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The following are a list of RNAs in nature. Some of these categories are broad, others are single RNA families.

RNAs involved in protein synthesis
Type Abbr. Function Distribution Ref.
Messenger RNA mRNA Codes for protein All organisms
Ribosomal RNA rRNA Translation All organisms
Signal recognition particle RNA 7SL RNA or SRP RNA Membrane integration All organisms [1]
Transfer RNA tRNA Translation All organisms
Transfer-messenger RNA tmRNA Rescuing stalled ribosomes Bacteria [2]
RNAs involved in post-transcriptional modification or DNA replication
Type Abbr. Function Distribution Ref.
Small nuclear RNA snRNA Splicing and other functions Eukaryotes and archaea [3]
Small nucleolar RNA snoRNA Nucleotide modification of RNAs Eukaryotes and archaea [4]
SmY RNA SmY mRNA trans-splicing Nematodes [5]
Small Cajal body-specific RNA scaRNA Type of snoRNA; Nucleotide modification of RNAs
Guide RNA gRNA mRNA nucleotide modification Kinetoplastid mitochondria [6]
Ribonuclease P RNase P tRNA maturation All organisms [7]
Ribonuclease MRP RNase MRP rRNA maturation, DNA replication Eukaryotes [8]
Y RNA RNA processing, DNA replication Animals [9]
Telomerase RNA Component TERC Telomere synthesis Most eukaryotes [10]
Spliced Leader RNA SL RNA mRNA trans-splicing, RNA processing
Regulatory RNAs
Type Abbr. Function Distribution Ref.
Antisense RNA aRNA, asRNA Transcriptional attenuation / mRNA degradation / mRNA stabilisation / Translation block All organisms [11][12]
Cis-natural antisense transcript cis-NAT Gene regulation
CRISPR RNA crRNA Resistance to parasites, by targeting their DNA Bacteria and archaea [13]
Long noncoding RNA lncRNA Regulation of gene transcription, epigenetic regulation Eukaryotes
MicroRNA miRNA Gene regulation Most eukaryotes [14]
Piwi-interacting RNA piRNA Transposon defense, maybe other functions Most animals [15][16]
Small interfering RNA siRNA Gene regulation Most eukaryotes [17]
Trans-acting siRNA tasiRNA Gene regulation Land plants [18]
Repeat associated siRNA rasiRNA Type of piRNA; transposon defense Drosophila [19]
7SK RNA 7SK negatively regulating CDK9/cyclin T complex
Parasitic RNAs
Type Function Distribution Ref.
Retrotransposon Self-propagating Eukaryotes and some bacteria [20]
Viral genome Information carrier Double-stranded RNA viruses, positive-sense RNA viruses, negative-sense RNA viruses, many satellite viruses and reverse transcribing viruses
Viroid Self-propagating Infected plants [21]
Satellite RNA Self-propagating Infected cells
Other RNAs
Type Abbr. Function Distribution Ref.
Vault RNA vRNA, vtRNA Expulsion of xenobiotics (conjectured) [22]

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