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Concert tours for the electronic music group Psychic TV.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1982-10-02 UK-England-London Ritzy Cinema The Final Academy


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1983-06-23 Foundation Raelienne bootleg tape exists
1983-11-06 UK-England-Manchester The Ritz Live At Thee Ritz - released on vinyl in 1989 and on a double CD in 2012.
1983-11-23 Iceland-Reykjavik Those Who Do Not, Live in Reykjavik
1983-11-17 USA-New York-New York City Danceteria
1983-11-19 USA-New York-New York City Danceteria NY Scum Haters
1983-12-02 Germany-Berlin Pankehallen Atonal Festival Berlin Atonal Vol. 1, Berlin Atonal Vol. 2
  • 1983-12-04 show cancelled and rescheduled to 1983-12-06.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1984-04-21 Iceland-Reykjavik
1984-04-22 USA-Massachusetts-Boston Massachusetts College of Arts Eventworks 1984 Genesis P-orridge, John Gosling. First time meeting Fred Giannelli.
1984-04-26 USA-Illinois-Chicago Club 950 Eventworks 1984 PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, John "Zos Kia" Gosling and Monte Cazazza
1984-05-17 Germany-Göttingen

PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, John Gosling, Paul "Grimsby" Reeson, Alex Fergusson

Circumanie Festival Live In Gottingen, Mein-Goett-In-Gen
1984-06-01 France-Rouen Exo 7 Descending PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-07-28 UK-England-London Drayton Park Temporary Temple Temporary Temple, Temporary Temple & Atonal PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-08-01 UK-England-London Institute of Contemporary Arts PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-08-XX UK-England-London Holloway Road Music Hall
1984-08-15 UK-England-Hampstead Everyman Theatre
1984-08-17 UK-England-London Hammersmith Town Hall PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-16 West Germany-Hamburg Klecks Theatre Hamburg 16;9;84, Were You Ever Bullied at School...Do You Want Revenge?, Ov Power PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-22 Netherlands-Rotterdam De Doelen Pandoras Music Box Festival Released unofficially on cassette (as Live At Pandora's Music Box 22-09-1984) and vinyl (as Paramartha and Unlean), reissued officially on CD in 2012 as Paramartha. PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-23 Belgium-Deinze Futurama 84 PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-10-16 Spain-Madrid La Edad De Oro PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-11-05 UK-England-Manchester Hacienda Haçienda PTV line-up: as Göttingen: Paul Reeson's final gig
1984-11-30 Sweden-Göteborg Karen
1984-12-XX Norway-Oslo
1984-12-03 Finland-Helsinki Club 77
1984-12-06 Sweden-Stockholm Kolingsborg A Real Swedish Live Show
1984-12-07 Denmark-Copenhagen Jagtvej 69
1984-12-08 Sweden-Malmö Stadt Hamburg
1984-12-10 Germany-Frankfurt Batschkapp Were You Ever Bullied at School...Do You Want Revenge?, Batschkapp
1984-12-11 Germany-Münster Odeon
1984-12-12 Netherlands-Den Haag Paard van Troje
1984-12-13 Netherlands-Rotterdam Arena
1984-12-14 Netherlands-Amsterdam Paradiso
1984-12-15 Netherlands-Eindhoven De Effenaar
1984-12-23 UK-London-England Heaven Live In Heaven
  • A live performance in 1984 with an unknown date also took place in at the Zap Club in UK-England-Brighton.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1985-05-19 UK-England-London Hammersmith Palais The Fabulous Feast of Flowering Light (The Starlight Mire) Hammersmith Palais 19:5:85, Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max (drums) (from Weekend Swingers and Rema Rema), Mouse (bass), Monte Cazazza (guitar), Hilmar Orn Himarsson (keyboards and drums)
1985-10-13 Italy-Rimini
1985-10-13 Italy-Gabice Aleph
1985-10-14 Italy-Turin
1985-10-15 Belgium-Kortrijk Limelight
1985-10-16 Austria-Bregenz Live In Bregenz
1985-10-17 Austria-Vienna
1985-10-19 Germany-Munich
1985-10-21 Germany-Berlin
1985-10-22 Germany-Bochum Zeche
1985-10-23 Netherlands-Gronningham
1985-10-25 Netherlands-Utrecht Tivoli
1985-10-26 Netherlands-Apeldoorn
1985-10-27 Netherlands-Paradiso
1985-12-11 London-Stoke Newington Town Hall PTV Line up: first show to include Matthew Best on drums
1985-12-13 Netherlands-Rotterdam The Arena Southern Comfort PTV Line up: Did not include Genesis or Paula P-Orridge. Vocals by Monte Cazazza [1]
1985-12-XX Hungary-Budapest
  • Additional shows that took place in 1985 with unknown dates are:
    • September or October at Royal Northern College of Music, UK-England-Manchester.
    • Netherlands-Leiden
    • Germany-Düsseldorf


