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RTA Rapid Transit system map. The Red, Blue and Green Lines share trackage from Tower City east to roughly East 68th Street.

The following is a list of RTA Rapid Transit stations, as served by the rapid transit division of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The RTA Rapid Transit system consists of a total of 47 stations, with 18 of them being served by the Red Line, and 34 being served by the Blue and Green Lines (including the Waterfront Line). Most stations are located in Cleveland, with two of them based in nearby East Cleveland and the rest (mostly on the light rail lines) located in Shaker Heights.


Bus Rapid Transit transfers[edit]


A Red Line train at West 117th-Madison station.
A Red Line train at Airport station.
A Green Line train at Warrensville station.
Shaker Square is where the Green and Blue lines split.
A two-car train passes through Shaker Square.
Light rail vehicle in its previous RTA livery color on the Waterfront Line
* Official transfer stations
Terminal stations
Closed stations
†* Terminus and transfer stations
Station Number [A] Lines Jurisdiction Opened Reference
Airport R-1      Cleveland 1968
Amtrak (on request only) B-3, G-3, W-3                Cleveland 2002
Ashby B-18      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Attleboro G-18      Shaker Heights 1913 (rebuilt 1980)
Avalon B-20      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Belvoir G-22      Shaker Heights 1936 (rebuilt 1980)
Brookpark R-2      Cleveland 1969 (rebuilt 2017)
Buckeye–Woodhill B-11, G-11           Cleveland 1920 (rebuilt 1981 and 2012)
Cedar–University R-15      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 2014)
Courtland G-20      Shaker Heights 1915 (rebuilt 1980)
Coventry G-14      Cleveland 1913 (rebuilt 1980)
Drexmore B-14      Cleveland 1948 (rebuilt 1981)
East 9th – North Coast B-2, G-2, W-2                Cleveland 1996
East 34th – Campus* R-11, B-8, G-8                Cleveland 1930 (rebuilt 2003)
East 55th* R-12, B-9, G-9                Cleveland 1920 (rebuilt 2011)
East 79th (Red Line) R-13      Cleveland 1955
East 79th (Blue & Green Lines) B-10, G-10           Cleveland 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
East 105th – Quincy R-14      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 2005)
East 116th B-12, G-12           Cleveland 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Eaton G-19      Shaker Heights 1915 (rebuilt 1980)
Euclid – East 120th R-16      Cleveland 1955 (closed 2015)
Farnsleigh B-23      Shaker Heights 1930 (rebuilt 1981)
Flats East Bank B-5, G-5, W-5                Cleveland 1996
Green Road G-24      Shaker Heights 1936 (rebuilt 1980 and 1988)
Kenmore B-21      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Little Italy–University Circle R-16      Cleveland 2015
Louis Stokes Station at Windermere†* R-18, H-39           East Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 1997)
Lynnfield B-22      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Nature Center at South Park G-16      Shaker Heights 1913 (rebuilt 1980)
Onaway B-17      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1980)
Puritas R-3      Cleveland 1968 (rebuilt 2011)
Settlers Landing B-6, G-6, W-6                Cleveland 1996
Shaker – Lee G-17      Shaker Heights 1913 (rebuilt 1980)
Shaker Square B-13, G-13           Cleveland 1920 (rebuilt 1986 and 2006)
Southington (Blue Line) B-16      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1980)
Southington (Green Line) G-15      Shaker Heights 1913 (rebuilt 1981)
South Harbor B-1, G-1, W-1                Cleveland 1996
South Woodland B-15      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981)
Superior R-17      East Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 1996)
Tower City–Public Square†* R-10, B-7, G-7, W-7                     Cleveland 1930 (rebuilt 1990)
Triskett R-5      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 2000)
Van Aken – Lee B-19      Shaker Heights 1920 (rebuilt 1981 and 2015)
Warrensville – Shaker G-21      Shaker Heights 1928 (rebuilt 1980 and 2016)
Warrensville – Van Aken B-24      Shaker Heights 1930 (rebuilt 1981)
West 3rd B-4, G-4, W-4                Cleveland 1999
West 25th – Ohio City R-9      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 1992)
West 65th – Lorain R-8      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 2004)
West 117th – Madison R-6      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 2007)
West Boulevard – Cudell R-7      Cleveland 1955 (rebuilt 1999)
West Green G-23      Shaker Heights 1936 (rebuilt 1980)
West Park R-4      Cleveland 1958 (rebuilt 1996)

Note: Euclid – East 120th Street station closed in 2015 and was replaced by Little Italy – University Circle station.

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  • A. ^ The station number codes listed represent a count-up from the western terminus of each route. [1]


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