List of Prague Metro stations

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Prague Metro lines and stations

The following is a list of Prague Metro stations, ordered alphabetically. Names in parentheses denote former station names from before 1990. The accessibility of the station for persons with impaired mobility and important places nearby are also given.


The green Line A connects the center with the northwest and east of the city. It is 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) long and has 13 stations. Travel time (from terminal to terminal) is about 20 minutes.

The yellow Line B is the longest; it goes from the southwest outskirts through the center and continues to the northeast of the city. It is 25.6 kilometres (15.9 miles) long and has 24 stations. Travel time (from end to end) is about 45 minutes.

The red Line C is the oldest and shallowest, going from the north to the south-east. It is 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) long and has 20 stations. Travel time is about 35 minutes.


Name Photo Located Named after Line Opened Notes
Prague 07-2016 Metro img5 LineB Andel.jpg B November 2, 1985 formerly Moskevská, after Moscow
Bořislavka Handicapped/disabled access Borislavka (02).jpg A April 6, 2015
Budějovická Praha, Budějovická, odjíždějící vlak.jpg C May 9, 1974
Černý Most Handicapped/disabled access Prague metro Cerny Most station 01.JPG B November 8, 1998 means Black Bridge in English
Located above-ground with side platforms
Českomoravská Ceskomoravska metro station Prague CZ 975.jpg B November 22, 1990
Chodov Handicapped/disabled access
Praha metro Chodov 1.jpg C November 11, 1980 formerly Budovatelů
Dejvická Handicapped/disabled access
Praha, Dejvická, stanice.jpg Dejvice (The suburb which it serves) A August 12, 1978 formerly Leninova, after Vladimir Lenin
Depo Hostivař Handicapped/disabled access Depo Hostivar 14.jpg A May 26, 2006
Flora Praha Metro Flora platform.jpg A December 19, 1980
Florenc Handicapped/disabled access
Praha, Staré město, Florenc, grafitti vlak metra 81-71.JPGPrague 07-2016 Metro img1 LineC Florenc.jpg at the central bus station BC May 9, 1974 C
November 2, 1985 B
formerly Sokolovská
Háje Handicapped/disabled access
Prague Metro Haje Platform.jpg C November 11, 1980 formerly Kosmonautů
Hlavní nádraží Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Hlavní nádraží, nástupiště.JPG at the main train station C May 9, 1974 Has side platforms as it was originally built for trams
Hloubětín Handicapped/disabled access Hloubětín - metro II.JPG B June 8, 1999
Hradčanská Metro Prague - Hradcanska Station.JPG close to the Prague Castle Hradčany A August 12, 1978
Hůrka Handicapped/disabled access Hurka metro station Prague CZ 036.jpg B November 11, 1994
I.P.Pavlova Handicapped/disabled access Prague 07-2016 Metro img4 LineC IPPavlova.jpg C May 9, 1974
Invalidovna Praha, Invalidovna.JPG B November 22, 1990
Jinonice.jpg B October 26, 1988 formerly Švermova
Jiřího z Poděbrad Praha, Jiřího z Poděbrad, boční loď.jpg George of Poděbrady A December 19, 1980
Kačerov Praha Kacerov nast.jpg C May 9, 1974
Karlovo náměstí Praha, Karlovo náměstí, Boční loď stanice metra.jpg B November 2, 1985
Kobylisy Handicapped/disabled access Prague metro Kobylisy station 01.JPG C June 26, 2004
Kolbenova Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Hloubětín, Stanice metra Kolbenova, nástupiště.JPG B June 26, 2001
Křižíkova Praha - Křižíkova I EX.jpg František Křižík B November 22, 1990
Ládví Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Kobylisy, stanice metra Ládví III.JPG C June 26, 2004
Letňany Handicapped/disabled access Metro Letňany 1.jpg C May 8, 2008
Luka Handicapped/disabled access Luka-Nastupiste.jpg B November 11, 1994