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1986-01-15 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-16 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-17 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-18 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall Live In Tokyo
1986-01-20 Japan-Kyoto Daiei Studio
1986-02-11 UK-England-Birmingham Triangle Arts Centre
1986-02-12 UK-England-Leeds Warehouse
1986-02-13 UK-England-Newcastle Riverside
1986-02-14 UK-England-Liverpool University
1986-02-15 UK-England-Manchester International
1986-02-16[2][3] UK-Scotland-Glasgow Rooftops Live In Glasgow, City Ov London/City Ov Glasgow
1986-02-19 Germany-Aachen Metropol
1986-02-20 Germany-Osnabrück Hyde Park
1986-02-21 Germany-Hamburg Markthalle
1986-02-22 Germany-Düsseldorf ZAKK
1986-02-23 Germany-Wiesbaden Wartburg
1986-02-25 Germany-Nuremberg Komm
1986-02-27 Switzerland-Zurich Rote Fabrik
1986-02-28 Germany-Fribourg Fri-Son
1986-03-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill
1986-03-13 UK-England-London Kilburn National Ballroom
1986-04-10 UK-England-London Virgin Megastore
1986-05-20 UK-England-London Marquee Live at Thee Marque Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best, Philipp Erb
1986-06-04 UK-England-London-Hackney Kerouacs
1986-06-07 Belgium-Kortrijk Limelight
1986-06-08 France-Paris Elysée, Montmartre Live In Paris, City Ov Paris
1986-07-03 UK-England-London Thames River Boat
1986-07-10 UK-England-Croydon Underground
1986-07-13 UK-England-Basildon Town Hall Basildon Peace Festival Live In Basildon
1986-08-01 USA-California-San Francisco The Farm
1986-08-02 USA-California-San Francisco The Mabuhay Gardens
1986-08-03 USA-California-Hollywood The Roxy (two shows)
1986-08-08 USA-Wisconsin-Milwaukee Underground
1986-08-09 USA-Illinois-Chicago Metro
1986-08-11 Canada-Toronto Cabaret Metro Live In Toronto
1986-08-13 USA-Michigan-Detroit Traxx
1986-08-14 Canada-Montreal Foufounes Electriques
1986-08-15 USA-New York-New York The Ritz
1986-08-17 USA-New York-New York Limelight
1986-10-05 UK-England-London Town & Country Club
1986-10-07 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1987-06-26 UK-England-Nottingham Mardi Gras Club Live At Thee Mardi Gras
1987-07-25 UK-England-London Finsbury Park Finsbury Park
1987-09-04 UK-England-London Electric Ballroom
1987-09-24 UK-England-London Electric Ballroom
1987-09-30 UK-England-London Hackney - Empire No More Censorship Campaign benefit


