List of Prime Ministers of Canada by religious affiliation

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This is a list of Prime Ministers of Canada by religious affiliation. It notes party affiliation after the name.

In early Canadian history, religion played an important role in politics. The Conservative Party of Canada was composed mainly of Anglicans and conservative French-Canadian Catholics while the Liberal Party of Canada was backed by reform-minded French-Canadian Catholics and non-Anglican English Canadians. In more recent years, religion has played a background role in Canadian politics. Modern Prime Ministers have been reticent about discussing their faith.

Christian (23 PMs, 40 mandates)[edit]

Roman Catholic (10 PMs, 18 mandates)[edit]

  1. Sir John Thompson (Conservative)
    • Born a Methodist but converted to Catholicism when he married.
  2. Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Liberal)
  3. Louis St. Laurent (Liberal)
  4. Pierre Trudeau (Liberal)
  5. Joe Clark (Conservative)
  6. John Napier Turner (Liberal)
  7. Brian Mulroney (Conservative)
  8. Jean Chrétien (Liberal)
    • Strongly anti-clerical in his youth.
  9. Paul Martin (Liberal)
  10. Justin Trudeau (Liberal)

Anglican (4 PMs, 8 mandates)[edit]

  1. Sir John A. Macdonald (Conservative)
  2. Sir John Abbott (Conservative)
  3. Sir Robert Borden[1] (Conservative)
  4. Kim Campbell (Conservative)
    • Does not attend church and once stated that she was "uneasy about organized religion"[citation needed]

Presbyterian (3 PMs, 6 mandates)[edit]

  1. Sir Mackenzie Bowell (Conservative)
  2. Arthur Meighen (Conservative)
  3. William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal)
    • Also a believer in various forms of mysticism.

Baptist (3 PMs, 4 mandates)[edit]

  1. Alexander Mackenzie (Liberal)
  2. Sir Charles Tupper (Conservative)
    • Born a Baptist, married an Anglican and attended that church with his family.
    • On his own sometimes attended Baptist churches.
  3. John Diefenbaker (Conservative)

United Church of Canada (2 PM, 3 mandates)[edit]

  1. Richard Bedford Bennett (Conservative)
  2. Lester B. Pearson (Liberal)
    • Was a Methodist before that denomination merged into the United Church of Canada.

Christian and Missionary Alliance (1 PM, 3 mandates)[edit]

  1. Stephen Harper[3] (Conservative)

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