List of Presidents of Reed College

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Fifteen men have served as President of Reed College, a liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon, United States. Six men have served in the role of Acting President.[1] The institution was led by an Administrative Committee from 1919–1921 and from July–December 1924.[1]

Presidents and Acting Presidents[edit]

John Kroger in 2010
* Designates Acting Presidents
Designates Administrative Committee
Years Name
1910–1919 William Trufant Foster
1919–1921 Administrative Committee
1921–1924 Richard F. Scholz
1924 (July–December) Administrative Committee
1925–1934 Norman F. Coleman
1934–1942 Dexter Keezer
1942–1945 Arthur F. Scott
1945–1948 Peter H. Odegard
1948–1952 E.B. MacNaughton
1952–1954 Duncan S. Ballantine
1954–1956* Frank Loxley Griffin
1956–1967 Richard H. Sullivan
1967–1968* Byron L. Youtz
1968 (Summer)* Ross B. Thompson
1968–1970 Victor G. Rosenblum
1970–1971* Ross B. Thompson
1971–1980 Paul E. Bragdon
1980–1981* George A. Hay
1981–1988 Paul E. Bragdon
1988–1991 James L. Powell
1991–1992* William R. Haden
1992–2001 Steven S. Koblik
2001–2002* Peter J. Steinberger
2002–2012 Colin Diver
2012–present John Kroger


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