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1988-04-02 USA-California-Los Angeles Variety Arts Centre
1988-04-30 UK-England-London Astoria
1988-06-29 UK-England-London Brixton - Fridge Save The Black Rhino benefit
1988-07-16 UK-England-London Hackney - London Fields London Fields Festival First appearance of Fred Giannelli as a guest guitarist.
1988-09-21 USA-Colorado-Denver 23 Parish
1988-09-23 USA-Utah-Salt Lake City Speedway Cafe live in salt lake city bootleg cassette
1988-09-29 USA-California-San Francisco I-Beam live in san francisco bootleg tape with Monte Cazazza on guitar.
1988-10-01 USA-California-Los Angeles John Anson Ford Theater
1988-10-02 USA-California-San Diego Mirage
1988-10-03 USA-Arizona-Phoenix Crash
1988-10-05 USA-Oklahoma-Norman The Edge
1988-10-07 USA-Texas-Austin Planetarium Psychick T.V. - Live at the Austin Planetarium - "An official T.O.P.Y. US Release" - Cassette edition of 100
1988-10-08 USA-Texas-Houston Axiom
1988-10-09 USA-Texas-Dallas Empire
1988-10-11 USA-Georgia-Atlanta Club Rio
1988-10-13 USA-North Carolina-Charlotte Park Elevator
1988-10-15 USA-Virginia-Richmond Rockitz
1988-10-16 USA-D.C.-Washington 9:30 Club
1988-10-18 USA-Ohio-Columbus Staches
1988-10-19 USA-Ohio-Cleveland Phantasy Genesis P-Orridge assaults female fan chatting to keyboard player Daniel Black. Female fan loses tooth and police put out a warrant for P-Orridge's arrest.
1988-10-20 USA-Illinois-Chicago Dreamers
1988-10-21 USA-Michigan-Detroit St Andrews Hall
1988-10-23 USA-New York-Syracuse Underground
1988-10-25 Canada-Montreal Foufounes Electriques
1988-10-27 USA-Massachusetts-Boston Axis
1988-10-30 USA-Pennsylvania-Philadelphia Revival
1988-10-31 USA-New York-New York City The World
1988-11-02 USA-New York-New York City Pyramid Live At The Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88, Live At Thee Pyramid
1988-11-25 Greece-Athens Club Rodon
1988-11-26 Greece-Athens Club Rodon
1988-12-04 Scotland-Glasgow Mayfair
1988-12-05 Brighton Escape Club
1988-12-06 Rayleigh Pink Toothbrush
1988-12-08 UK-England-Manchester International Club Joy
1988-12-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1989-01-25 UK-England-London Dingwalls
1989-03-04 UK-England-London "Cave Of Desire", Heaven
1989-03-27 Germany-Bielefeld Cafe Europa
1989-03-28 Germany-Dortmund Live Station
1989-03-30 Austria-Vienna Arena
1989-03-31 Austria-Linz Posthof
1989-04-01 Germany-Gammelsdorf Circus
1989-04-02 Germany-Stuttgart Rohre
1989-04-03 Germany-Frankfurt Cooky's Death of Fred's Electro-Harmonix 16 second digital delay.
1989-04-04 Germany-Cologne Rose Club
1989-04-05 Germany-Hannover Pavilion
1989-04-06 Germany-Berlin Loft
1989-04-07 Germany-Coesfeld Fabrik
1989-04-08 Germany-Bremen Schlachthof
1989-04-09 Germany-Hamburg Fabrik
1989-04-11 Netherlands-Utrecht Tivoli
1989-04-12 Netherlands-Den Haag Paard
1989-04-13 Netherlands-Amsterdam Paradiso
1989-06-16 UK-Manchester International
1989-06-17 UK-Newcastle
1989-10-30 USA-New Jersey-Hoboken Maxwells
1989-11-01 USA-Minnesota-Minneapolis First Avenue
1989-11-02 USA-New York-New York City Pyramid Club with Bachir Attar, Master Musicians of Joujouka.
1989-11-03 New York-New York City Private Party for Jim Parrish with Bachir Attar and friend from Master Musicians of Joujouka. Jim Parrish was one of bus drivers for Psychic TV tour of USA in 1988.
1989-12-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill
1989-12-13 UK-England-London Mean Fiddler
  • February 1989: 10 of 15 gigs on the UK tour were cancelled due to association with "Acid House", including bans from the Astoria and Town & Country Club.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1990-04-11 UK-England-London Subterania
1990-05-17 USA-Colorado-Denver Gothic Theatre
1990-05-18 USA-Utah-Salt Lake City Speedway Cafe Genesis P-Orridge assaults club owner.
1990-05-21 Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver The Town Pump
1990-05-22 USA-Washington-Seattle The Backstage
1990-05-23 USA-Oregon-Portland Pine Street Theatre
1990-05-25 USA-California-San Francisco I-Beam with Monte Cazazza on guitar.
1990-05-27 USA-California-San Jose The Oasis
1990-05-28 USA-California-Ventura Ventura Theatre
1990-05-29 USA-California-Riverside Monopoly's
1990-05-30 USA-Nevada-Las Vegas Calamity Jayne's
1990-06-01 USA-California-Los Angeles Helter Skelter
1990-06-02 Mexico-Tijuana Iguana's
1990-06-03 USA-Arizona-Tempe The Asylum
1990-06-04 USA-New Mexico-Albuquerque Sunshine Music Hall
1990-06-08 USA-Louisiana-New Orleans Tipitina's
1990-06-09 USA-Texas-Houston Power Tools
1990-06-11 USA-Texas-Dallas Video Bar
1990-06-12 USA-Oklahoma-Oklahoma City Kinetix
1990-06-14 USA-Missouri-St Louis 1227 Club
1990-06-15 USA-Illinois-Chicago The Metro
1990-06-16 USA-Michigan-Detroit Clutch Cargo's @ St Andrews Hall
1990-06-17 USA-Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh Graffiti
1990-06-18 Canada-Ontaria-Toronto The Diamond Club
1990-06-19 Canada-Ottawa Barrymore's
1990-06-21 USA-Massachusetts-Boston The Channel
1990-06-22 USA-New York-Poughkeepsie The Chance First interview of Neil Strauss, "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead".
1990-06-23 USA-New York-New York City The Ritz
1990-06-24 USA-New Jersey-Trenton City Gardens
1990-06-26 USA-Pennsylvania-Philadelphia Chestnut Cabaret
1990-06-27 USA-Washington D.C. 9:30 Club
1990-08-25 UK-England-Reading Reading Festival
1990-09-01 UK-Oxfordshire-Appleford The Sex Maniacs' Ball
1990-12-20 UK-England-London Mean Fiddler


