List of presidents pro tempore of the Texas Senate

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Seal of the Senate of Texas

President pro tempore (often shortened to pro tem) of the Texas Senate is a largely honorary position, but is second in the line for the Governorship of Texas. If the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are both out of the state, the President pro tem is acting governor in their absence.

At the beginning of each session, the Senate elects one member to serve as the President pro tempore when the Lieutenant Governor is absent or that office becomes vacant. A different member of the Senate (usually a senior member, but unlike in some bodies, it is not based on seniority) is elected at the end of the session to serve as President pro tempore during the interim when the Legislature is not in session.

Unlike his counterparts in other state senates, the president pro tempore does not preside over the chamber on a daily basis; Texas's Lieutenant Governor regularly exercises his constitutional post as president of the state senate.

Presidents pro tempore of the Texas Senate[edit]

Name Party Legislative
Edward Burleson Democrat 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Jesse Grimes Democrat 4th
M. D. K. Taylor Democrat 5th
Jesse Grimes Democrat 6th
M. D. K. Taylor Democrat 7th
Samuel Maverick Democrat 7th
Jesse Grimes Democrat 8th
Robert Henry Guinn Democrat 9th, 10th, 11th
Donald Campbell Republican 12th
David Webster Flanagan Republican 12th
Edward Bradford Pickett Democrat 13th
John Ireland Democrat 14th
Wells Thompson Democrat 15th
Edwin Hobby Democrat 16th
Leonidas Jefferson Storey Democrat 16th
John Young Gooch Democrat 17th
Francis Marion Martin Democrat 17th
Augustus W. Houston Democrat 18th
Samuel Bronson Cooper Democrat 18th
William R. Shannon Democrat 19th
Constantine Buckley "Buck" Kilgore Democrat 19th
William Henry Pope Democrat 20th
John Woods Democrat 20th
Henry D. McDonald Democrat 21st
William Henry Burges Democrat 21st
John Walter Cranford Democrat 22nd
Ernst Gustav Maetze Democrat 22nd
Louis N. Frank Democrat 22nd
Robert Hance Burney Democrat 22nd
John G. Kearby Democrat 23rd
Edwin Augustus Atlee Democrat 23rd
Perry J. Lewis Democrat 24th
James D. Woods Democrat 24th
Joseph Burton Dibrell, Jr. Democrat 25th
James R. Gough Democrat 25th
Robert N. Stafford Democrat 26th
William W. Turney Democrat 26th
Barry Miller Democrat 27th
George D. Neal Democrat 27th
Daniel W. Odell Democrat 27th
Asbury Bascom Davidson Democrat 27th
Calhoun L. Potter Democrat 27th
Asbury Bascom Davidson Democrat 28th
Robert V. Davidson Democrat 28th
George W. Savage Democrat 28th
William A. Hanger Democrat 29th
John G. Willacy Democrat 29th
James J. Faulk Democrat 29th
William C. McKamy, Jr. Democrat 29th
Sidney P. Skinner Democrat 30th
McDonald J. Meachum Democrat 30th
A. P. Barrett Democrat 30th
Benjamin F. Looney Democrat 30th
James M. Terrell Democrat 31st
Quintus et Ultimos Watson Democrat 31st
Charles L. Brachfield Democrat 31st
Edward I. Kellie Democrat 31st
William O. Murray Democrat 31st
Alfred J. Harper Democrat 31st
David M. Alexander Democrat 31st
Henry Berryman Terrell Democrat 31st
Erasmus G. Senter Democrat 31st
Ferdinand C. Weinert Democrat 31st
Claude B. Hudspeth Democrat 32nd
Thomas W. Perkins Democrat 32nd
Charles Vernon Terrell Democrat 32nd
Earle Bradford Mayfield Democrat 32nd
Offa S. Lattimore Democrat 33rd
William J. Greer Democrat 33rd
Edgar H. Carter Democrat 33rd
Vinson A. Collins Democrat 33rd
