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A number of RISC OS bundled applications are delivered with purchased versions of the operating system.[1][2] Some are provided in ROM or pre-installed on hard disk or equivalent, with others being supplied on removable media such as floppy disk.

Such applications vary between versions.

RISC OS bundled applications[edit]

Typically bundled with the OS[edit]

Title Purpose First inclusion (Machine model) Vendor
Alarm clock, with alarm functionality <=A3010 Acorn
Blocks Tetris clone Acorn
Calc basic calculator <=A3010 Acorn
Chars character insertion <=A3010 Acorn
ChangeFSI bitmap graphic conversion and enhancement Acorn
Clock analogue clock Acorn
CloseUp screen magnifier Acorn
Configure customise computer settings Acorn
Draw vector graphics editor <=A3010 Acorn
Edit text editor, support for editing tokenised BASIC programs <=A3010 Acorn
Flasher locate the caret Acorn
FontPrint font conversion (Acorn to Postscript) Acorn
Help context-sensitive help <=A3010 Acorn
HForm hard disc formatter Acorn
Hopper game similar to Frogger Simon Foster
Madness desktop toy Acorn
Maestro simple scorewriter, with playback <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
Magnifier screen magnifier Acorn
MemNow live memory use display Acorn
MineHunt mine sweeper clone Paul LeBeau
Paint basic pixel-based drawing <=A3010 Acorn
Patch application compatibility patcher Acorn
Patience card game <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
PrintEdit printer definition editor Acorn
Printers[1] printer manager Acorn
Puzzle sliding puzzle <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
ResetBoot restore machine to factory ship state Acorn
SciCalc scientific calculator Acorn
ShowScrap locate temporary files Acorn
SparkFS[2] file compression David Pilling
Squash file compression <=A3010 (on floppy) Acorn
T1ToFont font conversion (Postscript Type 1 to Acorn) Acorn
Usage system monitor <=A3010 (on floppy) Ran Mokady
BBC Basic V & VI programming languages, with inbuilt assembler All versions? Acorn

Bundled with specific hardware, including optional software packs[edit]

Title Purpose First inclusion (Machine model) Vendor
BookMaker[2] address book
CDVDBurnLite[1] optical disc burning hubersn Software
Fireworkz[2] office suite Colton
FTPc[1] FTP client
Lander demo version of the game Zarch Acorn
LanManFS[1] network file system
Mailman basic email client Acorn
Meteors Asteroids clone Neil Raine
Oregano[1] web browser Oregan Networks
OmniClient[2] desktop front end to network file system
Update Watcher[1] upgrade manager Castle Technology
PDF[1] Xpdf port (PDF viewer)
Writer[1] cut-down version of EasiWriter Icon Technology
65Host BBC Micro emulator Acorn
65Tube 65C02 second processor emulator Acorn
1st Word Plus word processor A3010 Learning Curve[3]
Amazing Maths education A3010 Learning Curve[4] Cambridgeshire Software House
Acorn DTP desktop publishing[citation needed] A3010 Learning Curve[3] Acorn (with others)
Doris The Dotty Dog education A3010 Learning Curve[4] Sherston Software
Explore With Flossy The Frog education A3010 Learning Curve[4] 4Mation
Genesis Plus presentation program A3010 Learning Curve[3]
A Mouse in Holland education A3010 Learning Curve[4] 4Mation
PC Emulator PC emulator, with DR-DOS A3010 Learning Curve[3]
TalkWrite word processor A3010 Learning Curve[4] Icon Technology
Selected games
gaming A3010 Learning Curve[3]


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