Prime Minister of Tajikistan

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Prime Minister of the
Republic of Tajikistan
Emblem of Tajikistan.svg
Emblem of Tajikistan
Kokhir Rasulzoda

since 23 November 2013
Appointer The President
Inaugural holder Izatullo Khayoyev
Formation 25 June 1991
Emblem of Tajikistan.svg
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The Prime Minister of Tajikistan is the leader of the government in the Tajik parliament. The Prime Minister coordinates the work of the Cabinet and advises and assists the President in the execution of the functions of Government.

List of Heads of Government of Tajikistan (1925–present)[edit]

Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1925–1929)[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars[edit]

Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (1929–1991)[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[edit]

Republic of Tajikistan (1991–present)[edit]

Prime Ministers[edit]

      Communist Party of Tajikistan       Party of People's Unity       People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan       Independent

Picture Name
Term of office Party
1 No image.png Izatullo Khayoyev
25 June 1991 9 January 1992 Communist Party of Tajikistan
2 No image.png Akbar Mirzoyev
9 January 1992 21 September 1992 Independent
3 No image.png Abdumalik Abdullajanov
21 September 1992 18 December 1993 Party of People's Unity
4 No image.png Abdujalil Samadov
18 December 1993 2 December 1994 Independent
5 No image.png Jamshed Karimov
2 December 1994 8 February 1996 Independent
6 No image.png Yahyo Azimov
8 February 1996 20 December 1999 Independent
7 Oqil Oqilov.jpeg Oqil Oqilov
20 December 1999 23 November 2013 People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan
8 No image.png Kokhir Rasulzoda
23 November 2013 Incumbent People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan

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