Robert L. Warren Democrat 33rd
James R. Wiley Democrat 33rd
Flavious M. Gibson Democrat 33rd
Wright C. Morrow Democrat 33rd
Charles W. Taylor Democrat 33rd
Quintus et Ultimos Watson Democrat 33rd
Clinton W. Nugent Democrat 34th
William J. Townsend, Jr. Democrat 34th
James R. Wiley Democrat 34th
Isaac E. Clark Democrat 34th
John M. Henderson Democrat 35th
Flavious M. Gibson Democrat 35th
Ed Westbrook Democrat 35th
William D. Suiter Democrat 35th
Claude B. Hudspeth Democrat 35th
Lon A. Smith Democrat 35th
William L. Dean Democrat 35th
James C. McNealus Democrat 35th
William L. Dean Democrat 35th
Willard A. Johnson Democrat 35th
Edmond A. Decherd, Jr. Democrat 35th
Rienzi Melville Johnston Democrat 35th
Jeff J. Strickland Democrat 36th
George W. Dayton Democrat 36th
James M. Alderdice Democrat 36th
Charles R. Buchanan Democrat 36th
Paul D. Page Democrat 36th
George M. Hopkins Democrat 36th
Arren C. Buchanan Democrat 36th
Ed Westbrook Democrat 36th
Walter D. Caldwell Democrat 36th
Martin Faust Democrat 36th
Paul D. Page Democrat 37th
Charles R. Floyd Democrat 37th
John Heywood Bailey Democrat 37th
Archie Parr Democrat 37th
James H. Woods Democrat 37th
Harry Hertzberg Democrat 37th
Richard M. Dudley Democrat 38th
William E. Watts Democrat 38th
Dan S. McMillin Democrat 38th
Edgar E. Witt Democrat 38th
Charles A. Murphy Democrat 38th
Isaac E. Clark Democrat 38th
Henry L. Lewis Democrat 38th
I. D. Fairchild Democrat 38th
Alvin J. Wirtz Democrat 39th
William H. Bledsoe Democrat 39th
James G. Strong Democrat 39th
John Davis Democrat 39th
Ashley E. Wood Democrat 40th
Thomas J. Holbrook Democrat 40th
Tomas G. Pollard Democrat 40th
Richard S. Bowers Democrat 40th
Walter C. Woodward Democrat 41st
Wilfred R. Cousins, Sr. Democrat 41st
Eugene Miller Democrat 41st
Margie E. Neal Democrat 41st
Pink L. Parrish Democrat 41st
Gus Russek Democrat 41st
Benjamin F. Berkeley Democrat 41st
Edgar E. Witt Democrat 41st
Julian P. Greer Democrat 41st
W. Albert "Cap" Williamson Democrat 41st
Joseph M. Moore Democrat 41st
Carl C. Hardin Democrat 42nd
John W. E. H. Beck Democrat 42nd
Tom A. DeBerry Democrat 42nd
Clint C. Small Democrat 42nd
William E. Thomason Democrat 42nd
James W. Stevenson Democrat 42nd
Jacob J. Loy Democrat 42nd
Charles S. Gainer Democrat 42nd
Oliver C. Cunningham Democrat 42nd
H. Grady Woodruff Democrat 42nd
Walter F. Woodul Democrat 43rd
Nat Patton Democrat 43rd
George C. Purl Democrat 43rd
Welly K. Hopkins Democrat 43rd
Frank H. Rawlings Democrat 43rd
Margie E. Neal Democrat 43rd
Cecil Murphy Democrat 43rd
Joseph M. Moore Democrat 43rd
Walter C. Woodward Democrat 43rd
Kenneth M. Regan Democrat 44th
John S. Redditt Democrat 44th
Will M. Martin Democrat 44th
Jim Neal Democrat 44th
William Robert Poage Democrat 44th
Wilbourne B. Collie Democrat 44th
Roy Sanderford Democrat 44th
Tom A. DeBerry Democrat 44th
Will D. Pace Democrat 45th
Claud C. Westerfeld Democrat 45th
Olan R. Van Zandt Democrat 45th
Claude Isbell Democrat 45th
Allan Shivers Democrat 45th
Benjamin G. Oneal Democrat 45th
Weaver Moore Democrat 46th
Albert Stone Democrat 46th
Clay Cotten Democrat 47th
Rudolph A. Weinert Democrat 47th
E. Harold Beck Democrat 47th
Henry L. Winfield Democrat 47th
Vernon Lemens Democrat 48th
Fred Mauritz Democrat 48th
A. M. Aikin, Jr. Democrat 48th
George C. Moffett Democrat 49th
William Graves Democrat 49th
Ben Ramsey Democrat 50th
T. C. Chadick Democrat 50th
Kyle Vick Democrat 51st
George C. Morris Democrat 51st
Grady Hazlewood Democrat 51st
