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This is a list of Puerto Rican supercentenarians (people from Puerto Rico who have attained the age of at least 110 years). There have been four supercentenarians from Puerto Rico verified by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG).[1] The oldest person ever from Puerto Rico was Emiliano Mercado del Toro, who died in 2007 aged 115, years 156 days. As of 07:59, Tuesday, July 7, 2015 (UTC), GRG has not verified a living supercentenarian in Puerto Rico, but lists María N. Rivera Cruz, aged 112 years, 270 days without verification.

Living Puerto Rican supercentenarians[edit]

Below is a list of the oldest living Puerto Rican people. Those listed as 'verified' have been verified by an international body that specifically deals in longevity research, such as the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). Those listed as 'pending' have provided at least one document supporting the claimed age.

      Verified       Pending       Unverified

Rank Name Sex Birth date Age as of 7 July 2015 Region of birth Region of residence
María N. Rivera Cruz[2] F 10 October 1902 112 years, 270 days Humacao Humacao

Puerto Rican supercentenarians[edit]

      Deceased (Verified)       Living (Verified)

Rank Name Sex Birth date Death date Age Region of birth Region of death
1 Emiliano Mercado del Toro[1] M 21 August 1891 24 January 2007 115 years, 156 days Mayaguez Aguadilla
2 Ramona Trinidad Iglesias-Jordan[1] F 31 August 1889 29 May 2004 114 years, 272 days Utuado San Juan
Maria Mojica Torres[3] F 3 May 1903 30 April 2014 110 years, 362 days Toa Alta Toa Baja

Puerto Rican emigrant supercentenarians[edit]

      Deceased (Verified)       Living (Verified)

Rank Name Sex Birth date Death date Age Region of birth Country of death
1 Antonia Gerena Rivera[1] F 19 May 1900 2 June 2015 115 years, 14 days Loiza Miami, United States
2 Brigida Dearroyo[1] F 7 October 1888 31 December 2000 112 years, 85 days ? United States


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