets caught by a machine expert who used a Heavy Ball.

Note: This is the final episode to air on Kids' WB!
342 339 "Exploud and Clear" (Critical Situation! Bakuong vs. Juptile!!)
"Isshokusokuhatsu! Bakuongu Tai Juputoru!!" (一触即発!バクオングVSジュプトル!!) 
March 4, 2004 February 19, 2005

Ash's Treecko evolves while battling a Loudred. However, the Loudred also evolves into an Exploud, and goes beyond its trainer's control.

Note: This is the first episode to air on 4Kids TV
343 340 "Go Go Ludicolo!" (Dancing Battle! Runpappa!!)
"Odoru Batoru da! Runpappa!!" (踊るバトルだ!ルンパッパ!!) 
March 11, 2004 February 26, 2005
Corphish is now jealous of Grovyle and takes on a trainer with a Ludicolo. 
344 341 "A Double Dilemma" (Papa is Idol!? Fake Gym Leader!!)
"Papa wa Aidoru!? Itsuwari no Jimu Rīdā!!" (パパはアイドル!?いつわりのジムリーダー!!) 
March 18, 2004 March 5, 2005
Ash returns to Petalburg City, only to discover that Norman, May and Max's father, has become a celebrity overtime. To take advantage of this, Team Rocket (and Wobbuffet) disguise as May and Max's family. 
345 342 "Love, Petalburg Style!" (Tōka Gym Crisis! Household Crisis!!)
"Tōka Jimu no Kiki! Katei no Kiki!!" (トウカジムの危機!家庭の危機!!) 
March 25, 2004 March 12, 2005
When it appears that Norman is flirting with the local Nurse Joy, everyone else come to the conclusion he has dumped Caroline. 
346 343 "Balance of Power" (Tōka Gym! The Fifth Badge!!)
"Tōka Jimu Sen! Itsutsu me no Bajji!!" (トウカジム戦!五つ目のバッジ!!) 
April 1, 2004 March 19, 2005
Ash finally gets a rematch with Norman. 
347 344 "A Six Pack Attack!" (Professor Ookido and Professor Odamaki! Secret Base Battle!!)
"Ōkido-hakase to Odamaki-hakase! Himitsukichi no Tatakai!!" (オーキド博士とオダマキ博士!秘密基地の戦い!!) 
April 8, 2004 March 26, 2005
Professor Oak comes to Hoenn to visit Professor Birch, bringing along with him the Kanto Starter Pokémon. 
348 345 "The Bicker the Better" (Tag Battle! Satoshi vs. Haruka!?)
"Taggu Batoru! Satoshi Tai Haruka!?" (タッグバトル!サトシVSハルカ!?) 
April 15, 2004 April 2, 2005
Ash and May get into a quarrel and are mistaken for a couple. 
349 346 "Grass Hysteria!" (King of the Forbidden Forest! Fushigibana!!)
"Kindan no Mori no Ōja! Fushigibana!!" (禁断の森の王者!フシギバナ!!) 
April 22, 2004 April 9, 2005
May finds a garden inhabited by Bulbasaur. The owner eventually assures a female Bulbasaur to travel with May, as the young coordinator earns herself another Pokémon. 
350 347 "Hokey PokéBalls" (Fushigidane and Fushigidane! Regaining the Monster Balls!!)
"Fushigidane to Fushigidane! Monsutā Bōru o Torikaese!!" (フシギダネとフシギダネ!モンスターボールを取り返せ!!) 
April 29, 2004 April 16, 2005
Ash brings back his Bulbasaur for a visit, and Bulbasaur becomes friendly with May's Bulbasaur. However playtime is cut short as they chase down Team Rocket has managed to hijack the Pokémon Center's Pokémon Transfer System and steal a horde of Pokémon. 
351 348 "Whiscash and Ash" (Showdown! The Fishing Master and the Giant Namazun!!)
"Taiketsu! Kyodai Namazun to Tsuri Meijin!!" (対決!巨大ナマズンと釣り名人!!) 
May 6, 2004 April 23, 2005
After losing his badge to a large Whiscash, Ash relys on the help of a fisherman who wants to catch that Whiscash. 
352 349 "Me, Myself and Time" (Yajilon and the Ruins in the Mist!)
"Yajiron to Kiri no Naka no Iseki!" (ヤジロンと霧の中の遺跡!) 
May 13, 2004 April 30, 2005
While separated from the others, Ash encounters a girl and her Baltoy. He learns they were called to meet someone at a set of ruins, and her Baltoy is a key. 
353 350 "A Fan with a Plan!" (Forbidable Enemy!? Mother Coordinator Appears!)
"Kyoōteki!? Mama-san Kōdeinētā Tōjō!" (強敵!?ママさんコーディネーター登場!) 
May 20, 2004 May 7, 2005
In a Pokémon contest, May discovers that one of the coordinators called Savannah is actually an adult and mother! 
354 351 "Cruisin' for a Losin'" (Pokémon Contest! Ruibosu Tournament!!)
"Pokemon Kontesuto! Ruibosu Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト!ルイボス大会!!) 
May 27, 2004 May 14, 2005
May's Bulbasaur loses when battling Savannah's Lairon. After that, Drew beats Savannah and earns the contest ribbon. 