Lužiny Handicapped/disabled access Prague Metro Luziny.jpg B November 11, 1994
Malostranská Malostranska.jpg under Pod Bruskou street Malá Strana (Lesser town) A August 12, 1978
Můstek Prague metro Mustek A station 01.JPGPraha, Můstek, stanice na trase B.jpg Under Wenceslas Square The former medieval bridge (Můstek is
the diminutive form of most, meaning
"bridge") over the old town moat; the
remains of the bridge can be seen at
the station entrance.
AB August 12, 1978 A
November 2, 1985 B
Muzeum 2011-05-31-praha-metro-by-RalfR-11.jpgStanice Muzeum, linka C.jpg at the top of the Wenceslas Square the National Museum AC May 9, 1974 C
August 12, 1978 A
Nádraží Holešovice Handicapped/disabled access
Prague metro station Nadrazi Holesovice.jpg Praha-Holešovice mainline railway station C November 3, 1984 formerly Fučíkova, after Julius Fučík
Nádraží Veleslavín Handicapped/disabled access NadraziVeleslavin (01).jpg A April 6, 2015 offers bus link to the Václav Havel Airport Prague
Náměstí Míru Nm-westbound.jpg A August 12, 1978 means Square of Peace in English
Náměstí Republiky Metro Prague station.jpg near the Old Town Square and the Jewish Town B November 2, 1985
Národní třída Handicapped/disabled access Národní třída, stanice metra (08).jpg the National Theater B November 2, 1985 Closed and refurbished between 2012 - 2014
Nemocnice Motol Handicapped/disabled access NemocniceMotol (20).jpg Motol Hospital A April 6, 2015
Nové Butovice Handicapped/disabled access
Praha Metro Nove Butovice.jpg B October 26, 1988 formerly Dukelská, named after the bitterly contested WW2 battle in Dukla Pass
Opatov Handicapped/disabled access
Opatov metro C 5992.JPG C November 11, 1980 formerly Družby
Palmovka Metro Palmovka3.jpg B November 22, 1990
Pankrác Handicapped/disabled access
Prague 07-2016 Metro img3 LineC Pankrac.jpg C May 9, 1974 formerly Mládežnická
Petřiny Handicapped/disabled access Petřiny metro 1.JPG A April 6, 2015
Pražského povstání Prazskeho povstani metro station Prague CZ 004.jpg the Prague Uprising C May 9, 1974
Prosek Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Prosek, stanice metra Prosek, kolejiště.jpg C May 8, 2008 Side platforms
Radlická Praha, Radlická, metro.jpg B October 26, 1988
Rajská zahrada Handicapped/disabled access Praha rajska zahrada 1.jpg B November 8, 1998 means Paradise Garden in English
Side platforms
Roztyly Handicapped/disabled access
(Primátora Vacka)
Roztyly (metro hall).jpg C November 11, 1980 formerly Primátora Vacka
Skalka Handicapped/disabled access SkalkaStation2.jpg A November 4, 1990 means Rockery in English
Smíchovské nádraží Praha, Smíchovské nádraží, metro.jpg Praha-Holešovice mainline railway station B November 2, 1985
Staroměstská Staromestska metro station Prague 5827-28A.jpg near the Old Town Square, the Jewish Town and Charles Bridge Staré město (Old town) A August 12, 1978
Stodůlky Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Jihozápadní město, Metro Stodůlky, nástupiště.jpg B November 11, 1994
Strašnická Handicapped/disabled access StrasnickaStationW.jpg A November 11, 1987
Střížkov Handicapped/disabled access Praha, Střížkov, stanice metra Střížkov, nástupiště III.jpg C May 8, 2008
Vltavská Prague 07-2016 Metro img2 LineC Vltavska.jpg C November 3, 1984
Vyšehrad Handicapped/disabled access
Praha, Vyšehrad, Stanice metra.jpg Vyšehrad fortress, castle and cemetery C May 9, 1974 formerly Gottwaldova, after Klement Gottwald
Side platforms
partially in a tunnel, partially on a viaduct, due to being built through a cliff face running perpendicular to the line.
Vysočanská Handicapped/disabled access Prague metro Vysocanska station 01.JPG B November 8, 1998
Želivského ZelivskehoStationName.jpg Jan Želivský A December 19, 1980
Zličín Handicapped/disabled access Zlicin-Nastupiste.jpg B November 11, 1994