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1991-01-16 UK-England-Brighton Zap Club Dolphin Freedom Party
1991-01-28 Yugoslavia-Zagreb
1991-03-06 UK-England-London Subterania Black
1991-05-17 Republic of Ireland-Dublin Trinity College Trinity College May Ball
1991-06-11 UK-England-Brighton Zap Club
1991-06-13 UK-England-London Powerhaus (Islington)
1991-06-15 UK-England-Manchester International
1991-06-17 UK-Scotland-Glasgow Mayfair
1991-11-27 UK-England-London Subterania


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1992-01-17 Japan-Tokyo P/N Hall
1992-01-18 Japan-Tokyo P/N Hall
1992-01-19 Japan-Tokyo Gold Club
1992-03-27 UK-England-London Rocket "Mega Dog", Holloway Line up did not feature Genesis or Paula P-Orridge
1992-04-25 USA-California-Los Angeles Shiva's Erotic Banquet (Rave at La Casa) PTV's performance is viewable on YouTube (in 8 parts)
1992-08-05 USA-California-Palo Alto The Edge
1992-08-07 USA-California-San Francisco Cesar's Latin Palace
1992-08-08 USA-California-San Francisco Golden Gate Park


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1993-04-03 USA-Illinois-Chicago Psychosis Rave PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, Fred Giannelli and Ben Stokes
1993-10-14 USA-Oregon-Eugene Wow Hall Unofficially released on cassette as Ambient Indoctrination PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge and Craig Ellenwood


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1994-04-08 USA-Oregon-Eugene Wow Hall Unofficially released on cassette and CDR as Stations Of Thee Cross PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Larry Thrasher and Paula Whitewolf


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1995-07-20 USA-California-San Francisco Club 1015 Folsom Benefit concert to raise money for Genesis' medical bills. PTV line-up: Billy Goodrum (bass), Michael Campagna (guitar), Larry Thrasher (keyboards, percussion) and Scott Breadman (percussion).
1995-07-25 USA-California-San Francisco Trocadero


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1999-04-29 UK-England-Colchester Arts Centre
1999-05-01 UK-England-London Royal Festival Hall Times Up Time's Up Live PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Larry Thrasher, Matthew Best


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2003-12-05 USA-New York-New York Coral Room Released on DVD in 50 copies and sold during the 2004 De-Tour.

