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The following is a list of radio frequency connector types.

Standard types[edit]


A double DIN 1.6/5.6 bulkhead jack connector, crimp type, for 75 Ω coaxial cable
A Type N connector (male), right-angled solder-type for semi-rigid coaxial cable with a diameter of 0.141 inch



Precision types[edit]

Flanged types[edit]

  • EIA RF Connectors series of flanged connectors, normally used in high power broadcast transmission sites with rigid lines

Quick-lock types[edit]

A Mini Quick connector, a Quick-lock type connector for coaxial cable

High-voltage types[edit]

Blind-mate types[edit]

Key features of hermetic, push-on and blind-mate RF connectors are listed below:

RF Connector Name Compatibility Size Maximum Frequency Notes
Sub-Miniature Push-on (SMP) PO-compatible MIL-STD 348 compliant 26.5 GHz
Sub-Miniature Push-on Micro (SMPM) PPO-compatible MIL-STD 348 compliant 40 GHz
Sub-Miniature Push-on Sub-micro (SMPS) 3PO-compatible 65 GHz Small size makes SMPS the ideal choice for high density packaging and multiport applications


Audio and video types[edit]

The following audio and video connectors are sometimes used for RF, but are not generally considered to be RF connectors:

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