List of Qing imperial residents in Tibet

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Qing dynasty imperial residents in Tibet (Tibetan: བོད་བཞུགས་ཨམ་བན, bod bzhugs am ban, Chinese: 钦差驻藏办事大臣), are ambans appointed from the Qing government to govern Tibet.

The letter from Governor Wenshuo to the Prime Minister of Nepal (wrongly assumed as Jung Bahadur Rana), in 1887


The nationalities of several ambans are unknown. Of the 80 ambans, most were Manchu and four were Han Chinese: Zhou Ying, Bao Jinzhong, Meng Bao, and Zhao Erfeng. At least fifteen Mongols were known to have served as ambasa, perhaps more.

(H=Han Chinese,M=Mongol,?=unknown,unmarked=Manchu)

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