List of presidents of the Council of the Nation (Algeria)

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President of Council of the Nation
رئيس مجلس الأمة
Salah Goudjil
since 9 April 2019
Council of the Nation
StyleMister President of the Council
First holderBachir Boumaza

The President of the Council of the Nation of Algeria is the presiding officer of that body. From the creation of the Council of the Nation in 1997, it is the upper house of the Parliament of Algeria.


Name Portrait Took office Left office Political party
1 Bachir Boumaza 1997 2 July 2002 National Liberation Front
2 Abdelkader Bensalah 2 July 2002 9 April 2019 National Rally for Democracy
- Salah Goudjil 9 April 2019 24 February 2021 National Liberation Front
3 24 February 2021 Incumbent


  • [1] Official website of the Council of the Nation (in Arabic)