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The following is a list of Presidents of Central Philippine University from its founding in 1905 up to the present.[1] The president is required by the University to be of the Baptist or any Protestant denomination:

President Life Tenure Events
William O. Valentine Portrait.jpg
Reverend William Valentine 1862–1928 1905-1906; 1907-1914 Established a Bible School in the City of Iloilo (June 1905) and later the Jaro Industrial School (1905). Women were admitted to the Jaro Industrial School (1913). Both two schools was founded after the succession of the Philippines from Spain to the United States through the Treaty of Paris (1898).
Charles L. Maxfield Portrait.JPG
Charles L. Maxfield - 1906-1907
Francis H. Rose Portrait.JPG
Francis Howard Rose - 1914-1916; 1938-1941
Henry W. Munger Portrait.JPG
Henry Weston Munger - 1916-1917
Mary J. Thomas Portrait.JPG
Mary Jane Thomas - 1917-1918 First female head (Principal) of Central.
Alton E. Bigelow Portrait.JPG
Alton Ezra Bigelow - 1918-1922
Harland F. Stuart Portrait.JPG
Harland Francis Chandler Stuart - 1922-1938 The Jaro Industrial School merged with the Bible School and became a junior college (Central Philippine College) (1923). Central Philippine College became a senior college (1936).
R. Fred Chambers Portrait.JPG
R. Fred Hertling Chambers - 1941-1942
J. Morris Forbes Portrait.JPG
Joseph Morris Rickey Forbes - 1947-1950
Peter H. J. Lerrigo Portrait.JPG
Peter Hugh James Lerrigo - 1950-1952
Almus O. Larson Portrait.JPG
Almus Oliver Larsen - 1952-1956; 1957-1961 Central Philippine College was given a university charter from the Philippine government (1953).
Linnea A. Nelson.JPG
Linnea Agnes Nelson[2] - 1956-1957; 1965-1966 The first female president of Central.
Joseph T. Howard Portrait.JPG
Joseph Turner Howard - 1961-1965 The last long line of Baptist missionary, white (European) and American presidents.
Rex A. Drilon.JPG
Rex Divinagracia Drilon - 1966-1971 The first Filipino and alum to be president (1966). The Filipinization of Central where the university properties was turned over by the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society to the Filipinos (1968)
Agustin A. Pulido Portrait.JPG
Agustin Aguilar Pulido - 1971-1996 The first president associated with the Presbyterian Church. He became also the president of Silliman University.
Juanito M. Acanto Portrait.JPG
Juanito Maca Acanto - 1996 -2008 The first lawyer by profession president.
17. Teodoro Canillas Robles - 2008–Present First President by Electrical Engineering profession and Fourth Filipino President.[3][4][5]

Note: Postwar (1945-1947) heads - Urbano F. Nequin (Postwar Reopening Managing Committee: Chairman, Registrar) and May A. Coggins (Faculty Council: Chairman) are not included.