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This is a list of local Presbyterian churches that are notable either as congregations or as buildings. For Presbyterian denominations, see List of Presbyterian denominations.

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Church Image Dates Location City Description
Afghan Church Afghan-Church, Bombay-FV.jpg 1858 built 18°54′13″N 72°48′54″E / 18.903648°N 72.815076°E / 18.903648; 72.815076 (Afghan Church) South Mumbai, India Gothic Revival


Church Image Built Location City Description
St Andrew's Church Bible Hill P1140835.JPG 1927–30 Sh.A. Nachon
31°46′7.76″N 35°13′31.35″E / 31.7688222°N 35.2253750°E / 31.7688222; 35.2253750 (St Andrew's Church)
Jerusalem Church of Scotland-governed memorial church to Scottish soldiers killed fighting the Ottoman Empire during World War I.


Church Image Built Location City Description
Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church 2, Jan 06.JPG 1843 founded
1930 built
Prinsep Street
1°18′06.1″N 103°51′04″E / 1.301694°N 103.85111°E / 1.301694; 103.85111 (Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church)
Bethel Presbyterian Church BethelPCS01.JPG Serangoon Singapore

South Korea[edit]

Church Image Dates Location City Description
Myungsung Presbyterian Church MyungsungChurch.jpg 1980 founded
1989 built
37°32′54″N 127°8′53″E / 37.54833°N 127.14806°E / 37.54833; 127.14806 (Myungsung Presbyterian Church)
Seoul Gothic Revival
Somang Presbyterian Church Gangnam-gu Seoul


The Netherlands[edit]

Church Image Built Location City Description
English Reformed Church, Amsterdam Begijnhof 48
52°22′09″N 4°53′24″E / 52.36917°N 4.89000°E / 52.36917; 4.89000 (English Reformed Church)


Church Image Built Location City Description
St Andrew's Church, Rome StAndrews-Rome1.jpg 1860s founded Begijnhof 48
41°54′11″N 12°29′30″E / 41.90306°N 12.49167°E / 41.90306; 12.49167 (St Andrew's Church, Rome)

United Kingdom[edit]


Church Image Built Location City Description
Church of Saint Andrew StAndrewsOM.jpg 1823 built
1975 closed
1983 burned
Rodney Street
53°24′10.8″N 2°58′21.72″W / 53.403000°N 2.9727000°W / 53.403000; -2.9727000 (Church of Saint Andrew)
Liverpool Neoclassical; Now ruinous, formerly served as a Church of Scotland church.
Lewes Free Presbyterian Church Jireh Chapel, Cliffe 2.JPG 1805 founded Malling Street, Cliffe
50°52′32″N 0°01′07″E / 50.8755°N 0.0187°E / 50.8755; 0.0187 (Lewes Free Presbyterian Church)
East Sussex Georgian
St Luke's Church, Silverhill St Luke's United Reformed Church, Silverhill, Hastings.JPG 1853 founded
1857 built
Sedlescombe Road North
50°52′10″N 0°33′26″E / 50.8695°N 0.5572°E / 50.8695; 0.5572 (St Luke's Church, Silverhill)
Silverhill, Hastings, East Sussex Presbyterian church that joined the United Reformed Church in 1972. Building lost its distinctive spire in the Great Storm of 1987.


Church Image Built Location City Description
Brechin Cathedral Brechin, Cathedral and Round Tower.jpg 11th-13th centuries Church Lane
56°43′55″N 2°39′42″W / 56.73194°N 2.66167°W / 56.73194; -2.66167 (Brechin Cathedral)
Brechin Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
Church of the Holy Rude Church of the Holy Rude 002.jpg 1129 founded 56°07′15″N 3°56′40″W / 56.120882°N 3.944521°W / 56.120882; -3.944521 (Church of the Holy Rude) Stirling site of coronation of James VI by John Knox
Dornoch Cathedral Dornoch Cathedral - - 846598.jpg 13th-19th centuries High Street
57°52′53″N 4°1′45″W / 57.88139°N 4.02917°W / 57.88139; -4.02917 (Dornoch Cathedral)
Dornoch Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
Dunblane Cathedral Dunblane Cathedral - - 744605.jpg Primarily 12th–13th centuries The Cross
56°11′21.9″N 3°57′54.8″W / 56.189417°N 3.965222°W / 56.189417; -3.965222 (Dunblane Cathedral)
Dunblane Romanesque and Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
Dunkeld Cathedral Dunkel Cathedral 20090617 choir exterior.jpg 1260–1501 Cathedral Street
56°33′54″N 3°35′23″W / 56.56500°N 3.58972°W / 56.56500; -3.58972 (Dunkeld Cathedral)
Dunkeld Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
Glasgow Cathedral Glasgowcathedral.jpg From late 12th century onwards Castle Street
55°52′46.7″N 4°14′4″W / 55.879639°N 4.23444°W / 55.879639; -4.23444 (Glasgow Cathedral)
Glasgow Gothic; Also known as the High Kirk of Glasgow and St. Mungo's Cathedral.
St Giles' Cathedral St Giles Cathedral - 01.jpg Late 14th century Royal Mile
55°56′58″N 3°11′27″W / 55.94944°N 3.19083°W / 55.94944; -3.19083 (St. Giles Cathedral)
Edinburgh Gothic; As the High Kirk of Edinburgh, it the principal place of worship of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh.
St Machar's Cathedral St Machar's cathedral with watch house - - 174651.jpg 12th-16th centuries The Chanonry
57°10′11.2″N 2°6′7.5″W / 57.169778°N 2.102083°W / 57.169778; -2.102083 (Brechin Cathedral)
Aberdeen Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
St Magnus Cathedral St Magnus Cathedral - - 562833.jpg 1137–1400s Broad Street
58°58′56″N 2°57′32″W / 58.98222°N 2.95889°W / 58.98222; -2.95889 (St Magnus Cathedral)
Kirkwall Gothic; Now a Church of Scotland parish church.
St Moluag's Cathedral Lismore-church.jpg Medieval–18th century "Lismore" Road
56°32′4″N 5°28′50″W / 56.53444°N 5.48056°W / 56.53444; -5.48056 (St Moluag's Cathedral)
Lismore Gothic; Little remains of original cathedral, now a Church of Scotland parish church.


