List of Polish admirals

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The following is a list of Polish officers holding the rank of admiral, as well as generals serving in the Polish Navy. It is to be noted that prior to 1918 the term admirał (and, consistently, wiceadmirał and kontradmirał) referred to a function held in the navy rather than a military rank as such.

Until 1918[edit]


World War II[edit]


After 1989[edit]


  1. ^ Promoted posthumously
  2. ^ Promoted upon retirement
  3. ^ In active service (as of 2005)
  4. ^ A Dane in Polish service
  5. ^ A Spaniard in Polish service
  6. ^ A Dutchman in Polish service
  7. ^ A Russian in Polish service
  8. ^ A Scotsman in Polish service
  9. ^ A Swede in Polish service