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The President of Franche-Comté Regional Council prepares and supervises the spending of the budget and the decisions voted by the Regional Councillors. She is in charge of financial management and is head of the Regional Administration. It is also her role to ensure the direction of the patrimony (for example the secondary schools) and to represent the institution with the national and European organisms. A full schedule

She has numerous functions: convening and chairing meetings, preparing and carrying out deliberations, signing conventions and acting as legal representative of the institution. If necessary, the President can delegate some of his functions to his vice-presidents.

The President of the Regional Council is assisted by 10 vice-presidents entrusted with different missions. Together they form the Bureau which decides the main outlines of regional policy and ensures their implementation.

List of Presidents of Franche-Comté Regional Council[edit]

President Party Took office Left office Notes
1 Edgar Faure UDR
1974 1981 Prime Minister of France
President of the National Assembly of France
2 Jean-Pierre Chevènement Jean-Pierre Chevènement - Royal & Zapatero's meeting in Toulouse for the 2007 French presidential election 0513 2007-04-19 cropped.jpg PS 1981 1982 Minister of Defence
Minister of the Interior
Minister of Education
3 Edgar Faure DL 1982 1988 Prime Minister of France
President of the National Assembly of France
4 Pierre Chantelat Sin foto.svg UDF-PR 1988 1998 Member of French National Assembly
5 Jean-François Humbert UDF
1998 2004 Member of French Senate
6 Raymond Forni Raymondforni.jpeg PS 2004 2008 President of the National Assembly of France
Died in office
7 Marie-Marguerite Dufay Marie-Guite-Dufay.jpg PS 2008 Incumbent First Women President

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