Church Image Built Location City Description
First Kilrea Presbyterian Church First Kilrea Presbyterian Church - - 342207.jpg 1873 founded 54°56′56″N 6°33′22″W / 54.949°N 6.556°W / 54.949; -6.556 (First Kilrea Presbyterian Church) Kilrea, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Second Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church Ballyeaston.jpg 1768 founded Mount Merrion Avenue
54°46′19″N 6°00′14″W / 54.772°N 6.004°W / 54.772; -6.004 (Second Ballyeaston Presbyterian Church)
Ballyeaston, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
St. Andrew's, Blackrock St Andrews Church Blackrock.jpg 1895 founded Mount Merrion Avenue
53°18′06″N 6°11′04″W / 53.301567°N 6.184525°W / 53.301567; -6.184525 (St. Andrew's, Blackrock)}
Blackrock, County Dublin

North America[edit]


Church Image Dates Location City Description
Knox Presbyterian Church (Toronto) Knox, Toronto.JPG 1843 founded
1909 built
630 Spadina Avenue
43°39′45″N 79°24′09″W / 43.662522°N 79.402463°W / 43.662522; -79.402463 (Knox Presbyterian Church)
Toronto, Ontario Romanesque Revival, Gothic Revival

United States[edit]

In the United States, many Presbyterian churches are notable for their active and large congregations, for their age, for their size, or for the architecture of their buildings. Many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) or on state and local historic registers. Some have been designated as National Historic Landmarks (NHL).[1]



Church Image Dates Location City Description
Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church Hunter bailey annandale.jpg 1886 founded Cnr Johnstone and Collins Streets, Annandale NSW
33°53′00″S 151°10′10″E / 33.8833°S 151.1694°E / -33.8833; 151.1694 (Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church)
Annandale, New South Wales Neo-Gothic
Scots' Church, Melbourne Scots Church Collins Street Melbourne.jpg 1838 founded
1871-1874 built
Collins Street
37°48′53″S 144°58′08″E / 37.81478°S 144.96902°E / -37.81478; 144.96902 (Scots' Church, Melbourne)
Melbourne Neo-Gothic
St Andrew's Church, Manly, Sydney Saint Andrew's - Manly - Tower Corner.jpg 1889 founded 56 Raglan Street, Manly, NSW 2095
33°47′43″S 151°17′00″E / 33.795234°S 151.283222°E / -33.795234; 151.283222 (St Andrew's Church, Manly, Sydney)
Manly, New South Wales Romanesque
Malvern Presbyterian Church, Melbourne Malvern Presbyterian Church.JPG 1886 founded, 1906 Building 163 Wattletree Road, Malvern, Vic 3143
37°51′45″S 145°01′52″E / 37.8626°S 145.031205°E / -37.8626; 145.031205 (Malvern Presbyterian Church, Melbourne)
Malvern, Victoria Arts and Craft

New Zealand[edit]

Church Image Built Location City Description
Kaikorai Presbyterian Church Kaikorai Presbyterian Church Dunedin New Zealand.jpg 1868 founded 127 Taieri Road
45°51′55″S 170°29′04″E / 45.865161°S 170.484316°E / -45.865161; 170.484316 (Kaikorai Presbyterian Church)
Dunedin, New Zealand
Knox Church, Dunedin KnoxChurchDunedin.jpg 1860 founded 45°52′02″S 170°30′25″E / 45.867152°S 170.507083°E / -45.867152; 170.507083 (Knox Church) Dunedin, New Zealand Gothic
St Paul's Church, Christchurch St. Paul's Trinity Church on Cashel.jpg 1864 founded
1877 built
corner Cashel and Madras Streets43°32′0.2″S 172°38′34.6″E / 43.533389°S 172.642944°E / -43.533389; 172.642944 (St Paul's Church) Christchurch, New Zealand
East Taieri Presbyterian Church East Taieri Presbyterian Church.jpg 1870 built 12a Cemetery Road
45°53′24″S 170°20′42″E / 45.8900468°S 170.3450276°E / -45.8900468; 170.3450276 (East Taieri Presbyterian Church)
Mosgiel, New Zealand

South America[edit]


Church Image Dates Location City Description
Presbyterian Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro Catedral Presbiteriana, Rio de Janeiro.jpg 1862 founded
1940s built
Silva Jardim Street
22°54′28″S 43°10′52″W / 22.90778°S 43.18111°W / -22.90778; -43.18111 (Presbyterian Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro)
Rio de Janeiro Gothic Revival


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