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This is a list of neighborhoods in Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Unlike neighborhoods in the other four boroughs, some Queens neighborhood names are used as the town name in postal addresses. For example, whereas the town, state construction for all addresses in Manhattan is New York, New York (except in Marble Hill, where Bronx, New York is used), and all neighborhoods in Brooklyn use Brooklyn, New York, residents of College Point would use the construction College Point, New York or Flushing, New York instead of Queens, New York.

Note that from the time the ZIP code (zone improvement plan) was introduced in the 1960s, up until 1998, the postal zones of Queens and western Nassau County – whose secession from Queens County in 1899 did not affect postal routes – were organized into five "cities" according to the database of the United States Postal Service. This grouping tended to minimize the identity of neighborhoods. At the urging of the citizens of Queens and with the support of Congressman Gary Ackerman they were eliminated. The original zip codes are still used by the USPS for mail delivery purposes. [1][2][3]

For historical purposes, the first three digits were 110 for Floral Park – including areas near both Floral Park, Queens and the Village of Floral Park in Nassau – 111 for Long Island City, 113 for Flushing, 114 Jamaica, 116 Far Rockaway; 112 is Brooklyn and 115 is Western Nassau.[4]

Northwestern Queens[edit]

Maheen Bhuiyan

Northeastern Queens[edit]

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Southeastern Queens[edit]

Southwestern Queens[edit]

The Rockaways[edit]

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