2004: PTV3 Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2004-09-18 Cologne, Germany Underground
2004-09-19 Haarlem, The Netherlands Patronaat,
2004-09-20 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang
2004-09-21 Copenhagen, Denmark Vega
2004-09-22 Oslo, Norway John Dee
2004-09-24 Berlin, Germany Volksbuehne
2004-09-25 Gdansk, Poland St. John's Church
2004-09-26 Warsaw, Poland Proxima
2004-09-28 Leipzig, Germany Dominion Club
2004-09-29 Prague, Czech Republic Abaton
2004-09-30 Vienna, Austria Monastery
2004-10-01 Zagreb, Croatia Mocvara
2004-10-02 Firenze, Italy Ministry
2004-10-03 Turino, Italy Supermarket
2004-10-04 Duedingen, Switzerland Bad Bonn
2004-10-05 Paris, France La Maroquinerie
2004-10-06 CC Antwerp, Belgium Luchtbal
2004-10-08 Porto, Portugal Sa Bandeira
2004-10-09 London, UK The Forum
2004-10-10 Athens, Greece Gagarin 205 Club
2004-10-13 Saint Petersburg, Russia Port Club
2004-10-14 Moscow, Russia The Apelsin Club

2007: PTV3 Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2007-08-25 USA-California-Hollywood Henry Fonda Theatre
2007-09-15 Russia-Moscow IKRA Club
2007-09-17 UK-Bristol BierKeller
2007-09-18 UK-Birmingham Carling Academy
2007-09-19 UK-Leeds Rios
2007-09-20 UK-Glasgow ABC2
2007-09-22 KC Belgie Belgium-Hasselt
2007-09-23 Netherlands-Tilburg ZXZW Festival@013
2007-09-24 Germany-Berlin Knaack
2007-09-25 Germany-Münster Gleis 22
2007-09-26 Germany-Hamburg Hafenklang
2007-09-28 Denmark-Copenhagen TBA
2007-09-19 Norway-Oslo Bla
2007-09-30 Sweden-Stockholm Nalen
  • The remaining tour dates of 2007 (October/November) were cancelled due to problems with the band. - Touring keyboardist/singer Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge died on October 9, 2007.

2013: Psychic TV/PTV3 "Change The World One Kiss At A Time" European De-Tour 2013[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2013-04-19 The Netherlands-Tilburg 013 Roadburn Festival
2013-04-20 Germany-Berlin Festsaal Berlin
2013-04-22 Switzerland-Geneve L'Usine
2013-04-24 Portugal-Cartaxo (Lisbon) Centro Cultural
2013-04-26 Italy-Bologna Zona Roveri 2013-08-16

Pittsburgh, PA. Andy Warhol Museum Concert

2013-12-27 USA-New York Brooklyn Night Bazaar Support: House of Blondes
2013-12-28 USA-New York Brooklyn Night Bazaar Support: Bryin Dall

2014: Psychic TV/PTV3 European De-Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2014-05-11 Norway, Oslo Bla
2014-02-22 Finland, Helsinki Tavastia
2014-09-13 Portugal, Valada Parque de Merendas Reverence Festival
2014-10-16 Belgium, Brussels Beursschouwburg
2014-10-18 Romania, Bucharest Control Club
2014-10-20 Germany, Berlin Gretchen
2014-10-21 France, Paris La Gaité Lyrique
2014-12-26 USA, New York Brooklyn Night Bazaar Support: House of Blondes

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