List of Presidents of the National Assembly of Niger

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Below is a List of Presidents of the National Assembly of Niger.

The National Assembly was established through reforms of the Colony of Niger's Constituent Council during the French Colonial Period. It operated from 1958, through independence in 1960, until the 1974 Nigerien coup d'état. During the course of Military rule (1974–1991) a consultative body (the High Council of the Republic of Niger) was reformed to become analogous to a National Assembly. This functioned as a caretaker National Assembly during the Constitutional Convention period of the Second (1991–1993) and was reconstituted as the National Assembly in the Third Republic (1993–1996). Following the 1996 Nigerien coup d'état the National Assembly was again suspended, and reinstituted in 1997 under the Fourth Republic. Again, following the 1999 Nigerien coup d'état, the National Assembly was suspended, but this time was reconstituted within the year under the Fifth Republic. After the 2010 Nigerien coup d'état, it was suspended again.

First Republic 1958–1974[edit]

Name Entered office Left office
Boubou Hama 1958 1974

Presidents of the High Council of the Republic[edit]

Name Entered office Left office
André Salifou November 1991 April 1993

Presidents of the National Assembly of Niger[edit]

Name Entered office Left office
Moumouni Adamou Djermakoye April 13, 1993 April 23, 1993
Moumouni Adamou Djermakoye May 1993 October 17, 1994
Mahamadou Issoufou February 1995 January 27, 1996
Moutari Moussa December 1996 April 9, 1999
Mahamane Ousmane December 29, 1999 December 14, 2004
Mahamane Ousmane December 16, 2004 May 2009
Seyni Oumarou November 25, 2009 February 18, 2010
Hama Amadou 19 April 2011 24 November 2014
Amadou Salifou 24 November 2014 24 March 2016
Ousseini Tinni 25 March 2016 present


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