Wardlow W. Lane Democrat 51st
Pat M. Bullock Democrat 52nd
Howard A. Carney Democrat 52nd
Rogers Kelley Democrat 53rd
Jimmy Phillips Democrat 53rd
Gus J. Strauss Democrat 53rd
Dorsey B. Hardeman Democrat 53rd
Crawford Martin Democrat 54th
Neveille H. Colson Democrat 54th
Ottis E. Lock Democrat 55th
Carlos C. Ashley, Sr. Democrat 55th
J. Searcy Bracewell, Jr. Democrat 55th
William T. "Bill" Moore Democrat 55th
Jep S. Fuller Democrat 55th
George M. Parkhouse Democrat 56th
Rudolph A. Weinert Democrat 56th
Jarrard Secrest Democrat 56th
Andrew J. "Andy" Rogers Democrat 56th
Abraham "Chick" Kazen Democrat 56th
Frank Owen, III Democrat 56th
Ray Roberts Democrat 57th
David Ratliff Democrat 57th
Preston Smith Democrat 57th
Bruce Reagan Democrat 57th
Doyle Willis Democrat 57th
Bruce Reagan Democrat 57th
Charles F. Herring Democrat 57th
Culp Krueger Democrat 57th
Martin Dies, Jr. Democrat 58th
Louis Crump Democrat 58th
Tom Creighton Democrat 59th
A. R. "Babe" Schwartz Democrat 59th
Galloway Calhoun Democrat 59th
W. N. "Bill" Patman Democrat 60th
Ralph Hall Democrat 60th
James Bates Democrat 60th
D. Roy Harrington Democrat 60th
Don Kennard Democrat 61st
Murray Watson, Jr. Democrat 61st
H. J. "Doc" Blanchard Democrat 61st
J. P. Word Democrat 61st
Criss Cole Democrat 61st
Jack Hightower Democrat 62nd
Wallace Eugene "Pete" Snelson Democrat 62nd
Barbara Jordan Democrat 62nd
Chet Brooks Democrat 62nd
Wayne Connally Democrat 62nd
Charles Wilson Democrat 62nd
Oscar H. Mauzy Democrat 63rd
O.H. "Ike" Harris Republican 63rd
Max Sherman Democrat 63rd
James P. Wallace Democrat 63rd
Glenn Kothmann Democrat 64th
H. Tati Santiesteban Democrat 64th
Betty Andujar Republican 65th
Don Adams Democrat 65th
Peyton McKnight Democrat 65th
Raul L. Longoria Democrat 65th
William C. Meier Democrat 66th
Bill Braecklein Democrat 66th
John Traeger Democrat 67th
Jack C. Ogg Democrat 67th
Walter Mengden Republican 67th
John T. Wilson Democrat 67th
Grant Jones Democrat 68th
Lloyd Doggett Democrat 68th
Lindon Williams Democrat 68th
Ray Farabee Democrat 69th
Carlos F. Truan Democrat 69th
Ed Howard Democrat 69th
Carlos F. Truan Democrat 69th
Carl A. Parker Democrat 70th
Roy Blake, Sr. Democrat 70th
John N. Leedom Republican 71st
J. E. "Buster" Brown Republican 71st
Kent A. Caperton Democrat 71st
Craig A. Washington Democrat 71st
Hugh Q. Parmer Democrat 71st
Bob McFarland Republican 71st
Robert J. Glasgow Democrat 72nd
Don B. Henderson Republican 72nd
Bill Sims Democrat 72nd
John T. Montford Democrat 73rd
John Whitmire Democrat 73rd
Gonzalo Barrientos Democrat 74th
Ken Armbrister Democrat 74th
Judith Zaffirini Democrat 75th
Bill Ratliff Republican 75th
Teel Bivins Republican 76th
Rodney Ellis Democrat 76th
Chris Harris Republican 77th
Mike Moncrief Democrat 77th
Eddie Lucio, Jr. Democrat 78th
Jane Nelson Republican 78th
Jeff Wentworth Republican 78th
Florence Shapiro Republican 79th
Frank L. Madla Democrat 79th
Royce West Democrat 79th
Mario Gallegos, Jr. Democrat 80th
John Carona Republican 80th
Robert L. Duncan Republican 81st (Regular)
Troy Fraser Republican 81st (Interim)
Steve Ogden Republican 82nd (Regular)
Mike Jackson Republican 82nd (Interim)
Leticia Van de Putte Democrat 83rd (Regular)
Craig Estes Republican 83rd (Interim)
Juan Hinojosa Democrat 84th (Regular)
Kevin Eltife Republican 84th (Interim)
Kel Seliger Republican 85th (Regular)
Robert Nichols Republican 85th (Interim)
Kirk Watson Democrat 86th (Regular)
Joan Huffman Republican 86th (Interim)


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