355 352 "Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend" (Baneboo's Lost Object!?)
"Banebū no Sagashimono!?" (バネブーのさがしもの!?) 
June 3, 2004 May 21, 2005
A Spoink needs Ash and his friends to help find its pearl. However, after a scuffle with Team Rocket, it ends up in the hands of the Magikarp Salesman. 
356 353 "That's Just Swellow" (Beginning Challenge! Sky Match – PokéRinger!!)
"Hatsu Chōsen! Kūchū Kyōgi, Pokeringa!!" (初挑戦!空中競技・ポケリンガ!!) 
June 10, 2004 May 28, 2005
During an aerial competition, Ash's Taillow evolves into Swellow. 
357 354 "Take This House and Shuppet" (The Mansion of Kagebouzu!)
"Kagebōzu no Kan!" (カゲボウズの館!) 
June 17, 2004 June 4, 2005
To protect themselves from the rain, the gang takes shelter in an old mansion. After an argument with May, Max runs off and befriends a Shuppet, using its psychic abilities to play pranks on the others. 
358 355 "A Shroomish Skirmish" (The Fighting King of the Forest!? Wakasyamo vs. Kinogassa!)
"Mori no Kakutō Ō!? Wakashamo Tai Kinogassa!" (森の格闘王!?ワカシャモVSキノガッサ!) 
June 24, 2004 June 11, 2005
May's Torchic finally evolves into Combusken after Ash's Corphish is beaten by an angry and aggressive Breloom that can use the "Mach Punch" technique 
359 356 "Unfair-Weather Friends" (Powalen of the Weather Research Institute!)
"Otenki Kenkyūsho no Powarun!" (お天気研究所のポワルン!) 
July 1, 2004 June 18, 2005
Ash and his friends stumble upon a weather institute which uses a Castform to predict the weather. However, Team Aqua takes the facility hostage while they search for data on the ancient Pokémon, Kyogre and Groudon. 
360 357 "Who's Flying Now?" (Hiwamaki City's Feather Carnival!!)
"Hiwamaki Shiti no Fezā Kānibaru!!" (ヒワマキシティのフェザーカーニバル!!) 
July 8, 2004 June 25, 2005
Finally reaching Fortree City, the gang discover a carnival full of flying Pokémon, and James befriends a Chimecho. 
361 358 "Sky High Gym Battle!" (Hiwamaki Gym! Battle in the Sky!!)
"Hiwamaki Jimu! Ōzora no Tatakai!!" (ヒワマキジム!大空の戦い!!) 
July 15, 2004 July 9, 2005
Ash battles Winona to win a gym badge. 
362 359 "Lights, Camerupt, Action!" (The Film's Riding on Bakuuda!!)
"Eiga wa Bakūda ni Notte!!" (映画はバクーダに乗って!!) 
July 22, 2004 July 16, 2005
Ash and his friends help a trainer and his Camerupt deliver a film to some children. 
363 360 "Crazy as a Lunatone" (Mystery! A Pokémon from Space!?)
"Shinpi! Uchū kara Kita Pokemon!?" (神秘!宇宙から来たポケモン!?) 
July 29, 2004 August 20, 2005
A Lunatone crash lands in Hoenn and needs to get back to space. However the Pokémon Mystery Club returns to snatch Lunatone as proof of a Pokémon lifeform from outer space. 
364 361 "The Garden of Eatin'" (Kabigon of the Banana Namakero Park!!)
"Banana Namakero en no Kabigon!!" (バナナナマケロ園のカビゴン!!) 
August 5, 2004 August 27, 2005
A Snorlax is eating the bananas in a Slakoth Zoo, so one of the Slakoths evolves into Vigoroth 
365 362 "A Scare to Remember" (Pikachu, Joining Team Rocket!?)
"Pikachū, Roketto-dan ni Iru!?" (ピカチュウ、ロケット団に入る!?) 
August 12, 2004 September 3, 2005
Pikachu gets amnesia and is convinced he is a member of Team Rocket. 
366 363 "Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry" (Arrival in Minamo City! Polocks and Swallow's Return!)
"Minamo Shiti Tōchaku! Porokku to Tsubamegaeshi!" (ミナモシティ到着!ポロックとつばめがえし!) 
August 19, 2004 September 3, 2005
While May befriends Kelly, a daughter of a Pokéblock expert, Ash decides to teach Swellow Aerial Ace with the help of a Move Tutor. 
367 364 "Lessons in Lilycove" (Pokémon Contest! Minamo Tournament!!)
"Pokemon Kontesuto! Minamo Taikai!!" (ポケモンコンテスト!ミナモ大会!!) 
August 26, 2004 September 10, 2005
May and Kelly participate in the Lilycove Pokémon Contest, while Ash helps Swellow master Aerial Ace. 
368 365 "Judgment Day" (Those Three Appear! The Referee School Island!)
"Ano Sanbiki Tōjō! Shinpan Gakkō no Shima!" (あの三匹登場!審判学校の島!) 
September 2, 2004 September 10, 2005
Team Rocket attempts to capture a trainer's Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle. 

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