List of Presidents of Al-Azhar University

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This article is about the academic office. For the religious office, see List of Grand Imams of al-Azhar.

The following is a list of presidents of al-Azhar University since its nationalization in 1961. The reforms brought about by Act 103 of 1961 were the most sweeping in al-Azhar's history.[1] They led to the loss of al-Azhar's independence and its incorporation into the Egyptian educational system as a full university.[2]


Name Tenure
Romanized Arabic Began End
Muhammad Muhammad Amer el-Bahi محمد محمد عامر البهي 1961 1964
Ahmad Hasan el-Baquri أحمد حسن الباقوري 1964 1969
Badawi Abdel Latif Awad بدوي عبد اللطيف عوض 1969 1974
Muhammad Hasan Fayed محمد حسن فايد 1974 1979
Awad Allah Gad Higazi عوض الله جاد حجازي 1979 1980
Muhammad el-Tayyeb el-Naggar محمد الطيب النجار 1980 1983
Muhammad el-Sa'di Farhud محمد السعدي فرهود 1983 1987
Abdel Fattah Husseini el-Sheikh عبد الفتاح حسيني الشيخ 1987 1995
Ahmad Omar Hashem أحمد عمر هاشم 1995 2003
Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad el-Tayyeb أحمد محمد أحمد الطيب 2003 2010
Abdallah al-Husseini عبد الله الحسيني 2010 2011
Usama al-Abd أسامة العبد 2011


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