List of Punjabi-language television channels

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The following is a list of channels broadcast in Punjabi language.

Spark Punjabi channel set

Current channels[edit]

Technology channel

GH Channel Punjab on youtube(first technology channel in punjabi)

[2] click to watch

General entertainment[edit]



  • 9X Tashan (Owned By 9X Media)
  • Britasia TV (Available in UK & Canada )
  • Balle Balle
  • JUS 24x7
  • MH One (Owned By MH 1Media Limted)
  • PTC Chakde (Owned By PTC Network)
  • kjl Indies(Partially aires Punjabi Indie Content) MUSIC(owned by FYI Media)


  • Fateh TV[5]
  • Gurbaani TV[6]
  • Aone Punjabi[7]
  • Ikk Onkar
  • JUS One
  • Sangat TV
  • Sikh Channel
  • TV 84[8]
Gavie Chahal on the set of a Punjabi reality show

Defunct channels[edit]

  • Desi Unplugged
  • GET Punjabi
  • Spark Punjabi[9]

Top five Punjabi Channels in India[edit]

This is a list of top five Punjabi Channels in India as per BARC ratings.[10]

Rank Channel name Weekly ratings (000s)
Week 24 (2016)
1 PTC Chak De 40774
2 PTC Punjabi 32778
3 DD Punjabi 23349
4 9X Tashan 19486
5 Chardikla Time TV 18447

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